Sharing images and videos on social platforms have been the perfect way to share your life with your followers and the world. These days GIFs have also been a good way to grab other people’s attention due to their catchy and shorty features. If you are a GIF lover, you must know that most social sites do not support users to upload animation GIFs. And Instagram is one of those sites. As a popular platform, Instagram supports few video file formats, yet GIF is not one of them. Therefore, if you still want to share GIFs on it, then all you need to do is converting GIF to video for Instagram. Then a question may arise: how to convert GIF to Instagram video? Relax. This article takes its responsibility to solve your question. In this article, we will introduce to you how to convert GIF to video for Instagram online, how to convert GIF to a video file for Instagram on a computer by software, and professional apps to convert GIF to video for Instagram. Just Go on reading.

Part 1: How to convert GIF to video for Instagram online

GIF to mp4 converter is a user-oriented online program. It is designed with a friendly interface. All its functions are shown in one-page so that users don’t have to waste time searching for what they need. Working as an online GIF to MP4 converter, makes it possible for you to convert GIF to video for Instagram without watermark with a single click. But one thing should be noted that to reduce your loading time and improve website performance, your GIF file size may be greatly reduced which may affect your image quality. To use this tool, all you need to do is simply selecting and uploading your GIF and then clicking “Convert to MP4”. A short time later, an MP4 file will be outputted. Then, you can share this converted video to Instagram.

Convert gif to video for instagram

This online converter offers a free online file conversion service. Even better, its website page can also be available for your mobile usage. How convenient it is! In order to turn GIF to video, you may need to find the “Video file conversion” tab on the website. There, please MP4 as the target file format. Next, you can upload your saved GIFs on your device and click on the “Convert file” button. After a short wait, your animated GIF will be successfully converted into a video. In the end, you can download this video on your device and share it on Instagram.

Part 2: Apps to convert GIF to video for Instagram

Sharing photos and videos to Instagram on your phone is a no-brainer while sharing GIFs requires a little more work, which means that the GIFs you want to share basically needs to be converted into an MP4 video file. So how to convert GIF to video on iPhone and Android? Here we would like to introduce to you the fastest and easiest way.

GifShare: for iPhone

App to convert gif to video for instagram

GifShare enables you to share your awesome animated GIFs to your favorite social media platforms, including Instagram. This app owns so many features. First, it has a user-friendly interface by allowing you to navigate the most shared GIFs of the moment. And you can also use its search engine to find a GIF for any situation. Second, this app can perfectly solve the problem of how to convert GIF to Instagram video because it converts automatically any GIF to video. Third, this app is not just a GIF to a video converter app. Because with this app, you can edit GIF speed, change GIFs’ background by using filters, and you can even crop or resize them. Though featuring so many functions, GifShare is still super easy to be used. First, you search for GIFs. Then, edit your GIF files. Next, convert them with the best speed level and crop them to the right sizes. Last, save your converted video on your phone and upload it to Instagram.

Gifaroo: for Android

App to convert gif to video for instagram

Gifaroo is another easy-to-use tool that allows users to directly upload GIF converted to Instagram. With this app, your GIFs are highly customizable because may customization filters, effects, and background editing options are provided in this app. You can even alter captions with different colors and font styles. Then, how to use this app to convert GIF video for Instagram? The first step starts with directly browsing some interesting GIF animations from this app. Then, what you should do is tab your chosen GIF for one time to bring it to the editing platform. After customizing, you can upload it to your Instagram.

Part 3: How to convert video for Instagram on a computer by software

DVDFab Toolkit

Up to now, you already learned the methods to convert GIF to video for Instagram online and by using apps. Now, it is time for us to see how to make a GIF into an Instagram video by software. Here we especially recommended one called DVDFab Toolkit. Why do we recommend this software? There are so many reasons for us to do this.

Animated gif to video for instagram

First, DVDFab Toolkit is a no-barrier software. No related experience is required to use it. Pretty nice, right? Second, DVDFab Toolkit offers a free trial. You can have a try first before making up your mind to buy this software. Last but not the least, DVDFab Toolkit not only provides your GIF to video converter function but also other dozens of functions. As you may have noticed from the screenshot, DVDFab Toolkit is packed up with dozens of different tools. Many tools, such as deshake your video, trimming audio, or adding text, for example, are all packed up in this software, which means that you pay for one software yet you can get dozens of tools to use. For example, instead of using this software to turn GIF to a video, you can also use it to convert a video to GIFs in turn. If you are still holding confusion about how to realize video to gif, you can click here to find the answer.


Convert gif to video for instagram without watermark

How to make a GIF into an Instagram video? Besides DVDFab Toolkit, Filmora 9 can also manage it. Friendly-interface, easy-to-use effects, transitions and filters are all the reasons we want to recommend this software to you. Filmora 9 offers a free version which giving you a chance to use any feature on its interface. The only shortcoming of the free version is you have to put up with its watermark. Moreover, this software works well on both windows and mac systems. So you can put it on your GIF to video converter list.

Wrapping Up

People have already got used to using GIFs to induce emotion, keep followers engaged, and to introduce a new theme as GIFs are short, catchy, and are a good way for instant gratification. Despite Instagram, a widely accepted social website doesn't support GIFs uploading, we can seek other ways to convert GIF to video as techniques are advancing. Online GIF to video converter, GIF to video converter software, and GIF to video apps are all good answers to the question of how to convert GIF to Instagram video. Considering that online converters are not stable sometimes, we advise you to use software to convert video to GIF, particularly the DVDFab Toolkit software. You will not regret your choice.