MKV files are usually the preferred format for high-quality videos which are contained in Mastroska container formats. However, many common video players are unable to play this format on Windows. Even on Mac, they won’t run in the standard media player. However, it does not take much to get these videos playing on your device by importing the correct codec or by installation a free MKV player. Below we will look at some of the best free MKV players that you can give it a try and since these all are free, you choose any one of them which suits your needs the best.


DVDFab Player 5 (Windows and Mac)

free mkv player

DVDFab Player 5 comes from the house of the famous brand DVDFab and supports all major and even lesser known media codecs. It is the best MKV player you can get out there. It supports playback of the highest quality media files like 4K videos and 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays. Menu playback of DVDs/Blu-rays/UHD Blu-rays is also supported. It provides two playback modes, namely PC mode and TV mode to fulfill your different needs. When using TV mode, you can control the player with the Remote control of Window Media Center and shortcut keys.

DVDFab Player 5 has a sleek professional interface which provides you with least distractions and the most of your MKV playback experience.

It comes with the functionality of adjustable thumbnails which you can use to locate your favorite scenes in a movie quickly. You can make custom playlists with DVDFab Player 5 to watch a complete season of your favorite series or just a playlist of best dance videos.


VLC (Mac and Windows)

free mkv player

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. VLC is the preferred way to go not only when you are looking for a free MKV player but for any video or audio format. No matter which format media file you throw at VLC, it plays all. VLC is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.


KMPlayer (Mac and Windows)

free mkv player

KMPlayer though less popular than VLC offers a similarly wide range support in terms of playing different media files. It can take the role of free MKV player on your Windows or Mac computer easily and handle any other media file too. For Windows, there is a 64-bit beta version as well as a 32-bit old but stable version. The application is available for Android and iPhone too.


FreeSmith Video Player (Windows)

free mkv player for windows

This free MKV player supports playback of high-quality videos like Blu-rays. What’s not to like is probably the absence of controls in full-screen mode unless you right click on the screen to make them visible. There are hotkeys for this purpose but still, controls should appear on mouse movement or any button click. It has some basic functionalities that you will usually look for in an MKV player like support for subtitles, screenshot and easy way to make a playlist.


Elmedia Player (Mac)

free mkv player for mac

The free version of Elmedia Player supports playback of MKV files. It comes with accelerated hardware decoding technology which reduces the load on your computer processor while playing high-quality files and therefore avoids any lags. There are many other features that this free MKV player for Mac offers like 10-band equalizer, video tuner, adjustable aspect ratio, adjustable font, color, size and encoding of subtitles etc. You can take screenshots of your MKV video playback and save the images in GIF, TIFF or PNG.


MKV Player (Windows)

free mkv player for windows

MKV Player from developers Vsevensoft is one of their highly specialized application from their large basket of small media software. It is a freeware, which means it is completely free to use in any setting. It comes with all the basic functionalities and that’s its USP. You should use this software only if you want to keep things very simple because while it supports every basic functionality like play, pause, seek, fullscreen, creating a playlist, basic search, selection of language and subtitles; that’s all about it. The UI is not graphically optimised, you don’t have the right arrow icon for play or the square icon for stop, but rather the buttons are named with words.

The good thing about having the focus on basic functionalities is that the software is extremely light on your computer and even on an old computer this application will easily play high-quality MKV files.


Kodi (Mac and Windows)

free mkv player

Kodi is more of a home media hub than just a media player. To call it just a free MKV player would just be undermining what all Kodi player is capable of. Earlier known as XBMC, it is available practically for all operating systems out there.

You can stream videos over the internet as well as use it to handle your large media collection on your computer. It can download posters, movie and show information in addition to the just the basic metadata that iTunes or Windows Media Player does.

That’s our list of top 7 free MKV players. These all are the best yet free MKV players out there, and DVDFab Player 5 is definitely the best of the best. But you are free to select anyone of them and give a try to another one if one doesn’t work out for you.