Which Facebook video editor would you like to choose when you are unhappy with the uploaded video clips on your Facebook post? With the advent of explosive popularity of streaming media and short videos, an increasing number of businesses are turning to Facebook video ads for growth in conversion rate, and Facebook enthusiasts are keen on posting short and funny videos to increase followers or retain momentous events. Considering these, it’s imperative to grasp how to edit a video from Facebook fast and easily, even for free, so as to upload your polished video footage as expected. If you are seeking stunning video editors for Facebook and wonder how to edit Facebook video in a breeze, you are in luck. Read on for more details.

Table of Contents

PART 1: Online Video Editor for Facebook

             Facebook Video Editor


PART 2: Windows-based Facebook Video Editor

             Video Editor

PART 3: Facebook Video Editor for macOS Users


PART 4: Upscale Resolution While Editing Facebook Videos

              DVDFab Video Converter


PART 1: Online Video Editor for Facebook

Facebook Video Editor

If you are a Facebook buff, the first thing that comes to your mind might be ‘Does Facebook have a video editor? and ‘How can I edit Facebook video?’ Indeed, Facebook has a simple and easy video editor without upgrade for years, thus driving it far behind YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram due to its extremely limited features. Why is that? Facebook video edit is not the core business and there are countless video editing tools on the market. What you shall do is upload your polished video on Facebook for both business and personal use. That’s the point.

Facebook Video Editor with Limited Features

How Do I Edit Facebook Video with Built-in Facebook Video Editor?


Login your Facebook account and go to ‘Video’ Library under ‘Publishing Tools’ on your ‘Page’.


Choose the video you want to edit and hit ‘Action’ button.


Click ‘Edit’ and ‘Save’.

Note that what you can do with Facebook video editor is chop off the end and toggle on & off the video sound. Sound unbelievable, yes? Any good alternative for Facebook video edit?

Wave.video - Best Online Facebook Video Editor

Wave.video is a marvelous web-based video marketing platform designed to make, edit, share, and host videos, which conforms to big or small business needs, bloggers, entrepreneurs, or social media buffs. Equipped with ample stock library for videos and images, and customized options including text color, watermarks, custom fonts and logos, you can make and edit videos with simple clicks, export and share your perfect videos directly on various platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Twitter, Dropbox, Google Drive, and HubSpot.

Best Online Video Editor fot Facebook

More importantly, it will automatically produces a custom video landing page that covers your video, texts (heading & description) and a call-to-action button for your business marketing. Besides, you can download the video to your computer in MP4 video format. Sign up it for free but with limited features or turn to its paid version for advanced editing tools if you want to edit Facebook videos perfectly.

PART 2: Windows-based Facebook Video Editor

If you are seeking professional but easy-to-use video editors for Facebook video ads, here comes an optimal solution for you to cut corners.

Video Editor - Best Professional Video Editor for Facebook

This Windows-based Facebook video editor enables you to edit Facebook videos with considerate basic tools including trimming, cropping, split, rotate, reverse, video speed change, volume adjustment, color correction, mosaic, freeze frame, set duration, mute audio, PIP, Speech & Text Converter...and tons of transitions, filters, sound effects, elements... Above all, it can export various but quality Full HD video and audio files for other use. That being said, you can edit Facebook video to perfection and convert it to various video/audio formats as needed. Killing two birds with one stone is always an astonishing thing!

Best Windows-based Video Editor Facebook for Business and Personal Use

How to Edit a Video from Facebook with Video Editor

With intuitive and simple-to-use interface, Video Editor has no steep learning curve, suitable for beginners, enthusiasts, and professionals to create video masterpieces. What you shall do is as follows.


Download and launch the video editor for Facebook

Try Video Editor for free or register it with activation code from its official website. Run the program and choose desired aspect ratio (9:16, 16:9 & 4:3).


Import file and start to edit Facebook videos

download streaming video via professional downloader with turbo speed but peak quality. Alternatively, download video from Facebook with Chrome Browser or Android app. Note that if you want to edit Facebook videos before upload, ignore the above download process. Once done, import video file and proceed with Facebook video editing tasks as you like. Make best use of the magnetic timeline, basic edit toolbar, and special effects.

Download Uploaded Video before Editing Facebook Videos


Export Facebook video edited to your wanted formats

Within simple clicks, you can get your final works beyond expectation. All editing features are at your fingers.

How to Edit a Video from Facebook with Packed Features

PART 3: Facebook Video Editor for macOS Users

For macOS user, there are some video editing tools available on the market. If you wonder how to edit Facebook videos for free and easily, you might as well turn to below video editing Facebook program.

iMovie - Best Free Facebook Video Editor

iMovie is always a nice choice when it comes to editing Facebook videos for simple business use or personal need. You can take iMovie as a free but easy  video editor Facebook tool.

How to Edit Facebook Videos on iMovie Free

But how to edit a video from Facebook? Same as above, download your uploaded Facebook video first, open iMovie, and create a new Project by importing the Facebook video you want to edit. Then start to edit Facebook video on the timeline with customized options including cropping, rotate, stabilization, video effects & transitions, video speed change, color settings, and audio/music editing. Once done, export the edited Facebook video and post the final product on the Facebook site. If you haven’t uploaded video on Facebook, no need to download before Facebook video editing.

PART 4: Upscale Resolution While Editing Video Facebook Video

There might be times when you aim to upscale video from low-resolution to higher one while editing Facebook videos so as to present audience with crystal-clear image for the better understanding of video content. User experience shall always comes first if you strive for superb Facebook video edit with a view to boosting conversion rate and RIO.

DVDFab Video Converter: Upscale Edited Facebook Video

DVDFab Video Converter is not only a video transcoding program (convert video and audio between all mainstream formats), but a video compressor (convert large video file to smaller one) and video editor (offer basic video editing tools like trimming, cropping, merging, rotate, music, watermarks, subtitles, brightness, contrast, and saturation). More importantly, it works seamlessly with Enlarger AI (AI-powered video enhancer) to upscale video from 360p to 1080p based on neural networks and deep learning.

Best Facebook Video Editor to Upscale Video

How to Edit Facebook Video with Video Converter

This video editor for Facebook is available on Windows and macOS, with 30-day free trial. Intuitive interface leads to amazing user experience. Totally in a breeze.


Free download, launch Video Converter and load video file

Suppose you edit Facebook video before upload. Download the Facebook video editor from DVDFab official site (for latest version) and import video file.

 Download Now (Win)  Download Now (Mac)

Choose output profile and edit Facebook video

Choose Enlarger AI (MP4.AI) from the drop-down menu, hit the Wrench icon (Advanced Settings) to set video/audio parameters, and Pen icon for Video Edit. You can add watermark, subtitles or music to your video, trim, crop or rotate video, even adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation.

How to Edit a Video from Facebook and Upscale Video Resolution


Upload the edited Facebook video

After finishing editing video Facebook, you can upload it via the Export button. This video editor Facebook program offers you a quick access to uploading video on your Page.

With this AI-powered video editor for Facebook, you can import low-res video, say 360p or 480p, but export Full HD (1080p) while editing video for better viewing with basic editing features. This is a remarkable solution to ai upscale video quality radically.

Final Thought

In this article, you have known the best Facebook video editors for different platforms and purposes, and further mastered how to edit a video from Facebook after posting or how to edit Facebook video before upload. Next time when you want to polish your Facebook video ads or personal post, do not forget these video editors for Facebook. Which one would you prefer? It's up to you! ACT NOW to have a  try! One more word, want to know how to edit YouTube video? Click here.