Have you ever been obsessed with what to choose from an ocean of picture video makers online? After all, once you Google a keyword and press ‘Enter’, numerous results will come out. Which product shall I choose? This is a real question that occurs in your brain at that moment. As a pure user, it is often the case that you need to read through lots of articles to find the optimal solutions.

If you are right here, this article has everything you need when it comes to choosing the most suitable free picture video makers to create your wanted video slideshows for personal or commercial purposes.


1. DVDFab Toolkit (Windows)

2. Adobe Photoshop CC (Windows & Mac)

3. Adobe Spark (Online)

4. Animoto (Online)

5. Image to Video (Online)

6. Kizoa (Online)

7. Viva Video (Android)

8. iMovie (iPhone)

9. Pixgram (Android & iPhone)

10. Slideshow Maker Photo to Video (iPhone)

PART 1: Picture Video Maker (Desktop)

Here comes some picture video maker software for your choice.

1. DVDFab Toolkit (Most Recommended)

This Windows-based multimedia solution provider combines almost all features to address issues with regard to video, audio and image. As a good picture video maker, it can turn pictures into a video. Besides, customized options make this tool stand out from the rest rivals.

Main Features

• Output MP4 and MKV video

• Vast choices of video quality

• Flexible scaling options

• Customized delay value

• Add personal music

• Edit finished video with other features

• Convert the created video into other formats

• Intuitive UI interface and simple to use

Above all, this picture video maker with music has a 30-day free trial and can be voted the best free video slideshow maker that gives you other choices to maker your video more compelling. There is no need to waste your money before knowing its true colors.

2. Adobe Photoshop CC

Generally speaking, Adobe Photoshop CC is a photo, image and design editing software built for professional designers, photographers and artists. But in terms of its video making feature, it is a real helper to make amazing or entertaining videos to highlight your memorable moments or to promote your products or services. However, it will takes much time to master this complicated image video maker. Besides, though this tool is open to free trial, you will have to pay for its advanced features.

Key Characteristics

• Create dynamic video collages with a mix of photos and videos

• Add stylish titles, effects, transitions, and themes

• Powered by Adobe Sensei to optimize video slideshows and photo effects

• Import, edit and share HEVC video files on Windows and macOS

So this video and picture slideshow maker is suitable for those professionals who anticipate creating videos from bunches of images on Windows and macOS.

PART 2: Free Online Video Maker with Music and Pictures

Now let’s look at some online video makers with music and pictures that are able to fast create gorgeous videos with various effects to make the video unique and impressive.

3. Adobe Spark

This powerful picture video maker, suitable for web and mobile (iOS), is able to create short videos, web pages and social graphics that seem thought-provoking and sparking. However, the video you have made shall not exceed 30 seconds.

Primary Features

• Simple interface and easy to use

• Ample stock library (but with visible watermarks)

• Different video formats (landscape & square) with regular ratio

• Customize options to suit your taste and needs

4. Animoto

This is an intuitive, web-based video slideshow solution aiming to enabling personal and marketing videos that evoke emotions. Once you enter the application, you will be reminded to create a new project via choice between marketing and slideshow.

Main Features

• Various memories styles

• Font library and color customization

• Support HD video quality

• Landscape and square marketing videos

5. Image to Video

This free online video maker with music and pictures provides multiple features that you can use to create videos from images, and even make further editing such as trimming, converting format, and adding effects. However, this free picture video maker allows up to 30 pictures each time to desired video slideshows.

Key Features

• Intuitive web interface and pop-up operation tips

• Various choice of languages (English, Thai and French)

• Add audio file and logo

• Direct download after conversion

6. Kizoa

Though this free video and picture slideshow maker fades next to other rivals in aesthetics and clunkiness, it stands out with its own unique highlights.

Main Features

• Intuitive web interface and ease of use

• Abundant template selections (paid premium tracks)

• Various export channels (save to PC/Mac, email or social platforms)

• Flexible video formats (landscape & square) with diverse ratios

• Instant playback preview but rather slow

PART 3: Picture Video Maker Apps

If you are someone who search for free picture video maker apps, you have come to the right place. Here are some good solutions that will be useful for you to create intuitive but impressive videos on Android, iPhone or both, for personal or commercial objectives.

7. Viva Video

This Android app enables you to create video slideshows from your photos, though widely noted for its powerful video editor. Besides, it offers extra customized options to enrich your video from many aspects, but they come at a price.

Key Features

• Add music, theme, text and stickers

• Adjust duration between picture

• Support editing options

• Apply filters to each photo or the video

8. iMovie

As we know, iMovie is a video editing tool used for iOS and macOS, which is able to create videos to celebrate memorable moments, events and sceneries so that you can share them with friends, families or clients.

Key Features

• Elegant and easy-to-use interface

• Add music, title, text, transitions and effects

• Compatible with iPhoto library

• Adjustments and editing on the timeline

• Various options to export the video slideshows

9. Pixgram

This picture video maker app is designed for creating video slideshows from images. If you expect a simple to use tool to make your loved videos out of bunches of pictures, you can try out this one. Once you expect advanced features, you have to choose alternatives.

Main Features

• Add music and title to photo

• Adjust video speed and apply filters

10. Slideshow Maker Photo to Video

This image video maker app is devoted to creating video slideshows used for various occasions such as birthday party, family gathering, adventures and wedding ceremony. It allows for diverse customized options.

Key Features

• Varied styles, filters and transitions

• Trimming and adjustments in length and aspect ratio

• Add text, stickers and music

The above are what you can choose when expecting to make video slideshows on your smartphones, both Android and iPhone. Which shall you choose? It depends on your personal preference and demand.

Final Thought

Next time when you are pondering over which picture video maker you shall use, you can refer to this post. With the above recommendations, you will make a better decision. But in terms of cost-efficiency and use of ease, you can trust in the first free picture video maker software. Because it gives you more than creating a video slideshow with music and pictures. Meanwhile, if you are in a fog about how to turn a picture into a video with these tools, you can find the right answers.

There might be some occasions when the video you have created if of low resolution, you shall take action to change this situation. So once you aim to ai upscale video quality, an AI powered video enhancer will be your optimal choice, which will improve the video image from multiple aspects.