In the age of streaming and cloud storage, burning a DVD might seem a bit outdated. However, there are several compelling reasons why you may still need to burn a DVD. For example, it serves as a physical backup for valuable files or memories.

So, are you looking for the best DVD burning software for Windows 10? Don't worry, this article will details how to burn a DVD on Windows 10 or 11 free and fast for movie playback, data backup, and more. 

How to Burn DVD on Windows 10/11

1. What Do You Need to Burn DVD Windows 10

Before we delve into the step-by-step guide to burn a DVD on Windows 10, it is crucial to identify the necessary tools required for the process. Here are the essential things you will need:

  • A Windows 10 Computer: A computer or laptop running on Windows 10 is required to perform this process. 
  • A DVD Drive: This can be either built into your computer or an external one you connect
  • A Blank DVD: You will need a blank DVD where the files will be burned. The blank DVD can be a DVD-R, which is write-once or a DVD-RW, which allows multiple write instances.
  • DVD Burning Software: Windows 10 has a built-in option for burning DVDs which you can use. However, if you want more advanced features like designing custom menus, you will need specialized software such as DVDFab DVD Creator.

Once you've collected all necessary tools and materials, you're ready to proceed to the next steps of burning a DVD on your Windows 10/11 PC.

2. How to Burn DVD on Windows 10/11 with Native Support?

There are many solutions on how to burn a DVD Windows 10. The first solution shall be the inbuilt feature of Windows 10 that can burn videos, music, pictures, and other kinds of data to a CD or DVD. This was not the case in the earlier days of XP, Vista, and others. Thus, the new OS has tried to make things much easier natively for end users.

2.1 Data DVD Burning Features of Native Windows 10

Let us have a list of file formats it supports as of now.

  • It can burn music in audio file types like WMA, MP3, and WAV.
  • It can burn movies and videos in file types like AVI, VIDEO_TS, MPEG4, DIVX, WMV, etc.
  • It can burn images in all popular file formats.
  • It can also burn data or documents in all popular file formats.

Now, you must know that if you wish to burn them in a format so that it can be played by any DVD player, it has to be converted into DVD format first. This can be achieved by DVD maker software like DVDFab DVD Creator, and in the same way, if you wish to convert and burn it to a format that can be played by any audio CD/DVD player, and then you need to convert it to .CDA format first. Thus, the guide as to how to burn a DVD on Windows 10 is based on the file conversion, data, and burning type only.

2.2 How to Burn DVD Using Native Windows 10

If you wish to burn files to a CD or DVD on Windows 10 using their native support, then insert a blank DVD to the DVD writer first. This should make it available to the computer to start working on.

Step 1: Go to the place where the files have stored that need to be burned, and select all of them. In case you have a VIDEO_TS folder, select the complete folder.

Step 2: Now, use right click and do "Send to DVD RW Drive". Once that is done, it may ask you to enter a name for the DVD Folder or Disc Title. After that, it starts burning the contents to the blank DVD. 

How to Burn DVD Using Native Windows 10

2.3 How to Burn DVD on Windows 10 via Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is a digital media playing program developed by Microsoft. This versatile media player is typically used for playing audio, video, and showing images on computers running the Windows operating system. Additionally, it also includes features to rip music from and copy music to compact discs, burn recordable discs in Audio CD format, synchronize content with a digital audio player, and purchase or stream music.

💻Supported system: Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Vista/XP

💡How to burn a DVD on Windows 10 via Windows Media Player:

Step 1. Launch Windows Media Player. If it isn't installed on your computer, you can download it from the Microsoft Store.

Step 2. Populate your Burn List. Choose the videos, songs and other files you wish to burn, then drag and drop them into the Burn List on the right pane of the Windows Media Player window.

How to Burn DVD on Windows 10 via Windows Media Player

Step 3. Insert a blank DVD into your DVD burner. Make sure it has enough space to accommodate all the files you want to burn. 

Step 4. Organize your Burn List. If you want the files to play in a certain order, arrange the files accordingly. The top file in the Burn List will play first.

Step 5. Choose the Burn Options. Click the Burn options button, which is the text to the right of the Burn tab and then choose one of the following options:

  • Data CD or DVD: if you want to burn video file(s).
  • Audio CD: if you want to burn an audio CD.

Step 6. Start the burning process by clicking on the "Start burn" button. 

How to Burn DVD on Windows 10 via Windows Media Player

Step 7. Verify the burn. After the burn is complete, you may need to finalize the disc. Also, make sure that the disc plays correctly in the kind of device you burnt it for.

😭Note: Windows Media Player does not support burning movies to video DVD discs on Windows 10. It can only burn data DVDs. So, you cannot use Windows Media Player to create video DVDs that you could play on a regular DVD player. 

3. How to Burn a DVD on Windows 10/11 with Professional Support?

While Windows 10 and Windows 11 do come with their inbuilt DVD burning functions, if you want to go a step further and create a playable DVD with a stylish menu, DVDFab DVD Creator is a fantastic choice to consider. With its extensive feature set including menu customization, wide format support, and easy-to-use interface, it simplifies the process of burning professionally-looking DVDs on Windows 10.

3.1 Video DVD Burning Features of DVDFab DVD Creator Windows 10/Mac

DVDFab DVD Creator.

DVDFab DVD Creator

DVDFab DVD Creator can burn DVD disc / ISO / folder from downloaded videos, videos from camcorders, and other common video formats. It also boasts many stylish templates & customized options for making your own DVD menu.
  • Burn DVD on Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 and macOS 10.10 - 13
  • Create standard DVD disc/ISO/folder from 200+ popular video formats
  • Burn videos to DVD in batch with fast speed and high quality
  • Select audio tracks, subtitles, or add external subtitle.
  • Customize output DVDs via professional DVD menu, built-in templates, and gadgets
  • Auto-synchronize the meta information of the original video.
  • Support all DVD disc formats (DVD-9, DVD-5, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL)

3.2 How to Burn a Playable DVD on Windows 10 with DVDFab DVD Ripper

With an intuitive, sleek, and modern interface, it is popular among all novices and experts. If you wonder how to burn videos, such iPhone videos to DVD on Windows 10 with this professional DVD Creator software, just follow the simple guides below.

Step 1: Launch DVDFab DVD Creator and load the source videos.

Run DVDFab 13 and select the Creator > DVD Creator module. Add your video by clicking the Add button on the main page or by simply dragging and dropping the file onto the interface. 

How to Burn a Playable DVD on Windows 10 with DVDFab DVD Ripper

Step 2: Customize your DVD and create a DVD menu.

Once your source video is loaded, you can first select audio tracks and subtitles you want to burn. You can also add external subtitles to your video.

How to Burn a Playable DVD on Windows 10 with DVDFab DVD Ripper

Then use the Advanced Settings to adjust the output size and quality to your preference.

How to Burn a Playable DVD on Windows 10 with DVDFab DVD Ripper

You can also click the Menu Settings to select a free menu templates and customize it, such as adding texts/widget, adjusting the size of the shape, etc.

How to Burn a Playable DVD on Windows 10 with DVDFab DVD Ripper

Step 3: Start burning video to DVD on Windows 10/11

Select the output directory in Save to Part, and click the Start button to begin burn your DVD on Windows 10/11. This DVD Creator will provide detailed progress information throughout the process. 

How to Burn a Playable DVD on Windows 10 with DVDFab DVD Ripper


Why can't I burn a DVD in Windows 10?

If your computer cannot burn discs, try to use a different type of disc. The type of disc you use for burning shall be compatible with the type of optical drive in your computer. That being said, you cannot burn a DVD-R disc in a drive that does not support DVD-R technology. Besides, CD-R discs are supported by all recordable disc drives.

What is difference between burning video DVD and data DVD?

Burning a video DVD and a data DVD essentially involves saving digital information onto a DVD. The main difference lies in the type of data saved and its usage.

  • Video DVD: These are formatted to play on DVD players. When burning, video files are converted into a recognized format like MPEG-2 and organized according to the Video_TS directory standard, enabling DVD players to properly navigate the content.
  • Data DVD: Used for storing or backing up computer files, these DVDs keep the original formats. They can contain various file types like documents, photos, videos, and programs. Typically, they are not compatible with most DVD players and are designed for computers or game consoles.

While some modern DVD players can play specific file types from a data DVD, the most dependable method to play a video on any DVD player is to burn a video DVD.


In this article, the Windows 10 native tools and a professional third-party burning disc Windows 10 program are supplied. And we highly recommend the third-part program, DVDFab DVD Creator, which is versatile, fast and free. If you also want to learn the best Blu-ray burning software for Windows 10, here is a nice post for your reference.