Everybody always looks for the best way in which work can be done. Similarly, to copy a DVD on Mac people often search for the best software so that they can play those DVDs which are not playable anymore. Moreover, there must be a few home videos that you would like to enjoy with your loved ones, however, a copy-protected DVD for Mac may require software to work on this problem. If you are not looking for software then you can also opt for making a DVD copy by using the Mac OS X directly, and it is free as well. But you may find it tiring and time taking because it involves very many complicated steps to copy a DVD to the hard drive on Mac.

What is the need to copy a DVD on MAC?

You need to copy a DVD on MAC as it:

  • Allows moving or transferring the facility of data to multiple devices.
  • Allows changing of format or a variety of files.
  • Allows reduction in the size of the file or data ensuring settings of data compatibility.

With the advancement in technology, now users can find much amazing software which can be used to copy a protected DVD on Mac devices easily. Besides being easy, the software is also quick enough where you can choose between different solutions to copy a DVD on Mac.

8 Best Software to Copy DVD on Mac

Following software allows you to copy a DVD on Mac very easily. These are:


DVDFab DVD Copy: Copy DVD on Mac

If you have been looking for an answer to how to copy a DVD on Mac then DVDFab DVD Copy software can be your rescue. It allows you to copy or DVD from the legally purchased software where you need to remove the copy protection also known as CSS, APS, DADC, RC, etc. It is a great personal backup software for DVD which you can use to copy DVD to Mac as and when you desire.


  • Allows removal of any kind of protection while using the software for backup of a DVD or copy-protected DVD to Mac.
  • Provides support to encrypted new discs by providing their services like cloud decryption by DVD fab.
  • The cloning can be done in a one-to-one ratio for video streams along with audio streams in the original format.
  • Allows compression for any DVD to a format of DVD-5 that can be used as playback for any stand-alone player.
  • There is an availability of 6 modes for copying a DVD so that it can meet all the diverse needs of the user.

Price: $39.99


  • Allows copying of the main title of the movie to a source of folder or ISO without going for compression.
  • Along with a burning facility this software also provides clothing of a DVD in a one-to-one ratio so that there is no quality loss in the process.
  • It also allows facilities for splitting and merging the content of a DVD into a variety of formats of DVD9 and DVD5.


  • This software can be costly for many users who have a low budget.

How to copy a DVD onto a Mac by using DVDFab software?

By following the given steps you can easily copy a DVD to Mac. These are:

Step 1: Launch the DVDFab software and load the source.

As soon as you click the DVDFab software you will be able to choose the option for a copy when it starts running. Now you can proceed by inserting a DVD that you need to take backup of into your optical drive. Alternatively, you can also do navigation by using the add button which is given on the main page of the software. In case it is a folder or an iso file then you just need to drag and drop the required file into the software's main page.

Step 2: Selection of the copy mode and customize the output DVD.

Now you can go ahead by navigating towards the left pane and follow by clicking the copy mode as per your requirement. Thereafter, you need to select the DVD size for the output which is either DVD-5 or DVD-9. In case you have chosen the copy mode which is not available as the lossless mode then you can also do cloning or burning of the DVD. This software also gives you an option of defining the level of volume and also changing to other options available for copy. Finally, after you are done, you need to select the output directory which is given at the bottom section of the window. This software allows you to copy any DVD file to a blank disc or DVD folder. Additionally, it also allows you to create ISO from DVD.

Step 3: Starting the copying process of the DVD.

Now, after everything is completed you just need to tap on the start button for starting the process of copying the DVD. DVDFab software will be completing the task of copying a DVD with amazing lightning speed and great quality. However, if you need to cancel the process you can do it anytime. Alternatively, you can also set your laptop or PC to the facility of an automatic shutdown, hibernation, exiting the program, or you can also choose to do nothing and wait for the process to end.

Note: Almost all the software requires the same process to operate for creating a DVD copy for Mac. So, these steps are more or less the same for all software.

Redfox Clonedvd 2

Redfox Clonedvd 2


If you are offended by the popping up message of copy protection for a DVD or Blu-ray then you must be looking for how to copy a DVD to a Mac solution. Well, this software allows you for DVD playback and copying of a DVD transparently and automatically working in the background without disturbing your current work. You can also select for the disabling of region codes and make it region-free.


  • Allows easy working which is automatic and transparent and can be done as a background task.
  • Allows, delays or any kind of no skip marks along with other restrictions while running a DVD.
  • Removes any digital audio protection given along with the CD.
  • Skips logos of Studios and any kind of warning messages during a program.
  • Rips the content of a disk to an image or HDD file.


  • Trial Version for 21 days.
  • Lifetime plan - $66.72
  • 1 Year plan - $84.81
  • 2 Years plan - $100.65
  • 3 Years plan - $123.26


  • Works automatically in the background without disturbing the user.
  • The speed-up menu comes with a premium design which reduces the wait time for viewing the BD movies.
  • It also allows for removal of protection for or all kinds of blu-rays, DVDs, or CDs.


  • Apart from the trial version that comes for free, other plans are a little pricey and may not fit the budget of some users.

4videosoft DVD Copy

4videosoft DVD Copy:  DVD Copy Software


If you have been looking for a DVD copy software for Mac then this one will let you convert all your amazing videos into a great HD format. It also provides compatibility with any sort of device and you can use it almost anywhere. The intuitive interface of the software allows you to easily convert along with the setting of preferences in a crisp way. Its trial version also acts as free DVD copy software for Mac for a few days.


  • Allows Playing and conversion of videos to two formats like HD, MOV, and many more.
  • The editing of videos with amazing tools like clipping, cropping, and combining along with customizable settings.
  • You can also assort the videos and add subtitles to them.
  • Allows saving of video to any audio or video format and you can also apply an amazing DVD template while conversion of videos.
  • An amazing DVD copy for MAC which also provides for an All-in-One Toolbox that works as an image converter, and also helps in fixing media meta-data and can be used as a VR converter as well.

Price: Free trial version / $35 for the paid full version.


  • Allows applying an amazing DVD template while converting the videos to DVD.
  • Provides assorting of videos along with adding subtitles as well, and additionally, you can also preview the videos.
  • Provides facility for playing and conversion of videos in a variety of formats.


  • There are a few limitations in the trial version.


MakeMKV DVD Copy

How to copy a DVD to my Mac is the first question for Mac users who are looking for an option for this facility. With the reliability of this program, you can easily do conversion of videos into an MKV format which makes it possible to play the file with most of the devices. It is available for both Windows and MAC devices in the trial and full versions to choose from as per your suitability.


  • It is a great platform that can be used over multiple software including Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Allows easy and simple tools for ripping the DVD in the fastest way possible.
  • Allows choosing of preferred directory for output to provide great and proper management of files.
  • While working with the process of converting the users also have a great chance for preservation of various method data in the final version of the MKV file.
  • It provides support to protected DVDs and can be considered as a reliable source for MKV decryption for Blu-ray or DVDs that are protected.

Price: Free


  • Provide support to even protected DVDs.
  • Available as a free download on both Windows and Mac devices.
  • It is very easy and simple to use for tasks like copying a DVD or converting it to MKV format.


  • It allows for taking the output only in MKV format.

Wondershare Video Converter

Wondershare Video Converter: Copy DVD

If you have been looking for an answer to how to make a copy of a DVD on Mac, then this software can be your option. It allows for the conversion of audio and video format and also combines a variety of essential features such as compressing, downloading, editing, and sharing. The simple user interface is neat enough to help the users indirectly jump to the task that is needed to be completed.


  • Allows support for more than 1000 audio and video formats that also include MP4, MKV, and many others.
  • There are amazingly powerful editing functions for videos like cropping, adding watermark and trimming, etc.
  • Along with Windows it also works amazingly with MAC software to copy a DVD.
  • Allows cropping of videos and you can even crop different parts of a particular video into different lengths and formats.
  • Allows burning of DVD to any kind of format for video without any loss in quality.

Price: Free Trial / $39.95 for 1 year.


  • Allows voice explanations for different parts in a video.
  • It is pretty easy to download and use this software.
  • Very fast in converting the videos and making a copy of a DVD on MAC.


  • Professional features are missing in the trial version.

DVD Cloner


If you have been looking for an answer to how to copy a DVD on a MAC then this software can be your solution. It is efficiently easy to use software that provides a great range of amazing features that not only automate the process required to copy a protected DVD on MAC. This software can be installed pretty easily and does not require much technical know-how.


  • Provide a burning facility for the entire content whether it is a movie or any kind of video to a blank DVD.
  • You can also see the preview of any kind of customized filters before burning or copying a DVD.
  • You can select the settings for compression and the copy of quality is also impressive.
  • Numerous options are available for support for customers and their queries.
  • There is an option for removing extra trailers of a movie and language.

Price: $59.99


  • The capability of compression is excellent.
  • The customer support is effectively good.
  • The copying time is extremely speedy.


  • It requires an added feature for copying the Blu-ray discs.


If the question of how do I copy a DVD to my Mac is troubling you and not letting you sleep then this open-source software can do the job for you. Apart from MAC devices it also works abundantly well on Windows and Linux and helps in creating free videos for the user. With the ease of use, this software can help you in working with a variety of formats including MKV, MP4, and many others.


  • Allows working with a variety of formats including WebM, MP4, etc.
  • Resizing of video along with cropping and copying of hard drives can also be done easily on Mac devices.
  • Removal of comb artifacts that have occurred due to interlacing and telecine.
  • Allows downmixing of surround sound by using stereo or Matrix.
  • Comes with a facility of adjusting the volume of audio and adding a dynamic range for a few types of audios as well.

Price: Free


  • Provides a facility of passing through audio without converting it to nearly all types of audio.
  • Helps in the restoration of low quality and old videos as well.
  • Helps in conversion of any kind of video along with providing a copy facility of DVD on Mac devices.


  • Does not allow the mixing of multiple videos in one clip and makes it like one video.

Xilisoft DVD Copy 2

It is amazing DVD copy software for Mac that allows you to enjoy videos anywhere. Additionally, you can also convert your video and audio files to a variety of formats with its easy-to-use platform. You can also choose a variety of subtitles or audio tracks in different languages and you can also backup your home DVD files along with movies in your personalized disc without damaging them.


  • Allows the facility of copying of DVD to DVD to be it dvd5 or dvd9 in a one-to-one ratio.
  • It also helps in burning ISO files to DVD so that you can watch them on your favorite DVD player.
  • It provides great taxability in providing copying of DVDs.
  • You can easily erase the rewritable disc and load them with new information anytime.
  • Allows multiple languages along with multi-skin features and personalizes your experience.

Price: $59.95


  • Very easy to use.
  • Allows support for a variety of video formats along with Blu Ray.
  • Available in multiple languages and you can also use a multi-screen feature for enhancing the appearance of the software.


  • Provide Limited facilities for portable devices.


MakeMKV and Handbrake are some software that works on MAC, Windows, and Linux as well.

Handbrake is free and open-source software that can be used for copying a DVD on MAC devices.

Almost all the software provides a burning facility in addition to copying a DVD. Xilisoft and DVD Cloner are two of them.


If you are thinking that these are all the options for software to copy a DVD on Mac, then unfortunately this list is not that exhaustive. However, we have provided you with the best copy-protected DVD MAC software, and with them, you will be able to complete your tasks very easily and in a timely manner. These for using this DVD copy software for Mac with ultimate convenience. The quality of output is also fast and precise. Most of the software works on both Mac as well as Windows devices so you can try them at your convenience.