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How do I open DVD Copy in Mini mode in DVDFab version 13?

DVDFab 13 no longer includes the Mini mode feature found in DVDFab 12. However, accessing the DVD Copy mode in DVDFab 13 is still simple. Just follow these steps:

1. Open DVDFab 13 on your computer.

2. Select the “Copy” module on the left side of the main interface and choose the desired mode (Main Movie, Full Disc, etc.).

3. Insert a disc into your drive, and DVDFab will automatically detect and load it as the source.

4. Customize settings such as output format (DVD5/DVD9), and target location, then let the program complete the copying process.

The steps to access the Ripper mode in DVDFab 13 are similar, and you just need to go to the Ripper module and choose the profile you prefer to proceed with.

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