When the worldwide video streaming market has reached $473.39 billion by 2022, expected growth by 2029 is $ 1690.35 billion with a CAGR rate of 19.9% during the prediction period; then it is quite comprehensive when 86% of video marketers say that video helps to generate effective leads or according to 94% marketers' videos help consumers to understand any product or service.

So, when the entire business world has tried their unique approach to making videos to reach their targeted customers, then all that is needed is just a well-built and professionally organized platform to exhibit their videos with ultimate exposure and impact to the maximum platforms on the internet world. So, here you wish, and the two Emmy award-winning online video producing, distributing, hosting, and streaming service Brightcove has come forward to make all of the online marketers' wishes come true.

What is Brightcove all about?

brightcove video download:What is Brightcove all about?

Brightcove is a well-designed and advanced technology-supported cloud-based online video broadcasting, publishing, and marketing platform that helps to establish enterprise communication for business owners. Unlike other video hosting platforms, Brightcove allows the video-makers to have full ownership of their video content while hosting them on the Brightcove platform.

Brightcove understands how much effort, time, and money any video marketer has invested in creating any video with expectations to fulfill aspirations. So, comprehending your requirement of reaching out to the maximum targeted audience, Brightcove has developed the most user-friendly online video hosting platform to broadcast and stream full HD live or on-demand videos with the advanced support of OTT video building facilities, ads insertion flexibility, and video analytics functions.

With 197million in revenue by 2020, Brightcove being one of the leading online videos delivering platforms, largely caters to sports and media companies, start-up or established businesses, and uncountable worldwide organizations to project their videos that can reach hundreds of millions of monthly viewers. Brightcove has been associated with Marketo, Google ad manager, to provide marketing strategy and technique data to offer better ROT. From monetization and e-commerce to marketing and internal communication, you can have everything under one roof in the one-stop platform of Brightcove.

What makes Brightcove desirable and demanding to online video marketers?

To make the most out of Brightcove, you have to know what more you can have on this platform that can open up a dynamic dimension to any of your video exposure. So, let's have a brief idea about the best features, facilities, and functions of Brightcove for the best execution of your video.

  • This video-cloud platform handles videos with scalability, reliability, and security.
  • This platform gives you additional advantages of interactivity, social site interaction, advanced analytics, etc, to customize your video approach.
  • A well-developed video Content Management System (CMS) helps you to organize, manage and search your video library with your customizable metadata.
  • Through a smart and manual playlist, you can manage your video content.
  • You can schedule your video streaming worldwide by bypassing the hassle of manual media schedule monitoring.
  • With the simple copy & paste method of Quick Publish, you can upload your video with a single click.
  • With the API-based syndication, you can build a customized MRSS feed to ensure the accessibility of your videos to external websites and applications.
  • Users can have multi-account options to meet up different purposes of your video, such as "Upload video" for video production and "Analytics only" for business use.
  • With a GUI interface, you can access Brightcove anytime, anywhere on any device.
  • Brightcove integrates with the leading CMS service providers, including WordPress, Sharepoint, Ektron, Joomla, and more.
  • This platform allows HD video streaming with adaptive bitrate.
  • Advanced live streaming option with Global video publishing support.
  • Access control option with remote assets and third-party CDN facility.
  • To ensure the protection of your video content, there is encryption, proxy, geo and device restrictions, "single sign-on" authentication, internal rights check, low-network impact, etc.
  • Apart from these exclusive features, there are monetization, eco-system integration, APIS & SDKs, mobile devices & OTT, digital rights management, context-aware encoding, scalable transcoding, and many other features to explore more in your video presenting platform.

How much does Brightcove cost?

With the 30 days free trial, the Brightcove subscription starts from $199/month, and the Brightcove Express Edition starts from $99/month.

So, when you know how incredible this video hosting platform is, then, it is time to download Brightcove video chrome or any other browser for the personal or professional purpose of the enhancement of your future videos. Even though Brightcove doesn't provide any video editing or recording option, through the smart, flexible, and customizable features of StreamFab All-in-One downloader, you can download Brightcove video from website on any of your Windows or Mac PC.

Download Brightcove video: With StreamFab All-in-One downloader

brightcove video download:Download Brightcove video: With StreamFab All-in-One downloader

If you are planning to download any of your required Brightcove videos for their later use, you are absolutely on the right page at the right time. With the utmost customizable features of the StreamFab All-in-One downloader, you can download Brightcove video chrome on any of your Windows or Mac computer according to your convenience and priorities. While downloading, you can customize the output video file by selecting formats, resolution, audio quality, etc., depending on your requirement.

So, let's have a look at what makes your Brightcove downloads more flexible and easily accessible on any device anytime, anywhere on your offline watch.


  • There will be no commercial ad disturbance in your Brightcove download.
  • With the built-in browser, you can search any Brightcove video inside this downloader.
  • Select your video quality of 720p or 1080p resolution with EAC3 5.1, AAC 2.0, or AC3 5.1 audio quality.
  • Your download will be saved in Mp4 file format to ensure the accessibility of your download on different devices.
  • Download videos with your suitable subtitles and metadata to organize your offline library.
  • With batch download, you can download multiple videos simultaneously within a few minutes.
  • You can convert your download to Blu-ray discs.

How to download the Brightcove video from the website?

Step 1: Download the downloader

brightcove video download:How to download the Brightcove video from the website?

You need to download the software on your PC and go to the "Streaming Service" section shown on the left side of the page and then search the "Brightcove" website from the website library list shown on the right side of the page.

Step 2: Search for video to download

brightcove video download:How to download the Brightcove video from the website?

Once you have located the website, you should sign in to your account and then find a video to download. Next, while playing the video, you must select the output file configurations with customization.

Step 3: Complete Download

brightcove video download:How to download the Brightcove video from the website?

Once you are done with your customization, you should click on the "Download Now" option to initiate and complete your downloading process.

When you know how to download Brightcove video 2017 or any other year, depending on your requirement with the perfect features of StreamFab All-in-One downloader, instead of wasting your time, start to download Brightcove video as much as you want to enjoy them as long as you want without the internet.


What comes under "Video Analytics" in Brightcove?

  • Real-time video analytics
  • Viewer-Level Profile Analytics
  • HTML5 Analytics
  • Player-level Analytics
  • Third-party video Analytics

What has been covered by Monetization & Advertising in Brightcove?

  • Standard IAB video ads
  • Metadata-related ads
  • Companion ads
  • Ad server integrations
  • As cue points

Is there any Brightcove mobile application?

The Brightcove Video Players SDKs is a mobile application for Android and iOS users.

Last Lead

So, when Brightcove has opened up a new era of presenting and publishing videos with novelty and a dynamic approach to its maximum audience, instead of thinking about how to make exclusive video marketing content, get ready with this downloader to download Brightcove videos for your inspiration, guidance, and reference. Streamfab video downloader, the best alternative option of Brightcove video download, would certainly give you innovative insight and exclusive inputs to make your unique video distinct in a mess.