DVD to MKV makes discs well saved in digital formats. But every now and again you may want to burn MKV to DVD instead since DVDs with personal templates are more to your taste. In order to burn MKV to DVD, you need a specialized MKV to DVD converter. With so many choices in the market, which one is the best free software to burn MKV to DVD on both Windows and Mac? Let me give you some suggestions.

Table of Contents
1.The Best Free Software for MKV to DVD
2.  Other MKV to DVD Converters You need to Know
3.  How to play DVDs after Converting MKV to DVD
4.  Conclusion

1. The Best Free Software for MKV to DVD

The best free way to burn MKV to DVD on Windows/Mac is  to DVDFab DVD Creator for help. This DVD to MKV converter support numerous video formats like MKV, MP4, AVI, M2TS, TS, MOV, WMV, WMA, 3GP, FLV, M4V, VOB, etc. You can burn any of them such as .MKV to DVD format including DVD-9, DVD-5, DVD+R/RW, and DVD-R/RW.  During this conversion, DVDFab DVD Creator offers numerous intuitive menu templates, so you can use any of them for special video effects when converting MKV to DVD. Now, let me show you how to burn MKV to DVD step by step with this best free MKV to DVD coverter.

Steps on how to Burn MKV to DVD with DVDFab DVD Creator

(1) Open and download DVDFab DVD Creator which is one of modules of DVDFab 11. After launching DVDFab 11, click the module of "Creator" on the top, click the "Mode Switcher" to select "DVD Creator" and load your MKV file.




(2) In this MKV to DVD converter, there is a “Advanced Settings” option allowing you customize your video. Click the “wrench” icon and set “Volume Label”, “Output (DVD 5/9)”, “Video Quality”, “Menu Properties” and “Playback Mode”.


Customize video while burn MKV to DVD


(3) Now, it's time to choose an intuitive menu template in this MKV to DVD converter. Click the button of "Set Menu"  and there will be a new panel popping up. You will see some templates around numerous topics like Birthday, Wedding, as well as other customized backgrounds. Choose yo favorite menu template and edit the words and images on that background.

How to Burn MKV to DVD


(4) The last step to convert MKV to DVD is to set an output directory and click the button of “Start”. You can save converted MKV videos to a DVD disc, folder or ISO file.


2. Other MKV to DVD Converters You need to Know

Beside the best MKV to DVD converter - DVDFab DVD Creator, there are also other software you may be interested. Here I will list some of them for you to burn MKV to DVD.

(1) Freemake (Windows)

As an offline MKV to DVD converter, Freemake also supports burning MKV to DVD with menu provided. You can choose your favorite template and edit MKV files based on your preference. But you can only use this software for MKV to DVD conversion on Windows.

convert MKV to DVD

(2) Winx DVD Author (Windows)

Winx DVD Author is the second choice for you to convert MKV to DVD. Similar to DVDFab DVD Creator, it also supports conversion from other digital formats to DVD disc, folder and ISO file. You can use this MKV to DVD converter to burn MKV to DVD and customize your video. In free version of this software, there may be watermark left on your created DVD.

burn MKV to DVD

(3) Wondershare DVD Creator (Mac)

Wondershare DVD Creator is an MKV to DVD converter on Mac. It provides users with 100 DVD menu templates and you can customize any of them based on your needs. But this software is paid instead of free. If DVDFab DVD Creator’s menu templates you like, there is no need having your money wasted.

Compared with such three MKV to DVD converters, DVDFab DVD Creator is still your first choice to burn MKV to DVD on Windows or Mac.

3. How to play DVDs after converting MKV to DVD

After converting MKV to DVD, where are you going to play it, PC or TV? If your video player fails to play DVD disc, folder or ISO file, there is a 4K media player highly recommended. That’s DVDFab Player 6 which allows you to play DVD on both PC and TV, giving you fantastic watching experience.

Steps on how to play “converted MKV to DVD”:

• Download and install DVDFab Player 6 on Windows or Mac

• Choose PC Mode or TV Mode

• Insert your DVD disc or load your DVD folder/ISO in your computer

• Customize it by right-clicking the video interface (optional)

• Enable “Menu Mode” to display your DVD file

4. Conclusion

Have you learned how to burn MKV to DVD with the best MKV to DVD converter? There are four tools introduced, choose your favorite and start to convert MKV to DVD. After creating DVD videos, you can play it with DVDFab Player 6 which is one of the few video players which supports DVD disc input.