Everything You Should Know about Deep Dream Generator

AI art is on the rise. You might wonder: What is AI art? Can AI create art now? Look at this picture, it is one example of AI generated image as AI has now expanded itself into the artistic realm. Yes, don’t be so surprised. AI has been applied into many fields and industries, art is just one of them, which could be exemplified by Deep Dream Generator developed by the engineers and scientists of Google company. Shortly, artificial intelligence art is a new form of artwork created using clever algorithms and AI neural network. So, today we would share some thoughts with you regarding Deep Dream Generator as well as AI generated images and AI art.

About Deep Dream Generator

Let’s talk about this AI image generation tool Deep Dream Generator first. People dream, but not a computer. When we dream, our computers could still process big amount of data to deliver new materials, just like Deep Dream Generator. A lot of people are still confused when asked What is Google Deep Dream Generator, here we would explain it briefly. Originally, DeepDream is a Google founded computer vision program, which is aimed at finding and enhancing images patterns based on the existing image data that computer-processed. Gradually, some artiests use Deep Dream Generator and its tools to create artwork, and generate surreal and abstract style visual content. If people aren’t told, they might think these artworks come from some abstract school painters.

Deep Dream Generator explores the insight of a deep neural network, and it could generate hundreds of thousands of artworks based on its various AI algorithms just like the following picture. After learning the artistic work style and pattern, it turns the elephant into the same style abstract art. But, specifically, how does Deep Dream Generator work? How to use Google Deep Dream Generator? Read the next part.

How Does Deep Dream Generator Work?

Deep Dream Generator is based on an artificial neural network (ANN) created by Google company, modelling after the human brain that could process nerve impluses through billions of neurons. Artificial neural network is a computer system that can learn on its own if you provide and feed it data. Within this program, developers guide the Deep Dream Generator to analyze images and then recreate them as new image renderings like abstract artwork. If you’d like to try to generate your own AI art, you could upload images to google Deep Dream Generator, then you’ll see that this AI image generator could turn your images into a completely different style rendering.

Here in Google Deep Dream Generator, it defines the AI image generator tools into 3 different kinds to turn images into a different AI art. Let’s take a look.


DEEP STYLE generate AI art based on a more advanced approach compared to the original Deep Dream’s, with the capability to interpret a painting style and then turn the uploaded image into it.


As simplified tool of the Deep Style, it generates AI art images but couldn’t process advanced transformations, while the speed is much faster than Deep Style.


Initially created to help scientists and engineers of Google better comprehend what a deep neural network is analyzing when given an image. Later Deep Dream Generator uses it to generate a new form of abstract AI art.

How to Generate AI Art with Deep Dream Generator?

In this part, we would elaborate on how to generate AI art with Deep Dream Generator, the creative AI image generation method. Here I’ m going to take a Time Square photo as an example to see what kind of AI art could be generated.

Step 1: Sign up an account at Deep Dream Generator

After you signed up for this AI image generator, you would receive a verification email in your inbox, click the link to verify the account.

Step 2: Upload the Image you’d like to Generate into AI Art

Click the button “Generate” to turn to another page, here you could upload the image that you’d like to turn into AI art to Deep Dream Generator.

Step 3: Choose one Image Style or Upload Your Own Style

Just below the “Upload image” button, there is a section that allows you to choose style from the three different types offered by Deep Dream Generator, Deep Style, Thin Style or Deep Dream.

Then look further, Deep Dream Generator has divided each style with specific image effects as the default one, my style as well as popular styles. You could choose your desired image style or upload the style of your own by clicking the upward arrow button within this AI image generator. Here we would try the “Starry Night” effect to see the result of AI-generated image rendering.

Step 4: Generate the AI Art

Click the Generate button to create your own AI art rendering. Before that, you could choose whether to make your image public or keep it private.

Then you would see a progress bar to notify you that how much time is left to generate your own AI art with Deep Dream Generator. After the process, the AI generated image would be presented to you.

Step 5: Download the AI Generated Image

Voila! The Time Square has been turned into a starry night style romantic artwork! Looks fabulous, a well mix of modern buildings with the romantic color changes.

You might think, is Google Deep Dream Generator the only one AI image generator right now? Absolutely no, next this article is going to introduce you some similar alternative AI image generator to Deep Dream Generator, in a bid to give you a glimpse into the current rising AI application in art and image.

Top 5 Similar Alternatives to Deep Dream Generator


Available Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

RunawayML is a creative AI image generation platform, ranking top 1 for the alternative to Google Deep Dream Generator. Let’s see what could this AI image generator create in terms of artwork and images. The 1st thing it could do is to create AI-generated photos and portraits to avoid the copyright issue, which would be useful for commerce and business websites. Besides, it could also turn images into artworks like a sketch and generate photorealistic images of face or landscapes, colorize the old black-and-white photos, recognizes faces, and match them with reference images.


Available Platform: Web-based

DeepArt ranks the 2nd as one of the top alternatives to Google Deep Dream Generator, which is also an AI image generator to turn our favorite images into Art through AI. This AI image generator could repaint your picture in the style of your favorite master. And the steps are quite simple, just upload photo, choose style and submit to create the AI art. As a saying goes, everyone is an artist of his/her own life. This couldn’t be more true with this alternative to Google Deep Dream Generator. You could become an artist powered with the AI technology. The mission of this AI image generation platform is to empower everyone with a novel artistic painting tool to create and share artistic pictures.


Available Platform: Web-based

Instapainting is the 3rd AI image generation platform similar to Google Deep Dream Generator, which could turn your beloved photo into artwork in seconds powered by its AI neural network. Don’t you want to turn your daily photos into AI realistic style paintings or abstract renderings, just try this AI image generator, you would find that you are an artist as well! Besides, you could print those lovely AI artworks to hang it in your home to add some artistic atmosphere. Come try this photo to painting converter powered by AI technology, AI art of your own style could be generated in just seconds!


Available on: Web-based, iOS & Android app

NightCafe Creator is an AI Art Generator app, ranking the 4th as a good alternative to Google Deep Dream Generator. Based on a technique called neural style transfer, it could to turn your images to any style you choose. This AI image generator has some simple editing tools to help the users to edit their daily photos, like, choosing the rendering intensity, and bring ordinary pictures into masterpieces. You could use it on your photos as well, isn’t it convenient for you to generate your own AI art?

Fotor GoArt

Available on: Web-based, iOS & Android app

FotorGoArt is the last AI image generator on the top list of good alternatives to Google Deep Dream Generator. This AI image generator could be used online or on your mobile phones. To generate your own style AI art, you could try this Photo to painting converter to render them into masterpiece-like artwork. The usage is pretty simple, just upload your photo to this Google Deep Dream Generator alternative, then choose one image style and click generate button, then your AI art masterpiece would be created in just few seconds.

All right, after introducing these top 5 AI image generator and wonderful Google Deep Dream Generator alternatives, you could use the creative tools they offered to make your own AI art. The above has vividly described the AI application in image and art field, as AI art is getting popular.

AI Application in Video Field

Besides these AI image generators, you could also find AI’ presence in video field. For some time since its rising, engineers and scientists has been seeking for ways to refresh old videos, restore its color and add new textures and details based on AI deep learning of various objects like face, background, flowers, brick, moving things and more. And it has successfully achieved that mission by releasing the world’s 1st video upscaler powered by AI super resolution technology — DVDFab Video Enhancer AI.Just like its name sounds, it could enlarge the original video by 300%, upscale from the low-res 480p video to 1080p full HD or enhance from 1080p to 4K, using the top-notch AI super-resolution and neural network technologies combined. Based on the millions of sample training tests, this AI-powered video enhancer has shown great potential in enhancing the video quality exponentially. During the video enhancement process, it is able to add the missing details and textures in a video by analyzing each frame and breaking them down to multiple images to improve one by one. For more info regarding ai upscale video, please refer to this article.

All right, then we shall conclude this article with some final words. This short article, giving you a brief glimpse into what Google Deep Dream Generator is, how it works as well as how to generate AI Art with this Deep Dream Generator, has also elaborated on the best top alternatives to this AI image generation solution Deep Dream Generator as well as the best features of them. If you’d simply like to upscale the image quality with AI, you could find the top 10 AI image upscalers here and check out how to upscale them easily.