If you've lots of DVDs at home and were a major buyer like everyone else a decade ago, probably you must have also been tortured at some point in time to find the best DVD player out there. A DVD player is a simple tool that allows you to decrypt the contents of a DVD, protected or unprotected, and plays it via its media player. It allows one to view the media files such as videos and in the case of audio CDs listen to them and so on. It also has basic functionalities like skipping to any part of the video at will and so on. But, there are many other softwares that allow other functions as well to make it more convenient for the user to do a lot of other things with it, at ease. One of such features may be, to convert the video or save it to the disk for later.

Here we list a few of the most widely adopted Windows or Mac DVD player software. The main things that go into making a good DVD player software are its usability, convenience, and user friendliness.

DVDFab Media Player

It does not have free version, although has a free DVD player download option for 30 days. It has been resolved many issues like lag in playback while Blu-rays of high capacity, leveraging hardware acceleration to reduce CPU usage when watching videos, hangs in between so that it can stand out of the crowd. It supports even HEVC and 4K UHD videos. For playing DVDs and Blu-rays, it works on folders, ISO files and discs and it has nice navigation menu support throughout the movie viewing experience. It maintains the same high-quality audio tracks irrespective of the format when playing.

best dvd player software

It also has the feature of bookmarking and creating playlists, which allow you to view the video from where you left off. There is obvious support for Intel Quick Sync, NVIDIA GPU usage so that the viewing is much appreciated especially for UHD, 4K videos that need much of the number crunching than others. DVDFab Media Player supports both Windows and Mac systems. It is indeed an excellent player among all DVD players in market now.

WinX DVD Player

This used to be a famous piece of tool, although with an ugly UI with too much glare, flashy icons and so on owing to mainly the development in the retro era of DVD player for windows and it has free DVD player download option as well. Apart from the UI, the tool produces great audio and video quality while playing the content of the DVD. There are no lags or artifacts like noise, blur or anything, and are a really nice piece of software. It supports a wide variety of file formats in its genre like RM, RMBV, DIVX, AVIMPEG, VOB a lot of which may be known only by people of the 1990s and they are now nowhere to be found. It is mostly replaced by the likes of MP4, WMV, and FLV and so on. It also has functions like bookmark specific parts of the video so that you can play it from there next time to visit the DVD, screenshot the video while playing it and create a playlist. These functions were nowhere to be found in those days and took it to popularity right away. It had many cons like the installation was buggy and no icon message that tells what it does, and irritating registration messages that made it unattractive too.

best dvd player software

Easy DVD Player

This came into limelight with the ability to play not just DVDs, but also Blu-rays that came in like anything a while ago. They allowed very high-quality content without loss in details that could be watched on very big screens at home and enjoyed using a home theater. It also ran smoothly without any hang or latency in playing huge files, which was a major pro in DVD player software. It could also detect the disc automatically and start playback. It brought the feature of sharing the DVD or Blu-ray that you're currently playing using a simple click button right from the UI to your social media. This also led to major acceptance during the inception of social media. Apart from that, you could go to a particular chapter of the movie, the audio, subtitle and can choose them from another file separately too.  It ran on very less computational resource and was an available DVD playerfor windows. It supported a wide variety of formats and is also getting updated currently although with less frequent releases than before.

best dvd player software

The UI was modern, had less of glitter and more friendly, although not entirely of the current traits. It was still not buggy like the before software, was more stable, no irritating messages and was a well-written piece of software. It ran over XP, AMD processors too, and currently has been upgraded to Windows 10 too. Overall, it had a good appeal.

Here we introduce the players to play DVDs but if you also are looking for a software program to back up your DVDs or Blu-rays, you can have a look at this DVD/Blu-ray ripper review.