Blu-rays are higher capacity DVDs that can contain very high-resolution videos and audio, encrypted in the highest quality possible so that they can be viewed on larger screens without any discomfort or pixilation. These are highest in clarity containers and therefore require media players that can decrypt them in the same fashion. They should be able to carry 4K video streams or UHD streams off a Blu-ray disc efficiently without any lag, hang or blur. There are some software and tools that are able to achieve this perfectly. To make things even easier this software and tools make use of onboard GPU to process the graphic contents faster. This lowers the burden on the CPU of your computer and allows you to do multitasking or just browsing between folders or the browsing the web easily. The UI is also important so that it can handle the stream effectively allowing you to place bookmarks, edit the playback order and so on.

Here we list some of the best 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray players that do their job well.


DVDFab Media Player

This features a full-fledged Blu-ray disc player with support for the fastest decryption standards that make use of multiple cores of the CPU known as parallel computing architecture in the industry. There is also the usage of GPU uses Intel Quick Sync and NVIDIA for external GPU cards mounted to the motherboard of your computer. This supports even unprotected Blu-ray disc playback, Blu-ray ISO files and 4K video at the highest quality.

It has two versions of the software. The free version is a trial version only, whereas the paid version is a $65 deal. The output is built for highest quality output for both video and audio in terms of bit rate and refresh rate. The navigation menu is something that it boasts about being completely genuine and intuitive. It allows adding, viewing and deleting bookmarks through the movie so that you can start watching it from there on the next time. It is in real-time for 4K videos too, which is really amazing. It supports the latest H.265 compression technology as well.

DVDFab Media Player also allows you to play any non-disc content for free forever without any charge. This is something that contributes to it being called as the best 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player in the market.


Leawo Blu-Ray Player

This piece of software is marketed as a completely free version of media player that supports all high-quality content decryption like 4k UHD Blu-ray player, free HD player, free DVD player, free audio player for music discs, and free media player for all other formats available on the web. It does not only play DVD and Blu-ray discs, but also allows you to select the certain specific chapter, folder or directly from the ISO image. It also helps one to view and stream high-quality videos through 4K displays. The available playable formats include MKV, MP4, TS, 1080p videos and many similar formats across the industry. This also makes it applicable to the best 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player in the market that is also backward compatible with earlier versions of media formats. The software can run on Windows 10 and is again downwards compatible with up to XP.

It supports network protocol clients out of the box too, such as NFS, SMB and so on. The UI also offers control to the user to do the playback of 4k UHD Blu-ray player. It also boasts a feature called region-free Blu-ray disc playback. The output quality of the video and audio is lossless even for 4K videos, and this makes it a real contender in the container and support in this genre. There is support for 1080i and 2060p also. It also has a power manager feature in addition to battery saver options.


Macgo Windows Blu-Ray Player

This is a player that supports a whole bunch of things except for the Blu-ray menu. It can play 4K videos on all Windows OS, including the Blu-ray ISO and Blu-ray folders like BDMV. It supports MOV file formats for Mac as well as the latest FLV, MP4, H.265/264, and others. It covers a unique hardware acceleration technology called BluFast MX. This is supposed to be doing the same things as allowing the GPU usage of your computer than the CPU. It reduces the workload of your CPU by as much as 50% and increases the battery life. It also helps you run multiple tasks while playing such high-quality content at ease. It also supports audio enhancement with Dolby, using Dolby 5.1, Dolby TrueHD Audio and DTD-HD Master Audio. This is enabled without any loss of the elite experience. The support also covers online video watching at same 4K resolution with FTP, RTSP, and MMS and so on.

It supports over 17 languages, making it a plus point if worldwide adoption. This can be run even on XP as well as the Surface range of devices from Microsoft like Surface 4 and Surface 4 Pro. It also supports iTouch, iPad, and up to iPhone 6. The RAM requirement is just 512 MB and 250 MB of the hard disc at maximum.