In the current days, the MP3 players are used widely by the music lovers for listening to high definition music and creating extensive music libraries. The portable Mp3 player can also be carried everywhere for the ease of listening to music, and it can also save the digital music files in the MP3 format directly onto the device either from the computer or the notebook. Thus the trend of using MP3 players are increasing gradually which have also increased the demand of MP3 players in the market along with the compatibility in all platforms. In this article, we would discuss the best Mp3 players that are compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.   


Part 1:Top 20 Best Free MP3 Players


The Best Free MP3 Players for Windows

So, in this article, we have listed Top20 Best Free MP3 players. All of these players offer the best quality, features, and functionality for the Windows operating system are as mentioned below:

1.      Foobar2000

free mp3 player

It is one of the lightest free MP3 music players that can be downloaded with the install size of 3MB only. This app is highly customizable, and a lot of features can be added from the advanced playback controls to the audio encoding.  

2.      Winamp

free mp3 player

Winamp is one of the most popular and widely used MP3 music players,which is convenient and flexible in handling and operation. It is the favorite music player of most of the users. It handles an extensive music library with many playlists as well. 

3.      MusicBee

free mp3 player

It is an excellent music player that combines the excellence of Winamp’s features at handling large libraries with powerful features such as support for plugins. It has the capability to pull lyrics for the songs automatically and is also a good podcast manager.

4.      MediaMonkey

free mp3 player

It is a good music player with excellent features and functionalities. It can create a smart playlist, and the library organization can be done with this app automatically. It can manage an extensive collection of music and sync with the iOS devices.

5.      Dopamine

free mp3 player for windows

This music player has an excellent look and feels with an easy to navigate interface and also have the option for some customizations in the MP3 player that can be done to improve Dopamine’s interface.


The Best Free MP3 Players for MAC

The MP3 players of best features and functionality for the Mac operating system are as mentioned below:

1.      Decibel

free mp3 music player for mac

The Decibel music player looks similar to the iTunes, and it tries to serve the audiophiles by supporting all the lossless audio formats that include Wavpack, FLAC, etc. It offers gapless playback for the lossless audio formats as well.

2.      Ecoute

free mp3 music player for mac

It is a standalone free Mp3 music player that significantly acts as an extension of the iTunes. The Ecoute app makes the library management easier and can manage the podcasts well in the iTunes library. It can grab the metadata with iTunes and is compatible with the services like Facebook and Twitter.

3.      Vox

free mp3 music player for mac

This is a free mp3 online playerthat plays a wide range of lossless audio files similar to the Decibel. The equalizer of the Vox music player can tinker with the audio format, and it can be used to convert the tracks to 5.1 or 7.1 formats.

4.      Play

free mp3 music player for mac

This free music MP3 player supports the same audio file formats as the Decibel does and also supports gapless playback for the lossless formats as well. It supports the feature of replay gain that makes to play the music at the same volume level.

5.      Tomahawk

free mp3 music player for mac

Apart from the Mac operating system, this music player is also compatible with Windows, Linux, and Ubuntu. It can import the music which is already there on the computer. Any new music can also be uploaded through scheduled scans, or by dragging and dropping them into the Tomahawk library.


The Best Free MP3 Players for Android

The best free Android mp3 player appsare as mentioned below:

1.      BlackPlayer

free mp3 player for android

The BlackPlayer is an elegant free MP3 player for Android with simple features that operate on a tab structure, and the tab can be customized to use the ones that are desired. It consists of an equalizer, widgets, themes, no ads, scrobbling, etc.    

2.      AIMP

free mp3 player for android

This is a powerful free MP3 player online for the Android platform that supports the most common music file types including the mainstays like MP4, MP3, FLAC, etc. This music player also provides the option for theming, customization, and other fun stuff. 

3.      JetAudio HD

free mp3 player for android

It is one of the favorite music player apps of Android users, which has enough features but still it is quite simple to use. It features a variety of audio enhancements that come as plugins. It also has an equalizer, MIDI playback, etc. 

4.      MusicoletMusic Player

free mp3 player for android

This is a free MP3 player app that has a lot of desirable feature with a lightweight UI and a small APK size. It features an equalizer, a tag editor, widgets, support for embedded lyrics, folder browsing, etc. 

5.      Neutron Player

free mp3 player for android

This app features a 32/64-bit audio rendering engine that is independent of the Android Operating System. It helps in music sound better and also supports more than a single file type along with a built-in equalizer.


The Best Free MP3 Players for iOS

The best featured MP3 players for the iOS operating system are as mentioned below:

1.      Beat

free mp3 player for ios

It is a gorgeous music player that is used on iOS. It uses gestures for the playback options, and it has a minimalist interface. The songs can be played serially by swiping horizontally. 

2.      Musixmatch

free mp3 player for ios

This music player has a nice widget that shows the lyrics for the song which is being currently played in the music app. The Notification Centre widget highlights the line which is currently played.

3.      Stringer

free mp3 player for ios

This music player application has a neat interface that models itself around a string. In this player, the songs in the current playlist are shown on a string. The songs can also be dragged to the string. 

4.      Listen

free mp3 player for ios

It is also a minimalist music player that shows one big circle with the album art, and seek bar that borders around the circle. By tapping and holding this circle one can see icons such as favorite, shuffle, repeat, etc.

5.      Groove

free mp3 player for ios

This app has a unique feature of creating 25 song playlists which are configurable from 15 to 35 songs, based on the listening habits of the users, artists, genre, etc.  


Part 2:The Most Versatile Player to Play MP3 & 4K Videos

DVDFab Player 5 is considered as one of the best players to play MP3 and any videos, including 4K and HEVC videos. It also is the best 4K UHD Media Player in the world with the menu and HDR10 support on 4K ultra HD Blu-rays. Ofcourse, it also can play all kinds of DVDs and Blu-rays with menu support.

This 4K video player comes with stylish outlook and two playback modes which bring different viewing experience on PC and TV. For people who love watching 3D movies, Player 5 is also the best choice, for it is re-invented with an all new playback engineand is capable of 3D playback on any 3D media contents.

player 5 to play both videos and audios

When talking about the output quality, DVDFab will never let you down. Except for outputting crystal clear image quality, DVDFab Player 5 can also output lossless high-resolution audios, such as Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master and DTS:X etc., with up to 7.1 channel output support.



All the discussed MP3 players are the best-featured players at its respective compatible status that enhances the overall performance of the music players with better quality sound and support on audio output formats. All these players are capable enough to playback the music smoothly up to the significantly higher levels.

YouTube also provides many free and beautiful songs, and if you want to download YouTube music videos to MP3 for playback on your MP3 player, please check how to download youtube playlist to mp3.