No matter who you are, what you are doing and where you are, videos, audios and images are the top three things you have close contact with. Embraced by so many social media, we get a wide range of channels to see what happens at home and abroad, and have considerable opportunities to follow our favorite stars or artists. Then, is there a moment you want to convert and edit what have watched out of deep interest and do some customization to them? I think there must be more than one or twice.

In order to satisfy your needs for converting and editing videos, audios and images, DVDFab Toolkit comes into being as your best friend. In the future, ask this expert for help in spite of your questions and demands with regard to video conversion, audio trimming, Gif making, and among others. I guarantee that this creative tool will provide you with satisfactory services instead of living up to your expectations. Now, let’s go ahead to learn how DVDFab Toolkit works.


Step1: Download and Install DVDFab Toolkit

DVDFab Toolkit is a powerful tool equipped with multiple and skillful components to help users fix their problems on videos, audios and images. You can hold this free software in hand just with three clicks. Rapid download speed in collaboration with simple installation operation is the few software you have ever experienced.

Start DVDFab Toolkit and you will see a clear and tidy interface with vivid video tools, audio tools and image tools listed for your choice. Then, let’s try these features one by one from top to bottom: Video Tools, Audio Tools and Image Tools.

Step2: How to Use DVDFab Toolkit

1. Video Tools

It often occurs to us that downloaded videos fail to play on our PC or mobile devices with a notice showing the format cannot be supported. At this moment, changing the video format is the imperative thing we need to deal with and the best solution is to convert the videos to the format compatible with our PC or mobile devices. Now, for all the friends who are baffled by this problem, music to your ears. The video converter within DVDFab Toolkit is the key to make your video formats the ones you desire.

(1) Converter

Click “Converter” under “Video Tools” and you will come to the interface below, where the central “+” is used to load your video and the folder at the bottom is available for you to decide where to save your converted file.

After you locate your video to this exceptional video converter, you have numerous options to convert and edit your video. Before that, you can click the video on the left to preview it in case there is something wrong. Then pay attention to the right part, click the option of “output”. Here, the available output video formats encompass MP4, MKV and other popular ones. Click the option of “Codec”, and “H264, h265 or MPEG4” are offered. Click the option of “Resolution”, selections range from “1280×720 to 3840×2160, 1920×1080, 960×640, 720×480, 640×480, 480×320 and 320×240”. Click “Encoding Method”, “Fast Encoding (1-Pass), CRF, High Quality Encoding (2-Pass) are waiting for you. Click “Frame Rate”, and there are “29.97, 15, 23.976, 24, 25, 30, 50, 59.94 and 60”. Then, accessible video qualities include “54MB (Fast) to 107MB (Standard), 161 MB (High Quality) and Customized”. You are provided with “8 bit, 10 bit as well as 12 bit”. And you can increase the bits/Pixel up to 5.0.

After you decide on each of the options mentioned above, DVDFab Toolkit will spare no efforts to convert your video at top speed. Then seconds later you can play it following the output directory.

(2) Trim

When there is a long video but only part of it attracts you or is of great help, it is time to trim the interesting or useful episode for special purposes. With the help of DVDFab Toolkit, what you need is to tell this video converter how long you want, and then let it complete it.

Click “Trim” under “Video Tools” and load your video. Preview your video by clicking it and choose “Start Time” and “End Time” to trim the unwanted part. Then, click “Start” and play your trimmed video when it is finished.

(3) Speed Up/Down

To reach a certain kind of effect or to meet some need, it is necessary to spend up or speed down a video. Specifically speaking, if you make a PPT, aiming to giving a review of your whole year’s life, speeding up the video is the first choice to save time but not missing each moment. While if the police wants to learn the details of a case, it is of paramount importance to slow down a video and find effective information.

Click “Speed Up/Down” to enhance the playback speed or slow down it. Here, the “Adjust Speed” ranges from 0.5 to 16. You can set any value based on your needs.

(4) Mirror/Flip

This function is widely used to fix the unintentional wrong shooting angle issues. Wrong-angle shooting videos can be found everywhere on various types of social media, and even we take pictures with inverted directions. As a result, not just the objects in the picture is reverse, but the words. What if this happens? Let DVDFab Toolkit help you reverse it in the format of stereo rotation.

Click “Mirror/Flip” under “Video Tools”. Choose “horizontal” or “vertically” to flip your video until the result is what you want. There is an example below to show you the effect of horizontal flip and vertical flip. From top to bottom, the first picture is the source. After flipping horizontally, it becomes the second picture. After flipping vertically, the source becomes the third picture.

(5) Rotate

The contrasting difference between the function of “Mirror/Flip” and “Rotate” exists in the rotate format. “Mirror/Flip” features Stereo roatation, which seems you rotate a picture along one of its sdies, while “Rotate” is targeted at levelled rotation, which seems you rotate a picture along its center.

Click “Rotate” under “Video Tools” and load your video. Then, you can rotate your video according to either 90 degrees counter clockwise or 90 degrees clockwise.

(6) Crop

In order to avoid a video too tall or too wide to fit your screen, you can edit the video to a suitable size by enabling the “Crop” function of DVDFab Toolkit.

Click “Crop” under “Video Tools” and load your video. You can adjust its aspect ratio based on your preference ranging from 4:3, 16:9, 2.35:1 and 2.39:1, or directly customize the video by changing the number under the options of “Left”, “Top”, “Right” and “Bottom”.

(7) Sharpen/Unsharpen

There are numerous ways to make an image clearer, among which “Sharpen” is one of the effective methods. On the contrary, someone may want to make an image blurry. Then, just “Unsharpen” it. Now, no matter what your intention is, DVDFab Toolkit is at your disposal.

Click “Sharpen/Unsharpen” under “Video Tools” and load your video. Then, you can adjust the video quality by changing such options as “Luma Matrix Horizontal Dimension”, “Luma Matrix Vertical Dimension”, “Luma Intensity”, “Speed Matrix Horizontal Dimension”, “Speed Matrix Vertical Dimension” and “Chroma Intensity”.

Note: The sum of the value of Luma Matrix Horizontal and Vertical Dimensions cannot exceed 26. The sum of the value of Speed Matrix Horizontal and Vertical Dimensions cannot exceed 26. The value of Luma/Speed Matrix Horizontal/Vertical Dimension must be an odd number.

2. Audio Tools

Now, we come to functions of audio tools, with “Converter”, “Trim” and “Volume Adjust” included. All of them are the important tools when you deal with an audio. Subsequently, let’s see how to use each of the function.

(1) Converter

Similar to “Video Tools”, “Audio Tools” also has the function of “Converter”. Compared with the video converter dedicated to converting videos to matched formats with users’ PC or smartphone, this audio converter is engaged in transforming an audio format your devices can play back.

Click “Converter” under “Audio Tools” and load your audio. Then, for the audio Output format, you can choose “AAC”, “FLAC”, “M4A”, and among others. The Channels provide such choices as “Mono”, “Stereo”, “Dolby Surround/ProLogic”, “Dolby ProLogic II”. You can match different channels with your audio and create perfect effects. The Bit Rate ranges from 512 kbps to 448 kbps, 384 kbps, 320 kbps, 256 kbps, 192 kbps, 160 kbps, 128 kbps, 112 kbps and 96 kbps. And the Sample Rate encompasses 48.0 KHz, 48.0 KHz, 32.0 KHz, 22.1 KHz and 16.0 KHz.

(2) Trim

When is audio trimming needed? Suppose you are fond of a song and desire to use its climax as your mobile phone ringtone. That is one of the occasions audio trimming is desperately needed. Just turn to DVDFab Toolkit for help.

Click “Trim” under “Audio Tools” and load your audio. Then you can trim the audio by adjusting the “Start Time” and the “End Time”. Click “Start” and follow the folder to find your trimmed audio when it is finished.

(3) Volume Adjust

If you use a video during a public speech, it is natural loud volume is in need. Now, apart from amplifying the volume ranging from the scale the source audio supports, DVDFab Toolkit can further turn up the sound to meet your demand.

Click “Volume Adjust” and load your audio. Then, there is a loudspeaker under the video cover. Click this loudspeaker and the volume of your source audio can be turned up. Below the loudspeaker, there is also a “Volume” option, which is used to continue turning up your audio volume up to 500 percentage.

3. Image Tools

This is the last group of functions DVDFab Toolkit can provide, including making “Video to GIF” and making “Video to PIC”, two of the important image tools. Considering we are all participants of worldwide social media, how can we stream YouTube or Facebook messages without videos or images support? Then, how to attract more visitors and add some delight to the global circles of friends? We need the help of DVDFab Toolkit to convert videos to GIF or PIC, hunting the most attention within a limited time period.

(1) Video to GIF

Click “Video to GIF” and load your video. Then set the Start Time and End Time. You are allowed to make your GIF loop 1 time, 2 times, 5 times, 10 times, 20 times and unlimited times. You can also adjust the video playback speed and size, and choose proper Frame Delay value. Then an interesting GIF will be presented, which can be used as your chatting emoji as well. This is the most efficient way to creative fantastic videos.

(2) Video to PIC

Click “Video to PIC” under “Image Tools” and load your video. Then, set the Start Time and End Time. Choose either a snapshot based on second or a snapshot based on frame to edit your video. Before clicking “Start”, you also need to choose the image format for storage. When it is completed, you can choose preferred image.  

Updated Functions Ahead

In the future, DVDFab Toolkit is going to be more versatile and intelligent, enabling users to add subtitles to their videos, so that they can be understood better. Besides, this video expert will also sharpen its expertise to stabilize the shaky videos shot by GoPro and any other cameras, smartphones, tablets and others, displaying the most exceptional videos in the world. There is a belief that you will enjoy more powerful services provided by DVDFab Toolkit in the near future.


How do you think of this perfect DVDFab Toolkit, the most authoritative professional researching on videos, audios and images? Want to convert a video or audio to the format your devices support? Ask this versatile converter for help. Desire to crop a video or trim an audio, let DVDFab Toolkit does you a favor. Hope to adjust the video playback speed or make your images more crystal? DVDFab raises his hands. Most importantly, expect a GIF or PIC to make your social networks more broad and vivid? Assign this task to DVDFab Toolkit. The more you use it to convert and edit your videos, audio as well as images, the more your love for it increases. For more information about how to play videos smoothly, you can refer to Outstanding BD Media Player 6.