When you are looking for FLV players that would be compatible with different operating systems, here are some popular and reliable software listed for those searching for FLV player. Whether you are working with Windows, MAC, iOS or Android devices, you can look up the following software programs as FLV video player that would offer FLV file support and other features as well.


Part 1: Top 5 FLV players for Windows


1.    DVDFab Player 5

This particular software features a playback engine that is new and has improved technology features such as compatibility, playback smoothness and stability. It offers advantages like:

This particular best FLV player has a user interface that has been redesigned to support playback modes for TV and PC. It can support playback for DVDs, Blu-rays and 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays with the high-resolution audio output.

flv player for windows

The unique features of this player are the following:

●        The user interface has been redesigned and has two playback modes, a PC and a TV playback mode which makes media watching immersive as per the screen you are watching on.

●        The navigation menu is present that ensures premium viewing of media and control on playback. The menu support for playback exists for DVDs, Blu-rays, new generation 4K Ultra Blu-ray, discs and ripped ISO image files.

●        All round playback for 3D TV is another useful feature of this player.

●        HDR10 is a playback mode that ensures image quality to be crystal clear with faster frame rates, higher resolution, more color, and better contrast.

●        The acoustic system of the player has channel support for Dolby Atmos, DTS-HD Master, DTS:X, Dolby TrueHD.

●        Files that this player can support include most media formats and are not limited to VOB, MOV, MKV, MP4, M2TS, and others.

●        Those who are chasers of TV shows will also be able to collect them easily with the drag and drop feature; this allows entire seasons and movies of the same series to be added to playlists. These can help create playlists which can be repeated for playing, sorted in different orders and so forth.

These are some of the varied features that this premier player software offers to Windows users.


2.    VLC

Being part of Video LAN Corporation, this player software is popular for most Windows-based computer users, even as FLV player windows 10. The key aspects that stand out for this software suite are capacity to support large formats, take up less space in a computer and hence reduce system resource usage.

free flv player


3.    MPC HC

This is another FLV player software suite available for Windows. It is often preferred by many Windows users since it is easy to understand and operate and has features that are easy and practical. It is easy to install and get started with its features.

flv video player


4.    KM player

This player is part of the audiovisual software solution offered by KMP media. It is a reliable software whose reviews are positive as posted by most users. What you get with this software, FLV player windows, is an easy user interface that is intuitive and supportive. Outlook is also perfect when it comes to novice users.

flv media player


5.    M player

This is another software that is provided by the M player team. There are several key features that it supports, such as distant media play with remote support offered. The interface outlook is easy to understand and use as free FLV player.

flv file player


Part 2: Top 5 FLV players for MAC

If you are looking for the top choices among FLV players for MAC here are the best five:


1.    QuickTime

This particular software is the best for Apple devices or FLV player MAC. It comes pre-installed with most iOS and you can expect the best of Apple support as well as multiple formats that help increase usability for the users.

flv player for mac


2.    5K player

It is a player that can be downloaded for your MAC computer. The key features that it provides include TV support which integrates with online streaming easily. Supportive functions also help user run the process. The user interface of the software is also easy to follow.


3.    Movist

This is another software that is available for download and would suit MAC OS as FLV media player. The FLV player can support different file formats which makes it a versatile player. The outlook of the player is also attractive that makes it easy to operate, maintain and so forth.

flv player for mac

The player is the best for many who have also rated the player high on usability, stating that the playback is easy on it.


4.    MPV

This player was initially started as an open source project. There are certain unique features that it offers as MAC FLV player such as glass theme that comes by default and becomes available in the free version. There are large buttons that help impaired people since it is easy to operate.

flv player for mac


5.    M player OX

This FLV file player is also offered as an open source application. Being available for download by MAC users, the key features include an overall outlook that makes it functional at best. Interface additions are optional, making it possible for users to toggle with the different features.

flv player for mac


Part 3: Top 5 FLV players for iOS

The list of software in this category includes the top five as mentioned below:


1.    DIVX

This is a software that has gained much popularity in this category. There are several features that make this program fit among FLV players and other format files on a MAC OS system. Its key feature is support for 100 formats which is a huge range to choose from. Live streaming, as well as channel support, is also present with this program.

ios flv player


2.    AV player

This is another popular media player that is available for iOS device users. Besides the usual player features, what it provides is full support 64 bit and playback is easy. There is also multi-device support that is provided. It is also a crash preventing application.

flv player for ios


3.    Stream to ME

This particular application can be found on iTunes for easy download. It offers fast downloads by the mere click of a button as well as 4K support which ensures advanced audio-visual files playing smoothly on iOS mobile devices.

flv player for ios


4.    nPlayer

This is a software brought to the users of iPhone or iPad by NewIn Inc. There are several features that are part of this software such as Dolby AC3 support. File sorter is added to the features which help to save time. The main advantage is that the app is ready to help and can extend to whatever is required for FLV files.

flv player for ios


5.    Good Player

CPU decoding is supported by this player. Another advantage of this player is that system resources are also used less and hence, there is no load on the system when large video files are being played. Wi-Fi playing is also supported for which remote operation is also possible. Many users have also stated that this app provides the best out of iPhone or any iDevice.

ios flv player


Part 4: Top 5 FLV players for Android

If you are looking for FLV players that would be compatible with Android devices, there are several such player software that you could consider. The top five are listed here:


1.    MX Player

This software is a popular one and found easily among Android apps. Offered by J2 Interactive, there are several features that are unique of this player. These comprise of hardware acceleration which is supported to make processing fast; multi-coding format support is another feature that enables playing of diverse multimedia files.

flv player for android


2.    QQ player

This software is offered by Ten Cent. There are certain features that this player offers which makes it suitable for running on Android OS. These include support of popular audio-visual file formats; SMI plug-in is an aspect that is present so that addition of subtitles is also possible. Most users of the software are impressed with the core technology that ensures smooth working of the application on compatible Android OS.

flv player for android


3.    EMIT

flv player for android


You might not have come across this title before but offered by a software developer BioKoda; it offers certain advantages that make it an advantageous app to use. Live stream to devices is possible along with channel support. MKV subtitles that are embedded come out on this application and the process of adding them is easy. Most users have stated that switching functionality makes this app unique.


4.    YX Player

This particular software, offered by Jin Yongxu, includes some functions that are unique. These include H.264 support which takes the app as FLV player android to a higher level compared to other basic applications. Most popular formats are played with ease and Dixv support is also present.

flv player for android


5.    Cine X player

This software, provided by NXP software BV, allows all formats to play and there is no glitch as FLV player for android. There have been recent updates added to the software to ensure that live streaming is supported.

flv player for android




The above player descriptions showcase what you can get with different FLV player online software and unique aspects of each. For those who are Windows computer users, they can opt for DVDFab Player 5 which has several states of the art technology aspects that ensure that this player can stand up to streaming or playing of different multimedia files and formats. You could opt for FLV player free but for complete features, the professional and paid version is required.