It is disappointing to encounter a DVD disc unable to be played, where your favorite film or any sort of video is stored. As to this problem, you have no choice but to ask a powerful DVD disc media player for help. Then do you know which player is the most competent? May my advice will be of great help for you to find such an assistant.

The best DVD disc media player I have ever known is DVDFab Player 6. How about its playback speed? Fast. How about its playing process? Fluid. How much would be charged? Without one cent. Why not receive the sincere and effective service of this free software, making your DVD disc played fast and fluidly? You may miss a precious opportunity if you keep hesitated.

Now, let’s start and choose DVDFab Player 6 to play your DVD Disc. Follow the steps below and prepare to welcome more surprises.

Step 1: Download and Install DVDFab Player 6

Follow the link above, or go to the official website of DVDFab Player 6 and click the button of “Free Download”. Then, this powerful tool will be downloaded and installed to your PC automatically.

DVDFab Player 6 has two versions: Stand and Ultra. For the Standard version, the features are as follows. “Play back DVDs with menu support; Play back Blu-ray main movie titles; Play back non 4K UHD/HEVC videos; Use DVDFab library to keep DVD discs; Offer PC and TV playback modes; Allow changing UI skins with stylish outlook; Play back BDAV discs”. For the Ultra version, DVDFab player 6 supports “Menu payback on regular Blu-rays/4K Ultra UHD Blu-rays; 4K UHD and HEVC (H.265) video playback, HDR10 and HD audio output, 3D playback on 3D media contents, DVD & Blu-ray discs import and all the features of the Stand version”.

Step 2: Choose Playback Mode

For different playback effects, there are PC Mode and TV Mode provided. Make a decision based on your need for a screen. Suppose you have chosen PC Mode and then Insert your DVD disc to DVDFab Player 6 and focus on the notice popping out. Follow the navigation and play your video. Then what kind of playback effects do you want to achieve? Continue reading and find your answers.

Step 3: Navigated by Menu Mode

Would you like to be navigated by a Menu Mode when you are watching your favorite DVD disc? Different from a Simple Mode which we usually encounter and starts with the feature movie title directly, DVD navigation menus enable you to interact with the interface as you are playing a game, using the keyword buttons to decide where to go next. It is very interesting and deserves your attention, and Menu Mode can only be used when you are playing a DVDs/Blu-rays/4K UHD Blu-rays. Click the “Little Triangle” on the right top corner and “Settings” > “Playback” > “Menu Mode” to enable this mode. Here, you can use “Scene Select” to play preferred scene.

Step 4: Set Video Subtitle

When your DVD disc is playing in DVDFab Player 6, if you want to load an external subtitle or do some customization to your subtitle such as changing its language, size, position, style and color, right-click the video interface and choose the option of “Subtitle”.

Step 5: Create A Playlist

Let DVDFab Player 6 help you remember your favorite videos by clicking the the button on the lower-right button at the bottom. Then, click the “+” icon and add your videos here. You can keep them well-organized and decide the playback order.


This is the brief introduction of how to play DVD disc with DVDFab Player 6. Download and install this powerful software, insert your DVD disc to it and do some settings according to your needs. Featuring the functions of menu mode, external subtitle adding as well as playlist creation, DVDFab Player 6 is your best assistant. If you are also passionate about How to Play Blu-ray Folder with DVDFab Player 6, there is use instruction available.