Discord is the creation of gamers, but that shouldn't deter you. This free video and text chat service quickly becomes a popular choice for creating public or private communities. Friends can interact immediately via video, voice, or text on Discord, and they can also join servers where larger communities can hang out.

And in the folllowing introduction part, there will be a full list of good pfp discord to help you to better convert your own anime discord pfp. Let's start!

Discord's features are available to any online community. In this article, we'll go over how to make your own animated PFP discord, starting with the requirements, top Discord PFPs for 2022, and a tool for making your Discord PFP.

PFP for Discord

Every aspect of any social media site contributes to the user's overall perception. His profile picture, also known as his Discord PFP, is one of the most potent branding aspects.

Users can only use one avatar or profile photo on Discord, and they cannot move between servers. Remembering this, selecting a cool Discord PFP might help you represent yourself across the platform.

Discord Profile Picture Size and Content Guidance

Like all other online communication services, Discord has limitations regarding the correctness of specific images and the use of an avatar.

First, you must understand the image size limit, which should not exceed as it may harm the channel. On the other hand, tiny photos may appear unattractive and unreadable due to pixelization.

The optimal image size for your Discord PFP is at least 512 by 512 pixels, which is significantly larger than the 180 x 180-pixel minimum.

Discord allows various forms of photographs, cartoon images, memes, and artwork, accepting JPG and the anime gif PFP discord.

Also, there are community standards for image content that you must adhere to, or your Discord PFP submission might get ignored due to a violation of Discord's terms and conditions.

On Discord, no NSFW images are allowed. Explicit nudity or pornographic content, as well as encouraging non-consensual forms of sexuality or portraying minors in sexually provocative situations, are not permitted on this site.

13 Best Discord PFP to Use in 2022

Discord is complete with anime/video games and other fantastically good discord PFP. Choosing a PFP for Discord can be difficult if you're new to either of these. As a result, we've compiled a list of the top of what we consider to be the best Discord profile images.

My Hero Academia 

This photograph of a young Midoriya Izuku radiates a tired atmosphere. The poor child has no idea what is ahead for him. It's a low-key affair.

Re: Zero

Rem, a discord anime PFP character, captured the hearts of everyone who watched the show in 2016. With Season 2 behind us, now is the ideal time to indicate that you're on Rem's side.

Kermit, the Frog 

Here is another anime PFP discord. Kermit, the frog, is a favorite of ours. Make everyone's day a little brighter by using his happy photo.


Instead of sweetness, you might enjoy this humorous profile picture. Shrek, what happened to your beautiful face?

Persona 5 

If you're a fan of the Persona franchise, I'd like to offer you this profile image. The Joker, as always, looks gorgeous.

Zero Two

Even if you haven't seen the good Discord PFP anime, there's a good chance you've seen her photos circulating the internet. These will make your Discord profile stand out in a crowd. Here's a picture of the 2018 sensation, Zero Two.

Rikka Takanashi 

Rikka Takanashi is a beloved anime character. Even if you haven't seen the anime, you can use this profile image to show off your anime taste on Discord.


Eri is a Boku no Hero Academia character. Every viewer understands how much this adorable toddler is appreciated.


Rem, the anime character captivated the hearts of everybody who watched the episode in 2016. With Season 2 just on the way, now is the ideal time to prove that you're on Rem's side.


If you're on Emilia's side (like me), I've got the perfect solution for you. Emilia from Re: Zero is pictured here.

Yoda, the Kid

This is for the Star Wars fans. This Baby Yoda graphic will brighten up your Discord profile.

Dragon's Sin of Wrath

Meliodas is a character from Nanatsu no Taizai. This image reminds me of when this anime was good. The profile photo, on the other hand, is still really great.


Another anime character who is well-known for his appearance is Astolfo. That's right; you read that correctly. Astolfo is a man who has the appearance of a woman.

Best Discord PFP Maker Software In 2022 

If you're one of the users that want to make custom anime Discord PFP or other Discord PFPs, this is a great way to show off your creativity.

It takes time and works to create a superb Discord PFP or avatar that is distinctive and accurately communicates your brand's narrative. You can use various software solutions for this, but because the process is simple and accessible, a practical program like Video Editor Video Editor is a good choice.

Video Editor Video Editor

DVDFab Video Editor is an excellent video editor that will help you create a catchy anime Discord PFP within seconds. It will support you to change your ideas into reality. The users will get free chances to experience their imaginations. Moreover, it is the recommended selection for naïve users. 


  • It will offer you the latest tools to make modern animated discord PFP and video projects with its easy-to-use interface. 
  • You can also shorten the lengthier videos into short clips, remove unnecessary parts, even modify them from each aspect as you want. 
  • Video Editor will let you quickly extract the important video or image part to show it. 

How to Use Video Editor Video Editor?

  • First, download and launch the software and add media files while choosing the screen ratio.
  • Choose import files, select video, image, or song, and upload files to the software's timeline.
  • Click on the required editing tool and apply the required functions.
  • Once all modifications are applied, click on the export button. Finally, choose format, quality, and duration to finalize the process.

Filmora Video Editor 

This is another best video editor to empower you to make the best PFP for Discord. It landed with extraordinary 4K editing power, GIF support, noise removal, color tuning, and other advanced text editors. You can also edit and export videos at more than 4K resolution. Moreover, you will enjoy mixing audio, stabilizing video, detecting scenes, equalizing audio, and many more.


  • You can make your Discord animated PFP and share them with the world. 
  • The software has an easy-to-use structure and defining features.
  • You can make your styles according to your desires.   

Using steps 

Designing a good PFP for Discord in a visual suite like Filmora is a simple procedure with only a few steps.

  • Begin by choosing or selecting the image that will serve as the foundation for your avatar. You may get it from specific discord PFP sites or search for it straight on Google.
  • Then, in a new project, upload the chosen image and scale it to meet your preferred Discord proportions. To optimize PFP for Discord, go to Effects > Utility > Image Mask and change the form.
  • You can further enhance the aesthetic or textual features of the primary image by adding overlays to it to customize the Discord PFP avatar.
  • You may also use Discord GIF PFPs to attract the most attention. In every chat, you're a part of, a GIF avatar that leaps off the page demonstrates a great sense of inventiveness.

Submitting your Discord server to server directories or websites that allow you to post a listing for your server is one of the strategies to carry out Discord server growth.


Disboard is a clear leader in the industry regarding server listings. Why? Because this site explores servers by category, one must be sure to select the appropriate category when entering. Whether you have a music or gaming server, there is almost certainly a category for it, and if not, there is also any "other" server category, so don't worry.

Top. Gg

Another good server listing site is top.gg. It features an excellent user interface for adding servers and bots. The users' comments on the custom server listing pages are a fantastic site element that allows you to participate in a great community.

Discord Servers.com 

Cool Discord Servers is another recommended server listing website to grow your Discord server and associated  Cool Discord PFP. It allows people to add your listing to category pages such as Minecraft, Programming, Anime, etc. And, because this server is so large, there's a good possibility you'll find your category here.

Adding your Good Discord PFP server to this list, on the other hand, will necessitate the installation of a bot on your server.


So that's the basis of making tremendous Discord PFPs in 2022! With Video Editor Video Editor – your only Discord PFP avatar builder – you may take a cue from the best-performing PFP for Discord and follow your creative guidelines!

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