Why you need a region free blu ray player? There might be times when you find Region B Blu-ray discs fail to be played with Blu-ray player only compatible with Region A Blu-ray discs. Apparently, Blu ray region codes restriction accounts for such playback issue. How frustrating! Well, this post introduces you best 5 region free Blu-ray players, once-for-all solution to play discs from any or all Blu-ray region codes, which will bring you unexpected viewing experience.

PART 1: What You Shall Know before Region Free Blu ray Player Purchase (FAQs)

Based on digital rights technology, Blu ray region codes are designed to control distribution among the international market so as to safeguard the interests of the holders. Even so, most users anticipate removing Blu ray region codes restrictions while copying Blu-rays and prefer to region free Blu ray players when seeking stunning playback experience. Whichever usage scenario you choose, it’s imperative to familiarize yourself with the following ABCs when it comes to region free Blu ray player.

1. Blu-ray Region Codes Specifications

Unlike DVD discs, Blu-ray discs adopt a much easier region code system labeled A, B and C rather than Arabic numerals to indicate a particular zone or region in which Blu-ray discs can be played. Blu-ray region codes are as follows.

Region A: Americas and its dependencies, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Southeast Asia

Region B: Most of Europe, Middle East, Western Asia, Africa, Ukraine, Oceania and other dependencies

Region C: Mainland China, Central Asia, South Asia, Mongolia, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova and their dependencies

Region Free: also called MultiRegion, Code Free and ABC, meaning worldwide with FREE symbol, no flags or all three flags set on the discs.

So where are you going to find a multi region blu ray player?

2. How to Remove Blu ray Region Codes Protection

Most Blu-ray enthusiasts work tirelessly to seek the best solution to remove Blu ray region codes restriction so that they can freely access and watch any Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays movies without a hitch, and proceed with follow-up backups with Blu-ray Copy program. To achieve this aim, DVDFab Passkey for Blu-ray is born to remove Blu-ray copy protections such as the latest 15th generation BD+, 3D BD+, AACS MKB v 26, AACS bus encryption, Region Code (A, B and C), BD-Live and UOPs for Blu-ray, which allows you to change the region settings of popular Blu-ray players and make the playback software completely region free or multi region. Thus, with this tool, you can watch region b Blu-ray and region a Blu ray disc without limitation.

Besides, the compatible BDFix tool can fix the playback issue of some Blu-ray ISO files and folders created by 3rd party software providers due to their incompetence of removing certain protections like Screen Pass.

Nevertheless, when the Blu-ray disc/ISO/folder contains Cinavia watermark, other types of blu ray region codes, DVDFab Passkey for Blu-ray or BDFix turn out to be helpless. On this occasion, you shall resort to Blu-ray Cinavia Removal to completely and permanently remove Cinavia watermark. This tool will come in handy when you copy Blu-ray movies with Full Disc or Main Movie modes.

3. Why Purchase Region Free Blu ray Players?

It is frustrating that you fail to enjoy your favorite Blu-ray disc movies due to region code restrictions. Nowadays, though Blu-ray discs are commonly released as code free, actually not all Blu-ray discs are region free. Therefore, it is worthwhile to make certain investment for real Blu ray region free players that allow you to playback your loved foreign films or TV shows at different regions. Besides, Region free Blu ray player ensures complete media compatibility with the physical discs, thus leading to smooth playback.

4. Is Region Free Blu ray Player Legal?

Usually, it is deemed legal to own a region free Blu ray player or multi region Blu-ray player in US. But US DMCA makes it illegal to sell mutli-region players in US. For this reason, countless business transactions for region free Blu-ray players are conclude outside US. Thus, this stipulation shall be borne in mind in order to avoid legal issues.

5. How to Identify Region Free Blu-ray Players

Legislatively speaking, region free Blu-ray players are forbidden to be manufactured or sold. Therefore, manufactures like Samsung, Sony and LG do not make and sell region free Blu-ray players and it is rare to find these players in tangible stores. However, market is changed as the interaction of demand and supply. All region free Blu-ray players are marketed by third-party sellers, since they purchased Blu-ray players and turn them into region free Blu-ray players via special ways, and then sell them at a higher price.

Thus, you need to sharpen your eyes to buy the most viable region free Blu-ray players or multi region Blu-ray players. Otherwise, what you have bought will turn to be null and void. If you find words like ‘BD: A/B/C’, ‘Code Free’, or ‘MultiRegion’ in the description of a Blu-ray Player, then it must be region free Blu-ray player. Hence, next time when you want to buy some from Amazon store, remember to type words in the search box like ‘Code Free Blu-ray Player’ or ‘MultiRegion Blu-ray Player’. Once done, lots of search results will pop up for your option.

PART 2. Best 5 Region Free Blu ray Players You Shall Know

Since you have known how to identify region free Blu-ray players, it’s highly essential to take a quick glance over the following best four multi region Blu-ray players if you are too busy to search online on your own.


1. DVDFab Player 6 (Best Recommended Region Free Blu-ray Player)

Judging from its good performance, versatile features and considerable positive user feedback, this best region free Blu ray Player shall come out at the top of the list due to its incomparable features.

Price: $59/Standard; $99/Ultra; Bundle Sale

Available on: Windows and macOS


• Region free Blu-ray Player for all Blu-rays, 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays and DVDs

• Organize and manage all local media files (including music) via poster walls

• Support 4K UHD, HEVC (H.265) and all other media files

• HDR10 and Hi-Res audio output support

• 3D playback for all forms of 3D media contents

• Import DVDs and Blu-ray discs to local library as ISO files

• PC and TV playback optimized for small and huge screens

• Smart preview featured by adjustable thumbnails

• Customized playlist with considerate and flexible options

• Hotkeys and stylish outlooks for your preference

• Available on Windows and macOS, 30-day free trial

Best Region Free Blu-ray Players

This best region free Blu ray player is designed to give users the ultimate stunning viewing experience by means of playing all Blu-ray discs encoded by any or all Blu-ray region codes. That means you can freely enjoy all movies worldwide as long as you own this region free Blu ray player. Once you subscribe to its paid version, you can enjoy all advanced features with constant free update and timely online help. Above all, you can play all Blu-ray ISO files or folder on your computer or 4K Ultra HD TV whenever you like. One more word, with intuitive and simple interface, this Blu-ray region free Player has no learning curve for novices and experienced users.

2. Leawo Blu-ray Player

Price: $59.95

Available on: Windows


• Region free Blu-ray player to playback Blu-ray discs in all region codes

• Play DVDs, videos and audios on Windows OS

• Allow for adjusting subtitles, audio tracks and loading external subtitles

Region Free Blu-ray Player for Windows Users

This Blu-ray region free media player gives you the chance to enjoy movie night out of your expectation. But macOS users have to blaze a new trial.

Of course, if you take the trouble to try other alternatives, below hardware Blu-ray region free players will be for your reference.

3. Samsung J5900RF Blu-ray Player

Price: $249; $175.03 (Amazon)

Available for: Blu-ray and DVD discs


• Play Blu-ray discs from A, B and C regions, DVDs from 0-8 regions

• region free Blu-ray player and multi region DVD disc player

• 3D option and built-in Wi-Fi setting

• NTSC to PAL DVD and BD conversion works on all TVs with HDMI connection

• True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio streaming content like YouTube and Amazon VOD

Multi Region Blu-ray Player for Home Player

With this multi region Blu-ray player, you can enjoy Blu-ray discs labeled from all Blu-ray region codes on TVs. But remember it’s a hardware region free Blu-ray player, you cannot count on it to own flexible features as software player.

4. Sony BDP-S3700E

Price: $155 (Amazon)

Available for: Blu-ray and DVD discs


• Play Blu-ray discs from A, B and C regions, DVDs from 0-8 regions

• Dolby True HD & DTS-HD Master Audio, Screen Mirror, High Resolution Audio, Play Station

• Built-in Wi-Fi and PS4 game streaming options

Blu-ray Player for All Blu-ray Region Codes

With this region free Blu ray player, you can feel at ease to enjoy movies, videos and photos, even CDs and digital music via USB storage device.

5. LG BPM-35 Blu-ray Player

Price: $147.99 (Amazon)

Available for: Blu-ray and DVD discs


• Play Blu-ray discs from A, B and C regions, DVDs from 0-8 regions

• HDMI output, Wi-Fi built-in & USB input for play music, pictures & videos from USB

• Stream from Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, Vudu, Pandora, YouTube, MLB.tv, Spotify, Rhapsody, vTuner, AP, & Viewster

Region Free Blu-ray Player with Wi-Fi Connection

This region free Blu ray player works compatibly with HD TVs to play Blu-ray discs encoded from all Blu-ray region codes. What makes it outstanding lies in that it allows users to stream media content online from lots of video sharing sites.

As a matter of fact, all high-end hardware region free Blu ray players have much in common if you make a rough comparison of their performance and features. The above three hardware players are open to all Blu ray region codes. Whichever you choose, it depends on your actual needs and willingness to pay the bill. Unlike software crack, hardware modified region free Blu-ray players are normally unaffected by software updates. But once you run into malfunction in the device, you have to send it back to your seller for maintenance service, which fades next to the great convenience given by region free Blu ray player software like DVDFab Player 6 that achieves online update within minutes and allows you to playback Blu-ray discs/ISO files and folders.

PART 3. How to Use Multi Region Blu ray Player: DVDFab Player 6

Based on the above analysis, you are recommended to try the multi region Blu-ray player, DVDFab Player 6, since it gives you to power to play all media content as expected. Besides, you can enjoy your media files on computer and TV, great compatibility beyond your expectation. To make the most of this region free Blu ray player, below simple guide will give you much clue.

• Download and run this best region free Blu-ray player

• Insert Blu-ray discs into the (external) optical drive on computer or load your local files to the Blu-ray region free player

Region Free Blu-ray Player for PC and TV Mode

• Start to play Blu-ray (disc/ISO/folder) movie

Look at below screenshot, you can feel free to play Blu-rays from all  Blu-ray region codes without effort.

Region Free Blu-ray Player to Play All Blu-ray Region Codes

These simple tips will take you to explore the hidden features of this multi region Blu-ray player. Once you delve into it, you will feel amazed by its marvelous features.

4. Final Thought and Best Option

As mentioned above, you have multiple solutions to cope with your region-coded Blu-ray discs. To copy Blu-rays for better storage and playback, go and remove Blu-ray copy protections first with professional tool like Passkey for Blu-ray and Blu-ray Cinavia Removal. To pursue the optimal viewing experience, you can try this all-purpose region free Blu ray player software, DVDFab Player 6, cost-efficient and user-friendly. But if you are a disc collection buff and keen on sitting in front of standalone disc players, you can spend large sum of money on hardware Blu-ray region free players listed as above. But forget to use them to enjoy your Blu-ray discs at the airport or on the train. In a nutshell, the best option shall be DVDFab Player 6, applicable to meet all your needs with stunning quality.

By the way, you can rip Blu-rays and convert them into digital files with Blu-ray Ripper so as to enjoy them on multiple devices like laptops and smartphones.