Burn MP3 to DVD to make an audio DVD for your car, or when you want to save more space for your computer. Then how to burn MP3 to DVD free and fast? You can ask a MP3 to DVD converter for help. Now, I have collected the information of top 8 MP3 to DVD Converters. Would you like to have a look at them?

1. A Brief Introduction to Top MP3 to DVD Converters

In order to help you burn MP3 to DVD free and easily, there are 8 programs provided. You can use any DVD audio creator to convert MP3 to DVD online or offline based on your needs. Now, check the features of each MP3 to DVD burner and choose the best free software as your assistant.

Audio DVD Creator

(1) DVDFab DVD Creator

“How do I convert a DVD to MP3 on Mac”? DVDFab DVD Creator is your best audio DVD creator and it also works on Windows. See the features below and I will show you how to use it to make a DVD audio disc. 

 i  Windows            i  Mac  

• Help you burn MP3 to DVD on Mac/Windows

• Free to use within 30 days

• A variety of menu templates provided

• Support batch MP3 to DVD conversion

• Allow you to customize your DVD background

• Work 10 times faster than the normal speed


 Burn MP3 to DVD

(2) Aiseesoft MP3 to DVD Burner

• Available on all Windows operating systems

• Convert audio to DVD including but not limited to MP3 to DVD

• Offer BMP images as your DVD menu background

• Allow you to customize setting background picture, codec parameters, audio bitrate

• Not for free to make a DVD audio disc

• No special video editor

 MP3 to DVD

(3) Modiac MP3 to DVD Converter

• Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7

• Allow you to edit your audio file parameters

• Support more than 2 MP3 to DVD conversion

• Work with a decent speed

• Occupy a space of 19.59MB

• Don’t provide DVD menu template or other editing tools

• Only support MP3 to DVD conversion, no other audios accepted

 How to Burn MP3 to DVD

(4) MP3 to DVD Burner

• Able to burn WMV and MP3 to DVD (PAL & NTSC)

• Enable you to choose preferred audio bitrate

• Allow you to create DVD chapter menu

• Simple interface on this DVD audio maker

• No video editor in this Windows MP3 to DVD converter

Can You Burn MP3 to DVD

(5) Wondershare DVD Creator

• It works on Windows or Mac

• Capable to burn MP3 to DVD

• Support more than one audio formats

• Clean interface but not charming enough

• Burn MP3 to DVD easily

Convert MP3 to DVD


(6) DVD Flick

• Simple and easy to use on Windows

Burn MP3 to DVD easily

• Allow you to add menu and subtitles

• Burn files to a disc after encoding

• No adware or spyware for DVD audio making

Burn MP3 to DVD


(7) KeepVid MP3 to DVD Converter

• Have online version and download version

• Easy to use as a website to burn MP3 to DVD online

• Limited functions: only several MP3 to DVD conversing supported

• Low speed compared with offline programs

• If you want to burn MP3 to DVD fast, get it downloaded on Windows or Mac

MP3 to DVD

(8) Windows Media Player

“How do I convert a DVD to MP3 using Windows Media Player”? Without any help of a third-party audio DVD creator, you can burn MP3 to DVD easily on Windows. Do you know how to do that? Follow the steps below.

• Prepare a blank DVD audio disc and insert it to your computer’s optical drive

• If there is no optical drive in your PC, use an external USB drive instead

• Ensure the DVD you insert is compatible with your computer in type

• Launch Windows Media Player

How to Burn MP3 to DVD

• Click the button of “Burn”

• Drag songs from “playlists” or “albums” to the burn pane

• Click the button of “Start Burn” for MP3 to DVD

Can You Burn MP3 to DVD

 But “Can I burn music to a DVD” on Mac? Use DVDFab DVD Creator. Here I will give you detailed steps on how to burn MP3 to DVD with this free audio DVD creator.

2. Steps on How to Burn MP3 to DVD

(1) Get this MP3 to DVD burner launched on Mac

(2) Select the module of “Creator” first

(3) Click the button of “Mode Switcher” and choose “DVD Creator” mode

 i  Windows         i  Mac  

Burn MP3 to DVD

(4) Load your MP3 file using the “+” icon (support batch conversion)

(5) Click the option of “Advanced Settings” to choose “DVD 5 or DVD 9” for output

MP3 to DVD

(6) Click the button of “Set Menu” and choose one menu template from a variety of options in this audio DVD creator. 

How to Burn MP3 to DVD

(7) Use the option of “T” to customize the words on your menu template and you can delete some Text pane you don’t want. Also you can use the “Image” option to change the color of your menu template. After customizing your files, click “OK”. It is very easy to edit your file when you burn MP3 to DVD.

Can You Burn MP3 to DVD

(8) Select the output destination and click the button of “Start”. If you want to burn MP3 to DVD, choose the “Triangle” icon and find your DVD disc. If you want to save the output file in the format of Folder or ISO file, click the “Folder” or “ ISO” icons, respectively.

This is how to make a DVD audio with DVDFab DVD Creator. Follow the steps above and you will make it. 

3. Trim MP3 If You Need

Before burning MP3 to DVD, if you want to trim MP3 files and keep them organized, ask for DVDFab Toolkit for help. And the follow the steps below.

• Download and install DVDFab Toolkit on Windows

• Click “Trim” under “Audio Tools” 

• Load your MP3 files

• Set “Start Time” and “End Time”

• Choose a destination to save it

• Start to trim MP3

 i  Windows   

Then burn such MP3 to DVD based on your preference.

Trim MP3

4.  Download MP3 from YouTube

For those who want to burn MP3 to DVD, where is your music from? If you feel it is not easy to get favorite audios, turn to DVDFab YouTube to MP3 for help. This free software can help you download MP3 from YouTube or other 1000+ websites. Then you will be able to wander in the world of music. Now let me show you how to use this MP3 downloader.

• Get DVDFab YouTube to MP3 launched on Windows/Mac/Android

• “Paste URL” or input name to find your favorite music to burn MP3 to DVD

• Load MP3 songs

• Click the button of “Download” when your audio is playing

• Click “Music” and choose audio quality

• Start to download music

• Find it from “three horizontal lines” > “settings” > “audio directory”

 i  Windows             i  Mac  

Burn MP3 to DVD

5. Conclusion

So much for the guide on how to burn MP3 to DVD with top free MP3 to DVD converters, including DVDFab DVD Creator, Aiseesoft MP3 to DVD Converter, Modiac MP3 to DVD Converter, MP3 to DVD Burner, Wondershare DVD Creator, DVD Flick, KeepVid MP3 to DVD Converter, as well as Windows Media Player.

It is very easy to burn MP3 to DVD and make an audio DVD for your car. Are you clear about “How do I convert MP3 to DVD”? Remember DVDFab DVD Creator is you best assistant. If you are also interested in how to convert DVD to MP3, read another user guide.