Many people ask questions about TS video files and how to play them because their DVD/ Blu-ray players do not support them. This article will address all the possible questions about the format and list our top media players to run TS videos and convert them into other formats.

What is TS Video File Format?

TS video file format is for videos you want to store on DVDs. Any file with a .ts extension uses the MPEG-2 compression algorithm because its usage is in broadcasting and streaming platforms. And for that, there's a need to enhance the efficiency and compatibility to store and play audio and video data.

Why Do People Use TS Video File Format?

Now it is time to address the most anticipated question about TS file format, that is why people use this format even if it is larger in size than others. So, they are used specifically in broadcasting and streaming areas because they help skip the error-prone chunks because of the extra data, and they can be sent over in real-time.

You can also play black TS videos, ebony TS videos, and all the other TS xxx videos in a good DVD player that supports TS video file format and converter. We will later tell you about the best file players in 2022 that you can read to select the best player for your files.

What are The Top 7 TS Video File Players in 2022?

Below is our guide for the top 7 TS video file players in 2022 with their pros and cons so that you can get one for yourself to play TS videos or convert TS files to other formats.

PlayerFab DVD Player

The first in our top choice is the PlayerFab all-in-one TS video player, allowing users to enjoy its amazing features for free. You can stream online TS videos on popular platforms and download subtitles for them, and it offers you complete playback optimization and audio and video quality control.

ts video:PlayerFab DVD Player


  • PlayerFab supports all video and audio file formats and runs smoothly without glitches.
  • It comes with amazing video editing tools and online streaming options.


  • The only problem with the PlayerFab TS video player is buying a complete version after the trial period.

5K Player

The next on our list is the 5K Player, and it is the best if you are looking for a combination DVD player for your Mac or windows because it is jam-packed with features like online downloading, HD videos playing, music playing, and so much more. However, the best part about using 5K Player is that it supports all file formats, including TS, MP4, MP3, AVI, and more.

ts video:5K Player


  • One of the biggest advantages of using 5K Player is that it's completely free to download videos.
  • Another benefit of using this DVD player is that you get a wireless media streaming option.


  • One major disadvantage of using 5K Player is that it doesn't offer its users video editing tools, which can be a bummer.


If you want a DVD player with amazing video editing features that also offers optimization, you need to check out PotPlayer. If you have DVDs with TS video file format, you can easily run them on PotPlayer and enjoy them. If you do not have TS videos and only want to play audio files or music, you get to enjoy the equalizer feature of this player.

ts video:PotPlayer


  • PotPlayer allows users to edit their videos by reducing noise, rotating their videos by 360, and many other fun things.
  • Another benefit of using PotPlayer is that you get complete playback optimization while getting the opportunity to play any file format.


  • PotPlayer isn't for those new to video editing or video file formats, so it won’t be a good choice for beginners.

4Videosoft TS Converter

The next on our list is the 4Videosoft TS converter that is perfect if you want to convert your TS files into other formats, and you can do that with minimal knowledge about them. 4Videosoft TS converter’s Interface is straightforward to understand.

ts video:4Videosoft TS Converter


  • The biggest advantage of using a 4Videosoft TS converter is device-specific presets for your mobile phones and other devices.
  • The converter has an inbuilt video editing system that is beginner friendly.


  • One major con of this converter is that the preview screen is very small and has limited editing options.

VLC Media Player

Now let's talk about a feature-rich, very popular media player that is VLC, and it has compatibility with all video and audio file formats, including TS video files. VLC is your best choice if you're looking for a free media player that lets you stream online videos and convert TS video file format into other formats.

ts video:VLC Media Player


  • The biggest benefit of the VLC media player is that it's completely free, and it comes with an equalizer for high-quality sound while playing music and audio files.
  • It supports online video and audio streaming and multiple file formats.


  • Even though the VLC media player is great, the Interface needs an update.


If you want a file player specifically for TS videos or TS format with a simple interface that supports windows, you can choose MPC-HC. This player doesn't use your device resources, and it won't be too heavy to operate for your device. However, the best part about MPC-HC is that you don't have to bear any ads or spyware while using it.

ts video:MPC-HC


  • One advantage of using this media player is that you don't have to know about complex menus and systems.
  • The media player allows you to customize your toolbar, which isn't that common.


  • The only problem with MPC-HC is that it doesn't support Mac devices.

GOM Player

The best media player for VR videos and TS file formats is GOM Player. It is a big enough family; it has a very smooth interface to operate that comes with features like optimization for sound quality and an amazing streaming experience.

ts video:GOM Player


  • You get the advantage of downloading subtitles and playing multiple file formats, including TS videos.
  • You can also play 360 videos that most media players don’t support.


  • The biggest problem with using GOM Player is that its installation comes with many unwanted apps.

Final Words

We want to conclude our article about TS video file format. We hope you have found yourself a good media player and converter to enjoy watching content without any trouble. We highly recommend you try PlayerFab TS video player as it is your all-in-one solution for audio and video file formats.


1. What is the difference between MP4 and TS video file formats?

If you want to know about the video quality difference of MP4 and TS video file format, you need to know that both are almost the same. Another similarity between MP4 and DS video file formats is that they are used to store the same compressed data, i.e., MPEG-2.

However, the only main difference between MP4 and TS video file format is that the latter's size is larger because it has error correction that is missing in the MP4 format. And this format isn't always larger than MP4 as it depends on the in-encoding parameters.

2. What is the best TS video format player in 2022?

One of the best TS video file format players in 2022 is the PlayerFab all-in-one DVD player with no compatibility issues and lets you play all file formats and convert TS files into other formats. The best part about this video player is that it is completely free to download, and even if you invest in the premium version, you get a 30-days money-back guarantee.

3. Can you stream ebony and black TS video files on the PlayerFab DVD player?

Yes, you can easily stream ebony TS videos and black TS videos on the PlayerFab DVD player. Most DVD players do not offer online streaming, but that is not the case with PlayerFab. Even if you want to stream videos on famous platforms like Amazon Prime or Netflix, you can easily do that with this DVD player. The best part about it is that it supports 3D and 4K UHD videos, so get it today.

4. Why do I need a TS video file format converter for TS to AVI conversion?

You will need a TS video file format converter to convert your videos into different formats according to your needs. An example is the video converter TS AVI; if you want your videos to be in AVI format, you can do without losing the quality of your videos by using a high-quality converter.

You need to know about the AVI format because many DVD players support it, but that is not the case with TS video file formats. However, it is important to choose the right DVD player because if it doesn't contain an AVI codec, you won't be able to play AVI files.