Animated GIFs have been an essential part of our social life. I bet you have come in contact with these animated images quite often. These moving images in small sizes are so much fun and more vivid than words. Sometimes, words may lose their power and cannot express our feelings better. That is when we would use animated GIFs to express what we think. In the network world, people prefer chatting with those who send funny GIFs now and then. However, although it is a good choice to show your light-hearted side with GIFs on social, it won’t always make you distinctive if you just choose from what’s out there. Therefore, creating animated GIFs becomes a necessity. For instance, it is necessary to know how to create animated GIFs from video clips you are beloved with. Well, this article packs up some tools to show you how to create animated GIFs from videos so that you can own GIFs belonging to yourself and have GIFs per what you like. Here we go.

Part One: Photoshop

Known as a pioneer in multimedia and creativity products, Photoshop simplifies every video and photo editing thing. It offers the most comprehensive editing tools for users and supports you to edit your videos or photos by only a few clicks. Now, let’s focus on our topic and explore how to create an animated GIF in Photoshop.

Step 1: Before making an animated GIF in Photoshop, you need to find a good video you want to turn into a GIF. As a reminder, a short video clip would be the best.

Step 2: Assume you have found a video clip on the web, you may need to download it on your computer.

Step 3: Open it with Photoshop. Click File>Import>Video Frames to Layers in order. Photoshop will open your selected video file as a series of still images. Check the box “Make Frame Animation”.

Step 4: The best part is you can do other settings during the process to make an animated GIF in Photoshop, such as adjust the color balance.

Step 5: Save and share your created GIFs.

Part Two: DVDFab Toolkit

If you have read here, you must have figure out the step about how to make an animated GIF in Photoshop. While all these sounds powerful and amazing, Photoshop is not a free tool to use. Honestly, it is a little bit expensive, especially for people who are not serious about GIFs and just create animated GIFs occasionally. If you can not afford Photoshop, there is another GIF maker that can give you some of the same functionality. This program is called DVDFab Toolkit.

Creat animated gifs

What is the DVDFab Toolkit?

DVDFab Toolkit is not merely a GIF maker. What DVDFab Toolkit can do covers the range of video, audio, image, and watermark. It is a toolbox packed up with Video Tools, Audio Tools, Image Tools as well as Watermark Tools. Each category includes various tools. We have listed them below for your better knowing.

Video Tools: Converter, Trim, Speed Up/Down, Mirror/Flip, Rotate, Crop, Sharpen/Unsharpen, Deshake (GoPro), and De-Interlace.

Audio Tools: Converter, Trim, Volume Adjust, Denoise (GoPro), and Normalization.

Image Tools: Video to GIF and Video to PIC.

Watermark Tools: Text, Time, and Image.

This program can help you to how to create animated GIFs with very little input on your part. Now, here is the tutorial related to creating animated GIFs from videos with it.

Step 1: Installation of this GIF maker

Click the below button to get this GIF maker on your computer. Just be noted to install it as per by following related instructions.

 i  Download  


Step 2: Run this animated GIF creator

Double click its desktop icon to get this animated GIF creator started while successful installation. Then, sliding down the screen to find Image Tools that is where Video to GIF function exists when it comes to creating animated GIFs from video. Click this function icon for one time to move to the next step.

create animated gifs from a video

Note: Before clicking Video to GIF, you can hover your mouse cursor to that inverted triangle on the right upper side, and then hit it. A small panel shows up, listing some options you can opt for. For instance, you can click the “Settings” option to change the language of this program or choose a temporary directory. Also, you can decide how this program is supposed to react when you close its main interface, such as Ask me what to do, Minimize to systray, and Exit the program.

Step 3: Upload your video to create animated GIFs online

This step is so easy to be achieved. The only thing for you to do is clicking that “+” button to choose your targeted video file or directly dragging and dropping this video file to the interface. Two methods to reach the same goal.

GIF maker

Step 4: Create animated GIFs

Given brevity is the soul of the GIF, you are suggested to opt for a video clip that is not too long while creating animated GIFs from video by sliding those two sliders back and forth or through the set of Start Time and End Time. Of course, you can choose to create GIFs from beginning to the end if you like. It’s all up to you.

In addition to this, you can select the looping times. Click that small triangle and on that drop list coming along are many choices, such as Unlimited, 1, 2, etc. What makes this program attractive is it gives users full choice to create animated GIFs they like. You can even decide how fast GIFs play or how big your GIFs are. Isn’t it wonderful?

Step 5: Start the process

We are one step last to know how to create animated GIFs. And the last step would be deciding where to save your output GIFs. To do that, you can click that folder icon on the bottom of the Video to GIF interface. Once this is done, you are free to click that green Start button anytime you want.

You may have aware that with DVDFab Toolkit to create animated GIFs is easier than making an animated GIF in Photoshop. But there still has a similarity between them. That is they are both software. In addition to software, you are also presented a chance to create animated GIFs online by using Ezgif online maker.

Part Three: Ezgif

You can upload your video whether in MP4, AVI, Flv, or other popular video types, to this online video converter to turn them into high- quality animated GIFs. Now let’s see the detailed steps on creating animated GIFs online.

Step 1: Open the official website of Ezgif and choose the “Video to GIF” module.

Step 2: Click the “Choose File” tab to select your target video. Then upload it by hitting the “Upload your video” tab.

Note: After upload, you can choose a part of the video to make GIFs, entering start and end time. Otherwise, this online GIF maker will make a GIF Mac from the first seconds of the video clip.

Step 3: Output GIF

This process may take a while depending on how long your video clip is.

Final Thought

GIFs remain popular in recent years. There are many reasons for people to fall in love with these small moving images. They are easy to upload or share due to their small size. They are catchy and full of fun which makes them a good way to make friends in social life. You can create animated GIFs online with Ezgif which is the easiest online maker, or you can choose to create animated GIFs in Photoshop or DVDFab Toolkit. If you are a professional designer or a photographer, then Photoshop always comes first. That’s because creating animated GIFs in Photoshop needs expert knowledge. If you are looking for a tool to make animated GIFs for fun, then DVDFab Toolkit is highly recommended. This software is not merely a GIF maker, it can do other things as well, such as extract pictures from video. For more details about these functions, please refer to the article DVDFab Toolkit Review.