Tubi, which launched in 2014, is a new streaming platform. You can find all kinds of movies on it. More importantly, you don’t have to sign- in and pay. Tubi reportedly has "25 million active monthly viewers who spend over 160 million hours per month," showcasing recent and older content from MGM, Paramount, Starz, A&E, and many other popular studios and networks (via Tom's Guide).

The streaming platform, owned by Fox, is completely free—the only catch is that there are a few ads. But compared to many free movies, a small amount of advertising is acceptable. Tubi provides all kinds of movies. These next movies are some of the best movies that Tubi has to offer. In the meanwhile, you also can get the best Tubi downloader and the best tool for watching them.

Part1 The Best Horror Movies on Tubi of 2022

There’s something special about horror movies. Psychologists believe that people like to watch horror movies because of the “suspense” and the feeling after the suspense is uncovered. Suspense in horror movies is mostly about building up to threat, showing the tension before the threat, and resolving or eliminating the threat. When the intimidation is lifted, the negative emotions we experience as a result of the intimidation turn to feelings of pleasure as the suspense is lifted.

In addition to this, psychologists have found that the more intense the negative feelings we experience while being intimidated, the higher the pleasure we feel after the relief. Regardless of how it ends, the act of watching a horror movie already gives us pleasure. There are the best horror movies of 2022 on Tubi. Hopefully, this list can give you pleasure.



Lamb is a 2022 Icelandic fantasy thriller film, directed by Valdemar Johnson, with a cast of Raumi Rapace, Bjorn Siru Harrisson and Hmir Hini Gunnarsson. The plot follows a couple, Maria and Ingvar, on a remote Icelandic farm, following the flock of sheep they keep to live a mundane life away from the herd. One day they find a mysterious newborn baby on the farm. After a struggle, they decide to raise him as their own child, but their apparently happy life hides a crisis that leads them to destruction.

The opening and background of the movie Lamb

The movie Lamb opens with a snowy Christmas Eve, Maria and Ingvar, a couple enjoying Christmas dinner at home, while their sheep are resting in the farmhouse to escape the cold. At this moment, the audience can hear the sound of heavy breathing and footsteps in the background, hidden in the darkness of the mysterious man in the house without the knowledge of the two protagonists into the sheep barn, who is he? Who is he? And what is his purpose? The Lamb instantly triggered the audience's curiosity about the subsequent story with this ambush.

Maria and Ingvar live in Iceland, off the beaten track, and make their living by farming and raising cotton sheep. Their daily routine is to stock up on pasture, feed the sheep, check their condition, and occasionally help the ewes deliver their babies and welcome new life. However, the unchanging life of the "lamb" changes after an accident one day.

What secrets are hidden in Lamb?

Although the income of the ranch in recent years is getting better every year, but compared with the hopefully future, Maria is more nostalgic for the past. Because she and Ingvar’s daughter, “Ida”, who had dead few months ago. so Maria immersed in the pain of grief can not be put aside. At this time, the ewe on the farm just gave birth to a lamb, and Maria decided to take it home as a special gift from God, and named it "Ida" as her own child to raise.

The first part of the movie "Lamb" mainly focuses on the process of Maria and ingwa taking care of the lamb, from ingwa moving out of the crib in the warehouse to feeding, reading stories and coaxing them to sleep in turn. Although the family has become happy and warm because of one more member, watching a lamb lying in the crib covered with a quilt, Or take turns to be taken care of by their parents in their arms. "Lamb" constantly reveals a sudden and strange atmosphere that makes people unconsciously worry under the independent environment and the cold color pictures of northern Europe.

Train to Busan

Seo Seok-woo , the fund manager of a securities company, is bright and capable, but he is also a man who values profits over righteousness. His wife broke with him, and his daughter Soo-an became more and more disappointed with such a selfish father and decided to go to Busan to live with her mother. On Xiuan's birthday, Seo Seok-woo took time to accompany his daughter on the express train to Busan. At the same time, there were extremely suspicious riots around the city. The government tried its best to whitewash the fact that zombies were rampant. Even ignorant train passengers fell into a hell of panic and despair because of the arrival of uninvited passengers. At the moment of driving, an infected person rushed into the carriage, and she soon changed into a zombie and launched a bloody massacre of healthy people within her sight. Before long, the number of zombies increased explosively. Seo Seok-woo was forced to struggle with the survivors' passengers in the cramped space. The long journey to Busan is full of opportunities, and the humanity of each survivor is also subjected to a great test in times of crisis.

:Train to Busan


The real reason why this film can be the best thriller movie on Tubi is not the reference from other movies, but the core of the film's insight into human nature. Personally, I think the horror of human nature in Train to Busan is far more terrible than the horror brought by walking corpses. Emotionally speaking, the Train to Busan is extremely abundant. It not only has the main thread constructed by the affection between father and daughter, but also has the love of students, the beautiful love of adult couples, the deep love between sisters, and even the "bad guy" of the film, the extremely selfish high-level, who finally arranged an emotional clue for him eager to see his mother when he returned home. It is these just right sensationalism that form the film. After all, compared with careful conception, it has handed over a nearly perfect answer with its throughout emotion.

Part2 Best Action Movies on Tubi

There’s a lot can make a memorable action movie, be it some famous actors, an iconic protagonist (or antagonist), the complicated plots or just a lot of exciting explosions. Whatever is it that draw your attention, Tubi probably can meet your demands.

Enter the Dragon

After betraying Shaolin, Shaolin traitor Mr. Han spent money to buy an island and transform it into a private kingdom. Mr. Han and his men made and sold drugs on the island and forced women into prostitution. The police wanted to bring him to justice, but there was no evidence. Shaolin Master Li (Bruce Lee) has transcended the physical realm of Kung Fu. At the request of his master and the government, he is ready to participate in the triennial martial arts competition hosted by Mr. Han. During the martial arts contest, it is the only opportunity to land on the isolated island to collect evidence. At the same time, Mr. Han's personal bodyguard once killed Li's sister and was Li's bitter enemy.

:Enter the Dragon

The Last of the Mohicans

The last of the Mohicans is an American film released on August 26, 1992 and produced by 20th century fox. The film takes the British and French empires competing for colonies in America in 1757 as the background, and takes the internal struggle between colonialism and anti colonialism, oppression and freedom, colonists and aborigines, as well as the true feelings between white aborigines and colonists who pursue independence and freedom as the rhyme core, organizing a simple but touching story.

:The Last of the Mohicans


In the western United States in the 19th century, a carriage was driving in the desert. There were nine strangers on board. Among them are Dallas (Claire Trevor), an alcoholic doctor doc Boone (Thomas Mitchell), Lucy Mallory, a pregnant woman looking for her husband, Samuel peacock, a whisky merchant, and Ringo kid (John Wayne, John Wayne) who escaped from prison to avenge his father. There were many dangers along the way. The carriage had to avoid the pursuit of the Indians. Dallas had to endure the contempt and neglect of others, except Ringo, who liked her. Ringo has to deal with his relationship with the police. Pregnant Lucy is about to give birth halfway. Can a drunken doctor save the day? After a difficult and dangerous journey, can Ringo and Dallas, two marginalized people, come together at the end?


Part3 Best Documentary Movies on Tubi

The Beatles: Get Back

The documentary series shows the creative process of The Beatles as they attempt to write 14 new songs in preparation for their first live concert in over two years. Faced with an almost impossible deadline, the strong bonds of friendship between John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr are put to the test.

The documentary series, directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg in 1969, is a compilation of nearly 60 hours of unseen footage shot over 21 days and more than 150 hours of unheard audio, much of which has been locked away in a vault for more than half a century.

Jackson was the only person to have had access to this Beatles treasure trove for 50 years, and now it's all been perfectly restored.\

All Light, Everywhere

The film explores the past, present, and future relationships between technology, vision, and power. From arcane theories of sight to the emergence of virtual reality and police body camera programs, the film takes a kaleidoscopic investigation into how the reality of what we see is constructed through the tools that we use to see.

:All Light, Everywhere

Part4 Best Tool for Watching Movies

If you want to have a smooth and clear viewing experience, a good player is essential. Therefore, the PlayerFab All-In-One is a good choice. Because PlayerFab makes it accessible for users to playback local videos, DVD/Blu-ray/UHD discs, and videos from Amazon and Netflix. If you also want to know how to get Tubi download movies offline watching, click here.

Why Should You Choose PlayerFab All-In-One?

:Why Should You Choose PlayerFab All-In-One?

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Powerful functions of PlayerFab

  1. Capable of playing local videos, DVD/Blu-ray/UHD disc and streaming videos
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  13. Hardware Decoding on AMD, IQS, Nvidia

High-quality after-sales services

  1. The officials of PlayerFab guarantee that their production is 100% safe and clean. You don’t have to worry that it will damage your computer or TV.
  2. If you are not satisfied with the product or find some disadvantages, the provider will return your money immediately. But you have to make your application within 30 days after buying it.
  3. If you have any problems, call the customer service centre. Because the customer service centre is always waiting to answer your call.
  4. It will update automatically, so you don’t have to worry that missing some new movies.


As mentioned above, you can get detailed information about the best movies on Tubi and the best movie player. There are many kinds of movies waiting to be discovered, hope this passage can help you. If you have any good movies to recommend, please share them in the comment with other readers.