Although it’s true that DVDs are slowly being replaced by Blu-rays, it will take quite a few more years until the transition is complete. Until then, the DVD format will certainly still remain relevant and one of the most popular ways of watching digital content. But in order to enjoy your favorite DVDs, you’re going to need a good DVD player so that’s what we’re going to talk about today. More specifically, we’re going to focus on the best free DVD players for Windows 10. There are a lot of good options available for Microsoft’s OS but we think we managed to find the best of the best.

Part 1: The Most Powerful DVD Player for Windows 10

We’re kicking things off with our personal favorite DVD player and all-around great multimedia player solution – DVDFab Player 5. Not only is this one of fastest and most powerful players currently available on the market but Player 5 also includes several useful features that allow it to stand out from the crowd. The player comes with navigation menu support for both DVDs and Blu-ray discs (including 4K UHD Blu-rays) and can handle virtually any video format you throw at it. You can even watch 3D content using this player and thanks to an innovative upscaling algorithm, it’s possible to watch regular 2D content in 3D mode.

best dvd player for windows 10

HDR10, Hi-Res Audio, customization tools and all the other features you have come to expect from a modern media player are all present here. The software is constantly being updated and improved so if there’s a very particular feature that’s not yet available, chances are the developers are working on it as we speak and will implement it in the near future. DVDFab Player 5 is definitely the bestDVD player for Windows 10 that comes with a couple of premium versions that give users access to extra features and support for advanced formats like 4K videos.

Part 2: Top 7 Free DVD Players for Windows 10

VLC Media Player

VLC was widely known as one of the best free DVD players for Windows 7 and it still maintains its good reputation on the latest version of the operating system. The player is open-source and supported by a large community of developers who push out new updates all the time to ensure that the software continues to say on top of the competition. The software doesn’t have quite as many features as some premium alternatives but has everything you could expect from a free player and more.Besides working on Windows systems, this player can also serve as an Android DVD player.

dvd player for windows

GOM Player

GOM is a fairly advanced free DVD player for Windows 10 that has a lot to offer, but also comes with a couple of drawbacks. Some of the standout features include the ability to play 360-degree videos, YouTube playback, and access to a massive library of subtitles that are available in a wide variety of different languages. The biggest problem with GOM and likely the main reason why it still falls behind VLC is that this player includes ads, which can sometimes be quite annoying.

free dvd player for windows 10

5K Player

5K Player tries to differentiate itself by focusing on raw power and allowing users to play even the highest resolution videos currently available. That’s not really a big selling point if you’re looking strictly for a free DVD player for Windows because the standard resolution of a DVD video is just 480p. Having said that, 5K does also offer a few other nice features like a built-in YouTube downloader and social media sharing so it still has its merits even if you don’t plan to use it for 4K and above video playback.

dvd player

Media Player Classic – Home Cinema

MPC – Home Cinema is a great free Windows 10 DVD player for those who like minimalistic UIs and enjoy vintage software. As you may have already guessed, Home Cinema is based on the original Media Player Classic but with a few added features to keep it relevant for modern users. Its capabilities are nothing to write home about but it’s simple, lightweight, and gets the job done.

windows 10 dvd player

Pot Player

This is another software aimed primarily at handing more advanced formats like Blu-ray and 3D videos but works just fine as a free DVD player for Windows 10. Pot Player is surprisingly lightweight and highly customizable but it might be just a bit too complicated for new users. If that’s not the sort of thing that bothers you, however, you’ll certainly enjoy the long list of features offered by this player.

dvd player with long list features


KMPlayer has great compatibility with Windows 10 and can play almost any type of media content without having to download any additional codecs packs. An interesting feature to note here is that the software allows you to edit subtitles directly inside the player, which can come in handy on occasion. Another highlight is the user interface, which is very straightforward and well designed.

windows dvd player with great compatibility


More of a multimedia hub than a free DVD player for Windows 10, Kodi’s aim is to bring all your favorite types of content under one roof. That includes not only movies and TV shows but also homemade videos, music, video games, and more. Kodi has a large library of optional plug-ins that you can install to make the software even better, though it does usually take a bit of time and research until you are able to find the best ones for your specific needs.

dvd player for windows 10



Any of the players listed above would make a great go-to free DVD player for Windows 10 but it always pays to check all available options before making a final decision. Even the best free software usually has a drawback or two and these players are certainly no exception. Despite seeming more appealing due to the fact that they’re free, a premium player will always do a better job, which is why we recommend first trying DVDFab Player 5 before checking out any of the other options.

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