In today's digital age, preserving our cherished memories and favorite movies has become more important than ever. Whether it's for personal use or sharing with friends and family, copying DVDs ensure that your digital content remains accessible and secure for years to come. So let's dive in and explore how you can effortlessly copy your DVDs on Windows 10.

how to copy dvd windows 10

1. Free DVD Copy Software on Windows 10

There is considerable free DVD copy software on Windows 10, such as DVDFab DVD Copy, Leawo DVD Copy, Nero 9, and Wondershare DVD Creator. Subsequently, let me show you one by one.

(1) DVDFab DVD Copy



DVDFab DVD Copy allows you to losslessly backup or compress any encrypted DVD disc to a blank disc (DVD 5/9) directly or save it as an ISO image file or folder on your hard drive.  
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100% safe&clean
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DVDFab DVD Copy is attracting a rising number of users to copy DVD Windows 10. It works on both Windows and Mac, and is able to read and backup any DVD files like a disc, folder and ISO, to a blank disc, folder and ISO file. If you choose DVDFab, you will be amazed by its fast DVD copy speed and flawless output quality.

DVDFab DVD Copy can remove the following types of copy protection: 

  • Any common DVD copy protection like CSS (Content Scramble System), APS (Analog Protection System), RC (Region Code), DADC, etc.
  • Newly purchased encrypted DVD discs.
  • Work with DVD Cinavia Removal to remove Cinavia protection.

Most importantly, it provides six copy modes including Full Disc, Main Movie, Customize, Clone/Burn, Split and Merge to meet your diverse DVD copy needs.

  • Full Disc: copy the entire DVD, including menus, trailers, and special features.
  • Main Movie: copy only the main movie from the DVD, without any menus or special features.
  • Customize: copy any content you want from the source, compressed or not.
  • Clone/Burn: create an exact 1:1 copy of the original DVD, including the structure and all contents.
  • Split: split a DVD-9 (dual layer DVD) into two DVD-5 discs
  • Merge: merge two or more DVDs into a single DVD disc.

:(1) DVDFab DVD Copy

Besides, DVDFab DVD Copy also introduces a simple but totally free version named DVDFab HD Decrypter, which is able to copy some copy-protected DVDs within Full Disc and Main Movie modes. If you don't need many advanced functions, this free program will suit you well.

(2) Leawo DVD Copy

Leawo DVD Copy is compatible with both Windows and macOS operating systems. This program allows you to create duplicates of DVDs or save them as ISO files on your computers, while preserving the original quality of the source DVD. Additionally, it offers customization options such as selecting specific chapters, audio tracks, subtitles, and compressing DVD-9 to DVD-5 formats. If your file is protected by CSS (Content Scramble System), this Windows 10 DVD copy softwarewill decrypt it easily.

:(3) Leawo DVD Copy

(3) Nero 9

Nero 9 is a Windows program that helps you copy DVD to DVD or burn audios and videos to CDs, DVDs and removable discs. This software was updated in October, 2019. If you expect a fast speed in DVD copy using this software, spend more efforts improving your optical drive and increasing your disc capacity. Besides, Nero DVD Copy software on Windows 10 is unable to copy encrypted DVDs.

:(4) Nero 9

(4) Wondershare DVD Creator

Wondershare DVD Creator is able to copy DVD to another DVD on Windows 10, including DVD5 or DVD9 based on your need. You can also create ISO from DVD. You can choose preferred chapters to burn under the copy mode of Full Movie, Main Movie with menu, Main Movie without menu or Customize Mode. This Windows 10 DVD copy software is able to copy most copy-protected DVDs and is easy to use as well. 

:(2) Wondershare DVD Creator

These are the four programs that work well to copy encrypted or normal DVDs on Windows. However, one thing that should be noted is that please do not clone a DVD for commercial use, unless you pay for its copyright. 

2. How to Copy DVD to Hard Drive/Folder/ISO on Windows 10

This part will take DVDFab DVD Copy as an example to show how to copy DVD on Windows 10 easily.

Step 1: Download and install DVDFab DVD Copy

After installing this free DVD copy software Windows 10, click the module of “Copy”. Insert your DVD disc or click the “+” icon to load your file.

:(1) Download and install DVDFab DVD Copy

Step 2: Choose One Copy Mode

Choose any mode you need from the six DVD copy mode available in this program, including “Full Disc”, “Main Movie”, “Customize”, “Split”, “Merge” and “Clone/Burn”.

:(2) Choose one copy mode

Step 3: Select a Preferred Chapter and Customize Your DVD

As to which “Chapter”, “Audio” and “Subtitle” to copy, it depends on you. If you want to customize the DVD file, click the “Advanced Settings” and "Choose Other Titles". 

:(3) Select a preferred chapter and customize your DVD

Step 4: Copy DVD to Hard Drive/Folder/ISO File on Windows 10

If you want to copy DVD to disc hard drive on Windows 10, click the “Little Triangle” and select your desired dirve destination. If you want to copy DVD to USB or computer as ISO image file or Folder, click the “ISO” icon or the “Folder” icon. 

:(4) Copy DVD to Hard Drive/Folder/ISO File Windows 10

Added information:

How to Copy Homemade DVD on Windows 10 without using third-party programs?

  • Insert a homemade DVD to your optical drive
  • Copy your DVD file to a new folder in your computer
  • Replace the homemade DVD in the optical drive with a blank DVD 0
  • Follow the notice of “Burn files to disc” on your screen
  • Select “copy a homemade DVD to a USB flash drive” or “a CD/DVD player”
  • Click “Next” and drag your files into the blank disc window
  • Choose the option of “Manage” from the top of the windows and click “Finish burning”

Note: The option of “USB flash drive” allows you to read and copy DVD repeatedly to portable devices, but the output files may be not available on some CD or DVD players linked to home stereo or TVs.

3. How to Upscale Video Quality of DVD Copies on Windows 10

High definition is the pursuit of all video lovers when you copy DVD on Windows 10. If your DVD files are of low quality, let DVDFab DVD Copy help you upscale your DVD video. As illustrated below, choose the option of “To Blu-ray” and tick off the box of “Enlarger AI”. Then, click the button of “Start” and your DVD will be enhanced to 1080p. Video enhancer is a good tool embeded in this Windows 10 DVD copy software.

:4. How to Upscale Video Quality of DVD Copies on Windows 10

4. Wrap Up

In conclusion, copying a DVD to another DVD, hard drive, USB, or computer on Windows 10 is a simple yet essential process for preserving and sharing your favorite media. By utilizing reliable software like DVDFab DVD Copy software and following the step-by-step instructions provided in this article, you can easily transfer your DVDs to various storage devices without losing quality.