Are you looking to add music to video when it comes to storytelling? An indisputable fact is that music has transformative effects to strike a chord with audience. Adding music to to a video will enhance a momentous event, expound its keynote, and elevate whatever feelings a specific scene is conveying to an entire new level. Hence, how do you add music to a video? If you wonder more effective solutions to add music to your video, you’d better not miss out on this post. Read on right now!

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PART 1: How Can I Add Music to a Video?

PART 2: Add Music to Video Online Free

          ⚬ Adobe Spark

          ⚬ Kapwing

PART 3: How to Add Music to Video on Windows

          ⚬ Video Editor

          ⚬ Windows Movie Maker

PART 4: How to Add Music to a Video on Mac

          ⚬ iMovie

          ⚬ Final Cut Pro X

PART 5: Add Music to Video Apps

          ⚬ Adobe Premiere Rush

          ⚬ VivaVideo

          ⚬ InShot

          ⚬ Magisto Video Editor

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PART 1: How Can I Add Music to a Video?

You might wonder ‘How do I add my own music to a video?’ so as to enrich your video content or make it more absorbing. That’s right. You can turn to professional video editing tools to create your own masterpieces that stand out from the rest. Lots of desktop, online and mobile apps give you the power to add free music to video from their royal-free library or your local hard drive. Concentrate on the following parts to familiarize yourself with how to add music to a video via diverse applications. Detailed text caption and illustrating pictures will give you clear clues.

PART 2: Add Music to Video Online Free

There are numerous online apps to add music to video, but easy-to-use and free ones are few and far between. Here are two nice tools that can be applied to add music to video online free.

Adobe Spark

As one of the members of Adobe family, Adobe Spark endows you with the tools to transform your ideas into stunning visual stories via creating impactful social graphics, web pages, and short videos in minutes based on images, video clips, text, music, audio (including your own voice), filters, animation effects, etc. All these tiny but essential elements can be gathered to create your own stories that will engage audience, let alone adding music to a video to bring audio impact. Then how to add background to a video with this tool? A piece of cake! Just sign in (by email, Apple, Adobe ID) to launch the program, choose desired templates, add music, and export the final works with your friends or share on social channels.

Best App to Add Music to Video Online

Note that this app can be available on iOS and Android mobile devices, enabling you to make and share your stories whenever inspiration strikes.


Kapwing is a collaborative platform for creating stunning videos, images, and GIFs by means of its powerful and ample video editing tools including adding music to video free online. What you need to do is upload your video (or download video URL from YouTube & Twitter), import your MP3 track (set start time), and finally create a new MP4 video file that can better tell your stories. This online app to add music to video fully supports MP3, MP4, AVI, MOV, 3GP, and more, perfect to make a music video, add voiceover, sound effects, or an accompanying score, which a great boon to music lovers. Meanwhile, you can add your own subtitles to make your added music more vivid and better understood. However, free version results in watermarked works. If you are interested in music video creation, this article may provide some hints: Top Options to Create Music Video Download to Soothe Your Eyes and Ears!

Add Music to Video Free Online with Effects

PART 3: How to Add Music to Video on Windows

When it comes to adding music to video on Windows for free and in a breeze, there are two simple but amazing programs that deserve your attention.

Video Editor [Suitable for Personal & Business & Professional Use]

As a new rising star but feature-rich video editing program, Video Editor combines simplicity and professionalism to create the utmost user experience in view of its powerful video edit tools (including split, crop, video speed change, rotate, reverse, color correction, volume adjustment, fade in & out, zoom in & out, mosaic, set duration, speech & text converter) and creative special effects (adding text, audio & music, filters, transitions, elements, overlays) to meet diverse needs when video buffs want to make their own fascinating stories. Then how to add music to a video with Video Editor?

First, download and launch Video Editor to choose your wanted video aspect ratio.

Best Windows App to Add Music to Video Free

Then, import video to the timeline and add music to video from audio library.

Choose your wanted music from the library and drag it into the audio timeline, and then check the final work from the preview window.

How to Add Music to a Video Free on Windows

Last, export the video you have added music to.

You can export the video to any format you like.

Export Final Work after Adding Background Music to Video

With simple clicks, you can add music to video free from Video Editor’s royalty-free library or import your own music file to create a video story to entertain your audience. Besides, you can set duration time to your video clip and add music to the entire clip as needed. No learning curve for beginners. By the way, you can make DVD movies with the video you have added music to for home playback. For detailed user guide, click here.

Windows Movie Maker 10

Movie Maker 10 is the best Windows-exclusive app designed to make home movies & slideshows from images, video clips, and music, plus basic editing features including video trimming & merging & rotation, adding background music & text caption, image filers, transitions, animated pan-zoom effects, still PIP. Thus, how to add background music to a video with this freeware (with PRO for advanced features)?

Add Music to Video Free on Windows with Limited Features

First of all, run Movie Maker and import music from your personal library.

Second, add music to the timeline and edit the audio track (PS: you can trim the beginning or end of the video as needed, add Fade In & Fade Out audio).

Finally, finish movie (save edited video to your PC, CD/DVD, web or DV camera).

PART 4: How to Add Music to a Video on Mac

If you have deep love for macOS, you can resort to Mac apps to add music to video. Here are two options for your reference, iMovie and its advanced successor Final Cut Pro X.


iMovie is the first priority for beginners and video enthusiasts when it comes to editing videos, especially, adding music to video free and easily. It has simple-to-use editing tools and easy effects to make personal videos or blockbuster trailers for home playback. So, how do you add music to a video in iMovie?

How to Add Music to Video on Mac Free

Just open your project in the timeline, press Add Media button to browse soundtrack library, or your own music from PC or iCoud Drive. Then add music to video via ‘+’ button. Of course, you can add preset sound effects to the video, thus making it distinctive and inspiring.

Final Cut Pro X

If you are a producer for video, film and TV show industry, this professional but challenging Mac-based video editing program will be your nice choice. Aside from adding music to video, it allows you to edit video in a more professional way based on its advanced features such as advanced color grading, HDR support, ProRes Raw, multicam and 360 editing, audio, and motion graphics.

Add Music to a Video with Paid Features

Note that this desktop app to add music to video always comes at a price. For more details, please Google its official websites.

PART 5: Add Music to Video Apps

In the last part, I will take you through a couple of mobile apps to add music to video that stand head and shoulders above others.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Premiere Rush, available on iphone, iPad, Android, and desktop, endows you with the essential tools in easy reach to edit videos and audios including adding music to video, adjusting video speed, color, and audio volume, adding titles, transitions, and motion graphics, and trimming clips. All these tools are at your disposal to sharp new skills for editing video on mobile or desktop. As how to add music to a video iphone and Android, you can install and explore the app on your own.

Best Mobile App to Add Music to Video

Note that Free Starter Plan results in 2 exports at most and 2 GB of cloud storage.


VivaVideo is a free video maker that enables users to trim, cut, crop, merge videos, add music to video with sound effects available, add stickers, texts, filters, transition effects to video. Meanwhile, you can create blur background for your videos or images, export video in HD, Full HD or 4K (Pro version) and share on YouTube, Instagram or Tik Tok to increase viewers and followers. How to add music to a video on iphone and Android? Try it on your own.

Add Music to Video App for Android & iphone

Note that this app to add music to video free contains ads and in-app purchases.


InShot, available on Android and iOS, is designed for mobile users to edit videos or audios with basic tools such as trimming, splitting & merging clips, adjusting video playback speed, adding music to a video (royalty-free or your own music), applying sound effects, voiceovers, stickers, and texts to make your works larruping. Then, how to add music to a video on iphone and Android? A piece of cake! Just download and install the app on your mobile to add music to your video with simple clicks.

How to Add Music to a Video iphone

Magisto Video Editor

This adding music to a video app, powered by Artificial Intelligence, enables users to edit videos in diverse aspects such as trimming, cutting & merging clips, stabilization, object detection, filters and effects, adding music to a video, applying text and fonts to video so that the final works will be attractive. With massive templates of diverse themes, you can make outstanding videos from given elements for multiple social channels.

Add Music to Video with Paid Plans

Note that this adding music to video iphone and Android app offers Premium and Professional monthly plans to meet different needs.

Final Thought & Best Pick

In this article, you have gained a full picture of desktop software used to add music to video, adding music to video online applications (free & paid, with or without in-app purchases or ads), and mobile apps to add music to video. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Just choose the one that suits your needs most. For instance, if you mean to add music to a video on Windows accompanied by ample added features, Video Editor will be your top priority, since it kills three birds with one stone: audio/video converter (convert video between different formats), video editor and video enhancer (export high-res videos). ACT NOW to  give it a whirl.