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The DVDFab program freezes at 15%, how to solve it?

When encountering a freeze problem during the copying, ripping, or conversion process, you can try disabling hardware acceleration and using Software as the codec. Here is how:
1. Click the Menu button (the Hamburger button) in the upper right corner of DVDFab.
2. Click “Common Settings > General > A/V Codec”.
3. Tick the “Disable all GPU codecs for decoding and encoding” box.
4. Uncheck the option “Enable Lightning-Recoding when applicable (accelerate H.264 software decoding and encoding)” , you may also want to uncheck the the Lightning-Shrink option.
5. Try copying/ripping or converting again.
If the issue persists, please send the log files via the "Feedback" feature in DVDFab 13.

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