DVDFab 11 DVD & Blu-ray Ripper Review

2019-03-19 02:12:33     Posted by Rebecca


Summary: DVDFab DVD Ripper and Blu-ray Ripper can rip and convert DVD and Blu-ray movies to various video/audio formats. Now with the release of DVDFab 11, many new features can be found in DVDFab ripper tools. Read the article to check it.

The Most Complete Multimedia Backup Solutions

As the world’s most complete multimedia backup solution package, DVDFab 11 offers four major modules, Copy, Ripper, Video Converter and Creator, and a bunch of other useful utility tools with amazing features.

Are you looking for a tool that can rip the contents of any disc even when it’s protected? Well, you’re definitely in the right place because we happen to know a tool that can do just that. In fact, we know two tools that can help you achieve that goal. One is a DVD ripping software while the other is a Blu-ray ripping software and although they are technically two different tools, they fulfill a similar purpose so we can discuss both of them in the same article. That’s right, today we’re doing a DVDFab 11 DVD & Blu-ray ripper review so read on if you want to learn more about these very useful tools.


Requirements and Installation

Both DVDFab DVD Ripper and DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper are part of the DVDFab 11 software suite so you’ll first need to install the main client before doing anything. DVDFab 11 is available on both Mac and Windows but be aware that there are two different versions on latter, namely 32-bit and 64-bit. You can perform most tasks on either version but certain features will require you to have either one of the other. Luckily, the client lets you know when that’s the case but it’s a good idea to download both versions right off the bat.

The client has low system requirements so you can get away with installing it on any computer running on at least a Pentium CPU @ 500 MHz or AMD equivalent and packing a minimum of 2 GB of RAM. However, you’ll definitely need better specs than that in order to use the DVD ripping software to its full capacity, let alone the Blu-ray ripping software. While DVDFab DVD Ripper only requires 20 GB of free storage, you’ll need at least 100 GB to be on the safe side while working with DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper since Blu-ray videos take up a lot more space. A Blu-ray/DVD-R optical drive is also recommended, however, the software can be used to rip local files and folders in addition to discs so it’s possible to make good use of these tools without having an optical drive at all in certain situations.


User Interface

In this next section of our DVDFab 11 DVD & Blu-ray Ripper review we’re going to talk a bit about the user interface. DVDFab 11 underwent some interesting design changes since the last iteration and now the UI feels a bit smoother and more intuitive. DVDFab DVD Ripper and DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper can both be accessed by going to the Ripper module. There’s no need to select one tool over the other because the client automatically brings up the correct one once a file has been loaded. In short, if you want to use the DVD ripping software simply add a DVD disc and if you want to use the Blu-ray ripping software add a Blu-ray disc. Files are automatically added when you insert a disc into your optical drive but you can also add them manually from anywhere on your computer by using the navigation buttons.

After the file has been loaded, users can customize their file before initiating the conversion process by using the Advanced Settings and Video Edit buttons. Meanwhile, a new option added in DVDFab 11 also offers users the option to upload a video to YouTube and possibly other platforms as well further down the road. Users can find this option near the bottom of the UI as part of a new button located next to the folder icon that lets you pick where to store the output if you’re saving it locally. Meanwhile, the menu to the left contains a few more options, such as sending the output to a mobile device or to DVDFab Movie Server.



The final section of our DVDFab 11 DVD & Blu-ray Ripper Review will be all about the features, of which there are many. The main feature, of course, is the ability to rip any DVD or Blu-ray disc and even convert the output to a different format in the process. In the case of DVDFab DVD Ripper, the tool can take any DVD disc or ISO file/folder you throw at it and convert them into digital videos that are compatible with all mainstream playback devices. The DVD ripping software can also perform video to audio conversion and supports all the major formats, including 3D and 4K.

Meanwhile, the Blu-ray ripping software can also do all of that but with Blu-ray discs and is even more impressive in terms of its capabilities. DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper can handle all types of Blu-ray discs, andeven able to remove the infamous Cinavia watermarks with the help of an additional tool from DVDFab known as Cinavia Removal Solution. Both tools support batch conversion, file merging, and can be used to create web-optimized videos that work perfectly alongside the new YouTube uploader feature. All videos also work beautifully hand in hand with other DVDFab products like Player 5 and Media Server.

If customization is what you’re after you won’t be disappointed. The tools let users pick subtitles or audio tracks while also offering the option of ripping only certain chapters and titles. But that’s just the start. The Advanced Settings menu gives you the freedom to modify things like resolution, video quality, frame rate, and encoding method while the Video Edit menu can be used to crop and trim the output and add external subtitles or watermarks. The DVD ripping software options will differ a bit from the Blu-ray ripping software but they both offer a very similar set of powerful tools to work with.



We put together this DVDFab 11 DVD & Blu-ray Ripper review to help you gain a better understanding of these great tools so hopefully we succeeded in that mission. Whether you want to transfer all your old DVDs to digital format or want to create epic quality 4K UHD Blu-ray discs, we guarantee that these tools are perfect for the job you have in mind. The DVD and Blu-ray ripping software is an important component of the new and improved DVDFab 11 but it’s just one of the reasons why the software suite is so useful.

In addition to these tools, DVDFab 11 also offers a great video converter, modules that can be used to backup or create your own discs, screen recording software, YouTube video and MP3 downloaders, and much more. There’s also a companion app called that makes things easier to monitor called DVDFab Remote. DVDFab 11 even offers a 30-day free trial for those who want to check out some of the tools and a full version for those who want to take advantage of the software’s full potential.

1. Convert DVDs to MP4, MKV, and etc., to watch on PCs, portable & mobile devices
2. Extract DVD audios to AAC, MP3, and etc., to listen on iPod, or other music players
3. Customize the audio & video parameters to meet specific needs from different users
4. Edit the output videos like cropping, trimming, adding text/image watermark, and etc.

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