There are various types of music CDs in the market, such as a country music CD, classical music CD, children’s music CD, and among others. What kind of CD music do you like best? If you want to get such favorite CDs, there are two ways to do that. Find a music CD stores near you, or buy music CD online instead. Here are some online websites recommended. Does Amazon sell music CDs? Yes, include but not limited to,, fye,com,,, Amoeba Music, cdconnection, mrcheapocds, etc.


DVD vs. CD

When it comes to CDs, we have to mention DVD. What is the difference between DVD and CD? Simply put, they differ from each other most in storage capacity. A CD uses a single side to store information up to 700 MB, while a DVD uses two sides to do that and can hold up to 4.7 to 17 GB. In order to contain more data, people tend to choose DVDs rather than CDs. That’s why you can find less CDs than DVDs in the market.

What Is the Best Music DVD? The Sound of Music DVD (Walmart), Jack’s big show DVD, Music Man DVD, hip hop music videos DVD, rap music videos DVD, and 80s music videos DVD. They are the most popular music DVDs people are looking for. If you have had such music, would you like to burn music to DVD and play it in your car? If so, follow me to learn how to make music videos DVD for car. You need the help of DVDFab DVD creator.

:DVD vs. CD

Copy Music CD to Computer

In the past, musics CDs were very popular, but with time going on, they are getting out of our sight. If there are too many music CDs stuffed in your shelf and you are eager to handle them, learn how to copy music from CD to computer here. Software able to rip music from CD can be found everywhere, like Exact Audio Copy and dbPowerAmp. If you don’t want to install any CD ripper, Windows Media Player is also powerful enough to do that. Then the methods to do that are listed below.

:Copy Music CD to Computer

How to Copy Music from CD to Computer

How to copy music from CD to computer with Windows Media Player without any help of a third-party program? Follow the steps below and you will make it.

  • Search Windows Media Player and open it
  • Insert your music CD to your computer’s optical drive
  • Click the option of ‘Rip CD’ > ‘Rip settings’ to set ‘Format’ and ‘Audio Quality
  • Start to copy music from CD to computer

Nowadays, CDs are disappearing gradually. With so many streaming songs on various platforms, would you like to burn music to CD with a free CD maker? Continue to read and find the best answer.

:How to Copy Music from CD to Computer

How to burn music to a CD

Most people cherish the way of life in old times. In order to bring old memories back to life, they often use a music CD maker to burn videos from YouTube, Amazon Music, or anywhere. Do you know how to burn music to a CD from YouTube? Here are some music CD burners of great help, such as CDBurnerXP, Express Burn Free Burning software, or Windows 10 CD burner. For details about how to use the embedded Windows 10 CD burning software, you can read top 11 free best DVD Burning Software DVD Burning Software for Windows 10.

Note: How to rip videos from YouTube? DVDFab Video Downloader is a free CD music downloader that can download any songs from YouTube.

:How to burn music to a CD

How to Burn Music to DVD?

Step 1: Download and install DVDFab DVD creator on Windows or Mac

Is it safe to use DVDFab? Yes. It is easy-to-use and virus-free. You can use it to make a music video DVD easily with great reliance.

 i  Free Download     i  Free Download   

Step 2: Select the module of ‘Creator’ and ‘DVD Creator’

DVDFab 12 has many modules, and Creator is just one of them. DVDFab Creator has three creating modes, including DVD Creator, Blu-ray Creator, and UHD Creator.

:How to Burn Music to DVD?

Step 3: Import your video(s)

This music DVD maker allows you to burn music videos to DVD in batches. You can add a video or just multiple videos of any mainstream format to it.

:How to Burn Music to DVD?

Step 4: Apply a Menu Template to Your DVD

There are many menu templates provided in DVDFab DVD Creator, covering such backgrounds as wedding, birthday, rainbow, starry sky, classical elements, etc. Click ‘Menu Settings’ and customize it.

:How to Burn Music to DVD?

Step 5: Set the music DVD name and output quality

Click ‘Advanced Settings’ and set the name and quality of your created music DVD.

:How to Burn Music to DVD?

Step 6: Set the output video directory

You can burn music videos to a DVD disc, folder or ISO file using the ‘Save to’ options.

:How to Burn Music to DVD?

Step 7: Start to make music videos DVD for Car

Insert a disc, and click the button ‘Start’. Or hit ‘Start’ directly if you plan to save files on your computer.

Note: Which DVD should I burn music videos? As a survey shows, most people burn music to a DVD R. But no matter you are going to burn music to which kind of DVDs, DVDFab DVD Creator enables you to do that.

How to rip music from DVD?

Besides creating a music video DVD, how to rip music from old DVDs for an easy enjoyment on your mobile or PC? Have a free trial of DVDFab DVD Ripper that can convert DVD to digital in any mainstream video or audio formats. Here is how to do that.

  • Step 1: Download and install DVDFab DVD Ripper (Win/Mac)
  • Step 2: Select the ‘Ripper’ module from the top menu
  • Step 3: Insert your music DVD into the optical drive
  • Step 4: Click ‘Choose Other Profile’ to the output video/audio format
  • Step 5: Customize the music DVD with ‘Advanced Settings’ and ‘Video Edit’ (optional)
  • Step 6: Set the output destination
  • Step 7: Start to rip music from DVD

Note: A DVD optical drive can read DVD only, while a Blu-ray optical drive can read both DVD and Blu-ray. If you want to play any CD, and DVD and Blu-ray files easily, choose PlayerFab.

:How to rip music from DVD?


Have you known the difference between DVD and CD? If there is a need to copy, rip or burn a CD or DVD, do you know how to do that easily? In conclusion, Windows Media Player can copy music from CD to computer or USB. Windows 10 DVD burner helps you burn music to CD. DVDFab DVD Creator allows you to burn music to DVD, and DVDFab DVD ripper assists you to rip music from DVD. If you also want to know how to make a DVD with pictures and music, ask for Toolkit for help.