Is there any video editing software to edit video free? How to edit a video on Mac/Windows/online free and easily? When I am stuck in a fairly tight budget, looking to edit a video free can be a top priority, because there are always video editing tools that can be applied to edit vide free. I am video buff keen on editing a video just for personal use including uploading it on social media site to increase followers or just for storage, and collecting my edited video to make a DVD for playback on TV or PC with large screen. If you are seeking to edit a video in a professional but free way so that your edited video can be used for marketing promotion, the following listed solutions can also be for your option, since each recommended video editing program has its master card to make your footage stunning and appealing for the ultimate goal of boosting conversion and ROI.

PART 1: How to Edit Video Free on Windows

Despite the fact that there are numerous Windows-based video editing programs on the market, it’s still imperative that you shall make the right choice. To save you time choosing from an ocean of tools and tutorials, you can resort to the following guideline on how to edit a video on Windows free with the fabulous video editing software, Video Editor.

Step 1: Download and launch Video Editor for free

Install this Windows-based video editing software after free download from its official website, then there will pop up a reminder asking you to choose video aspect ratio to preview video with desired size on the editing window.

Edit Video Free on Windows with Video Editor

Step 2: Apply Effects and edit video free from the toolbar

After importing video to program, move to the left panel to choose from the given Effects (Audio, Text, Filters, Overlays, Transitions, Elements) and apply them to your video as you like. Then go to the Toolbar and edit video with special features including adjusting video speed, background color, color correction (brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, highlight, and shadow), reverse and rotate, volume (fade in & out) , split clips, crop screen size, zoom in & out, add Mosaic to cover minute details, opening  Freeze Frame, set duration, add record voiceover, cut out green screen, apply speech and text conversion…

How to Edit a Video Free with Video Editor

Meanwhile, on the bottom left are some buttons through which you can choose to lock or unlock the simple features like audio, text, and voiceover. Just select your wanted features to edit a video and create your own masterpiece as per personal need.

Step 3: Export the video in your wanted file format

You can export the edited video as Project file, Video file, Audio file, or share on social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and Google Drive for personal use. Note that you can choose your desired video and audio quality from the drop-down options.

Export in Various Forms after Editing a Video

The above steps are about how to edit a video on Windows free and easily with simple clicks supported by professional editing features of Video Editor. No learning curve at all for beginners. For more detailed user guide, click here.

Alternative: Microsoft Movie Moments

A simple and free video editing tool that enables you to add elements such as titles and background music to your videos. Besides, you can add some fade-to-black transitions effects to videos or open freeze frame as expected.

PS: I have tried this tool to edit video free and can share my edited videos across the web without a hitch. You can download this tool for free in the Windows store.

PART 2: How to Edit Video on Mac Free

If you are a Mac user, you might wonder how to edit a video on Mac. To edit video free, Apple iMovie shall be your first choice, for it is a free and user-friendly video editing program with a wide range of features including 4k resolution support and slideshows. With the latest version, you can process videos at a speed as high as 60 frames per second. Meanwhile, videos, audios, and photos can be imported from iCoud. Now let’s move to how to edit videos on Mac for free.

How to Edit Videos on Mac Free with iMovie

Step 1: Open iMovie, click Projects to create New

Media (library of footage, stills, and audios), Projects (main workspace: Movie for editing and Trailer for making short clips), and Theatre (finished projects) are displayed at the top of the window where you can select them for diverse purposes. Import video file from Media tab for later edit.

Step 2: Start to edit a video on the timeline

When you enter Project (Movie) workspace after loading your video from media, there will pop up a timeline on which you can edit video, sound, music, effects, and titles to make your own work. With the basic editing features, you can split a video (drag the slider to remove the beginning or end of a clip), split an audio (drag the slider to zoom in and out on the timeline), add some stock background music to video (fade in and out via dragging on the beginning or end), add transitions to video (drag the chosen transition on the given templates into your movie at the proper place on the timeline), add titles to project (engage audience’s attention or make your video better understood).

Step 3: Export your edited video

Once you finish editing a video, press Export button to finalize the video for later use, save it on Theater, iCloud or iTunes, email to friends, upload on YouTube, Facebook, and other video sharing sites. This is how to edit a video on Mac with iMovie for free. A breeze for novice users.

Alternative: Openshot

This open-source video editing software, available on Win, Mac, and Linux, resembles iMovie in its drag & drop interface, but abounds with more features including unlimited layers, audio mixing, title templates/creation, subtitles, 3D animations, and watermarks. However, it’s not that easy to find reliable tutorials, meaning beginners have to explore how to edit a video on their own.

PART 3: How to Edit a Video Online Free

There might be occasions when you dislike software installation on PC, eager for editing a video online. Never mind! Here comes a good solution to edit video free online regardless of download, unknown or bundled software. Among all online video editing tools, here recommends you to try out WeVideo. Look at below how-to guide.

Edit Video Free Online with WeVideo

Step 1: Register WeVideo and enter its dashboard

As a beginner, sign up for this online video editing program for free via Google, Facebook, or email. For advanced features, you shall upgrade to its paid version. In addition, you need to apply Invite Code to connect your account to the network so as to proceed with editing tasks.

Step 2: Start to edit video free

When you enter the dashboard, there will appear a pop-up window asking you to select your wanted aspect ratio. Then browse to select video from the local library, or drag & drop it on the interface, even load from Google Drive, Facebook, Instagram, Box, Dropbox, or OneDrive. Then go to edit a video as you like. You can add text free from the given templates, background music (Free Music for free account), transitions, and background effects to your video. If you intend to trim the video clips, click your loaded video for play in the preview window where you can click and drag the slide to trim the beginning or end of the video. Moreover, you can add record from Webcam or Screen, or narrate your own voice to the video.

Step 3: Hit Finish and wait for the final work

Once done, tab Finish to have your or my edited video. Note that Free Account enables you to store up to 1 GB and export up to 5 minutes of 720p video per month for free. Besides, any exported videos finished on a Free or Trial account will contain a WeVideo watermark throughout the video and a bumper placed at the end of the video. To remove the watermark and bumper, you shall subscribe to a Premium account.

Alternative: Clipchamp

This is also stunning online video editing software that allows you to edit a video with packed features. You can try out its basic plan for free, which enables you to edit your own video, image, and audio files, add titles, filters, and visual effects (including slow motion, black and white, blur), export your video in 480p without watermarks if you use your own media files. You can gain access to the library of stock videos, backgrounds, sound effects and music (watermarked for paid account).

Up to till now, we have discussed three ways as to how to edit a video on Mac, edit a video on Windows and online free and easily. Next time when you want to edit video free on different platforms, bear these solutions in mind so as to save save twists and turns.

More Tips for You to Edit Video Free

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