Burning MP3 files to DVDs serves as a reliable method of storing, preserving, and sharing audio content, taking the advantage of DVDs' larger capacity than CDs. It also allows for space-saving backup solutions and extended playing capabilities on a variety of platforms. In the ensuing discourse, we will delve into a curation of top MP3 to DVD converters to help you choose the best option.

Part 1. Introduction to Top MP3 to DVD Converters

In order to help you burn your MP3 files to a DVD disc free and easily, there are eight programs provided. Now, check the features of each MP3-to-DVD burner and choose the best free software as your assistant.

Aiseesoft MP3 to DVD Burner

Aiseesoft MP3 to DVD Burner is a powerful software that not only allows you to burn MP3 to DVD/CD with exceptional quality but also supports creation of DVDs from various other audio/video formats like AAC, AC3, M4A, AVI, MPG, MPEG, MP4, WMV, MOV, and HD videos. In addition to burn DVD Windows 10 or Mac, this software also enables you to store DVD files on your local hard disk.


  • Available on all Windows operating systems
  • Convert MP3 and other audio formats to DVD 
  • Offer BMP images as your DVD menu background
  • Allow you to customize setting background picture, codec parameters, audio bitrate


  • Not for free to make a DVD audio disc
  • No special video editor

audio DVD creator: Aiseesoft MP3 to DVD Burner

Modiac MP3 to DVD Converter

Modiac MP3 to DVD converter is a free audio DVD creator that allows users to convert MP3 files to DVD format. In addition to customizing audio parameters, it can convert multiple audio files simultaneously, thanks to its advanced codec engine and super accelerating technology. The converter ensures fast MP3 to DVD conversion speed while maintaining high quality. 


  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, VistaX64, Win7 X32, and Win98
  • Allow you to edit your audio file parameters
  • Support more than 2 MP3 files to DVD conversion
  • Work with a decent speed
  • Occupy a space of 19.59MB


  • Don't provide DVD menu template or other editing tools
  • Only support MP3 to DVD conversion, no other audios accepted

audio DVD creator: Modiac MP3 to DVD Converter

MP3 to DVD Maker

MP3 to DVD maker is a practical software that allows you to transform your favorite music tracks into a DVD format. It supports various audio formats including WMA, WAV, MP2, and MP3. With capacity to store more than 1,000 MP3 songs onto one DVD disc, the software is compliant with DVD-Audio, supporting DVD standards such as NTSC and PAL. It has the ability to select DVD audio bit-rate and each music file represents one DVD Chapter which can be easily navigated through a DVD Chapter menu. 


  • Supports multiple audio formats: WMA, WAV, MP2, MP3
  • Creates a DVD Chapter menu automatically for easy navigation
  • Allows selection of DVD audio bit-rate
  • Has a user-friendly interface
  • Compliant with DVD-Audio and supports DVD standards NTSC and PAL


  • It's a paid software
  • It doesn't support to burn video or image files
  • No file editing options available

audio DVD creator: MP3 to DVD Maker

Windows Media Player Mp3 to DVD Converter

Windows Media Player is a versatile multimedia application developed by Microsoft. Windows Media Player can be used to burn MP3 files to an audio CD or data CD or DVD. It allows users to create and copy audio CD with a selection of music, or a data CD/DVD that can contain any type of file, including music and video files.

audio DVD creator: Windows Media Player Mp3 to DVD Converter

DVDFab DVD Creator

After learning the above-mentioned ways to burn MP3 to a DVD, you may also be interested in how to burn your music videos downloaded from the web or captured by cameras to DVD. DVDFab DVD Creator is your best video DVD Creator that enables you to burn any video file to a blank disc or save it as an ISO file or folder on your hard drive. It works on both Windows and Mac systems. See the features below, and I will show you how to use them to make a music video DVD disc.

Key features of DVDFab DVD Creator

  • Burn 200+ video formats to DVD disc or save as ISO file or Folder on Mac/Windows
  • Burn video files to DVD 5/DVD 9/DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL
  • Provide a variety of DVD menu templates and allow you to customize it
  • Output high-quality video to enhance your view experience
  • Work 10 times faster than the normal speed and support batch conversion

Steps on How to Burn Music Video to DVD with DVDFab DVD Creator

Step 1: Get this DVD burner launched and select the module of "Creator" first. Click the button of "Mode Switcher" and choose "DVD Creator" mode. Then load the source files by clicking the "Add" button or simply dragging and dropping it into the main page.

burn mp3 to dvd

Step 2: Customize the output DVD after the source loads. Click the "Advanced Settings" button, you will be able to elect the output DVD size (DVD-9 / DVD-5), name the output DVD, and configure the Menu properties and playback mode. 

burn mp3 to dvd

Then click "Menu Settings" to create DVD menu from a variety of templates and customize all its elements as you like.

burn mp3 to dvd

Step 3: Select as output destination and click the button of "Start". If you want to burn video to DVD, choose the "Triangle" icon and find your DVD disc. If you want to save the output file in the format of Folder or ISO file, click the "Folder" or "ISO" icons, respectively.

burn mp3 to dvd

This is how to make a DVD video with DVDFab DVD Creator, a DVD maker that makes DVD from any video format. Follow the steps above and you will make it. 

Part 2. Trim or Download MP3 Files Before Burning MP3 to DVD

How to Trim Your MP3 Files?

Before burning MP3 to DVD, if you want to trim MP3 files and keep them organized, ask for DVDFab Toolkit for help. And the follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download and install DVDFab Toolkit on Windows.

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Step 2: Click "Trim" under "Audio Tools" and load your MP3 files.

Step 3: Set "Start Time" and "End Time"

Step 4: Choose a destination to save it and start to trim your MP3 file.

Trim MP3 Files Before Burning MP3 to DVD

How to Download MP3 from YouTube?

For those who want to burn MP3 to DVD, where is your music from? If you feel it is not easy to get favorite audios, turn to StreamFab YouTube to MP3 for help. This free software can help you download MP3 from YouTube or other 1000+ websites. Then you will be able to wander in the world of music. Now let me show you how to use this MP3 downloader.

Step 1: Get StreamFab YouTube to MP3 launched on Windows/Mac/Android.

Step 2: "Paste URL" or input name to find your favorite music to burn MP3 to DVD.

Step 3: Load MP3 songs and click the button of "Download" when your audio is playing.

Download MP3 Files Before Burning MP3 to DVD

Step 4: Click "Music" and choose audio quality. Finally, start to download music.

Part 3. Conclusion

It is very easy to burn MP3 to DVD and make an audio DVD for your car with these DVD burners. And if you wish to burn video files to DVD, remember DVDFab DVD Creator is you best assistant. If you are also interested in how to convert DVD to MP3, read another user guide.