Everyone are keen on efficient and quality communication with families, friends, leaders or even business partners. Therefore GIFs come into being with a huge craze, due to simple, expressive and informative features, especially smaller file size compared to videos and images. For me, I love sharing them with my friends to convey personal shades of emotions. Above all, striking GIFs can help you capture the attention of followers or potential customers on your social media posts.

Anyway, aside from pleasing others, you shall never forget the direct function of making a GIF on Mac and turning it into a background or screensaver. In this way, your fatigue or depression will vanish into nothing when staring at the desktop screen. Sometimes, creative inspiration will come out all of a sudden. In this article, you will be familiarized with how to make a GIF from video on Mac or make GIF from images.


PART 1: How to Make a GIF from Video on Mac

PART 2: How to Make a GIF from Images on Mac

PART 3: How to Make a GIF Your Background/Screensaver on Mac

PART 4: Conclusion

PART 1: How to Make a GIF from Video on Mac

As is often the case that you can seek lower quality apps or web based solutions to create a GIF from a video. However, to make a GIF on Mac can be fast and well achieved by a full-featured GIF creator, GIF Brewery, which is able to turn existing video file like a movie clip, a number of images, into striking GIFs, even capture video or an iOS device screen. Its simple and intuitive interface will facilitate beginners. Now look at the following simple tips.

make a GIF from video via GIF Brewery

How-to Guide on GIF Brewery

Step 1: download and install GIF Brewery from Mac App Store

Step 2: run the program and load the video you want to turn into GIF

Click ‘File’ menu, choose ‘Open’, then import the video from HDD you want to convert to an animated GIF.

Step 3: set start & end time for the GIF you want to make

Tab ‘Set Start’and ‘Set End’buttons to set time duration for the impending GIF by dragging the slider on the video timeline.

Step 4: resize or crop the video clip

Buttons‘Resize’and ‘Crop’are for your preference to adjust the video to wanted resolution. Normally, the smaller size the video, the better quality the GIF  will be.

Step 5: set GIF properties and preview loop

You can adjust the color, frame rate and looping value as you want via the properties button. Once done, remember to preview the GIF effect.

Step 6: tab ‘Create GIF’and save the file

After all settings done, feel free to press the create button to get your incredible GIF file. Then you can save the created GIF or share to your social networks.

PART 2: How to Make a GIF from Images on Mac

To create a short and funny animated GIF on Mac, Giphy Capture shall be your top priority. This program allows you to capture videos or images up to 30 seconds and convert them to stunning GIFs. In addition, it offers easy-to-use editing features. Moreover, this GIF maker supports YouTube, Vimeo and GIPHY links.

Make a GIF from images via Giphy

How-to Guide on Giphy Capture

Step 1: download and install Giphy Capture on Mac from Apple Store

Step 2: launch the program and add multiple images

Step 3: customize the GIF file that you will make

You can select any loop to create an appropriate frame rate. What’s more, animated captions are offered to add spice to your GIF. Nevertheless, this app makes high-resolution GIFs with large file size. So make sure your captured footage shall not exceed 30 seconds.

Step 4: press start button

Once done, you will get your desired wonderful GIF file. You can save it on computer HDD, share to your social media posts or even save to Giphy library.

Of course, you may resort to other alternatives to create a GIF out of images on Mac. But this one is quite simple and universal for you to have a try.

Part 3: How to Make a GIF Your Background/Screensaver on Mac

Having the same static wallpaper on Mac might drive you nod off. But do you know how to make a GIF your background on Mac to liven up your computer screen? But truth is that your MacOS computer does not have the software automatically setting animated GIFs as background or screensaver. No worries! There are some third party tools used to make a GIF your background or screensaver on Mac. Here recommend GifPAPER, one of the first programs able to set animated GIFs as wallpaper on Mac computers. Now let’s look at below tips.

Make a GIF your background by Gif Paper

How-to Guide on Gif Paper

Step 1: download and install GIF Paper package file

Since this program has no official website, you need to download GIF Paper from a third-party site named MediaFire.

Step 2: run the installed GIFPAPERPrefs program

Step 3: select the GIF you want to set as wallpaper or screensaver

You can change its background color, alignment and scaling so as to create a satisfactory wallpaper or screensaver on Mac.

Step 4: launch GIFPAPERAgent and choose ‘Open’

Once done, your animated GIF wallpaper or screensaver will be set as expected.

Alternative Option: AnimatedGif

Anyway, you can try out this program specially developed for MacOS devices, which allows for animated GIFs playback. By the way, you can find this software on GitHub webpage with its source code and download package. Here are few tips you need to pay attention to.

Make a GIF your screensaver via AnimatedGif

How-to Guide on AnimatedGif

Step 1: choose the latest release 1.5.3

Step 2: download AnimatedGif.saver and Uninstall_AnimatedGif.app zip files

Step 3: click the downloaded AnimatedGif.saver to install

Once run it, navigate to‘System Preferences’. Then choose ‘Desktop’ and ‘Screensaver’.

Step 4: tab ‘Screen Saver’options to load the GIF file you have created or downloaded

Here you are allowed to customize some setting parameters as needed such as scaling and background mode. Once finish, tab ‘OK’button.

In the final analysis, the above-mentioned GIF making programs support customized settings before making a GIF a screensaver/background on Mac. Note that animated GIFs occupy CPU and RAM, so it is nothing strange to find your Mac operate slower than normal status.


Now you might have mastered how to make a GIF on Mac and even make an animated GIF your screensaver or background on Mac so that you will not feel bored or sleepy when looking at the motionless desktop environment. More importantly, you can share your remarkable GIFs to your intimate friends via direct text messages or posting created GIFs on your social media sites. Suggest you try a marvelous downloader for YouTube old movies to enrich the video materials for GIF making on Mac. Moreover, if you engage in business deals, it is imperative that you make attractive and informative GIFs out of images or videos to boost your brand, products or services. Sometimes, an intuitive GIF will speak louder than lengthy words.

Mind that there might be some occasions when your Mac fails to work as normal. At this moment, your hope of making a Gif on Mac will be spoiled because of device breakdown. Here is another remedy. Go to seek a Windows-based GIF maker software to help you out.