If you are a movie fan, you must have collected a stack of DVD movies. Do you want to clone these DVDs in case that they are lost or damaged? So how to clone a DVD? To clone a DVD, you need to prepare a DVD drive/burner, a blank DVD disc, and a software program that can clone DVD. As for the DVD clone software, I recommend you DVDFab DVD Copy. It is a professional DVD cloner that can help you clone DVD on Windows or Mac easily and quickly. Now let me show you how to clone a DVD with DVDFab DVD Copy.


Step 1: Choose Clone/Burn mode

Run DVDFab 10, go to Copy module and click the “Copy Mode” tab on the top left corner to choose Clone/Burn mode.



Step 2: Load the source

Insert the DVD disc to your optical drive and DVDFab will load it automatically.



Step 3: Select the output directory and start the clone process

Navigate to the bottom of the main interface and choose your optical drive as the directory from the dropdown list and then click the “Start” button.



Soon after, you can get a DVD copy which has the same content with the original disc. DVDFab can not only copy DVD but also rip DVD, and if you want to know how to rip and convert DVD, please go to Rip Any DVD with DVD Ripper to have a look.



During the process, the original disc will be ejected and DVDFab will prompt you to insert a blank DVD disc. Please just do as the instruction says.