Sincevideos have come in the mainstream content business, video editing apps are evolving which let you edit your videos to a greater extent.

When you record a video, you need to edit it to make it look professional, and that is where you need software or apps that help you edit your videos.

Moreover, videos may or may not be professional only. They might be personal videos such as a trip video, a dance video, or anything else.


Part 1: 6 Best Free Video Editing Apps for Android and iOS


1.     WeVideo

iOS | Android – Free

free video editing apps for ios and android

WeVideo is a cloud-based video editing app that is growing at a rapid pace. It offers some of the very advanced features including the ability to share videos in 4K, audio editing, a library of licensed music that can be used commercially. The free version is a bit limited, but the full paid version is quite great.

If you use a free version, it leaves WeVideo watermark on the videos which you might or might not prefer. So, accordingly, you can use either free or the premium version of it.

Few of its features:

1. You can trim videos, and arrange various video clips.

2. You can add Titles and captions to yourvideos.

4. You can edit videos and photos from your phone’s gallery or from camera.

5. You can add texts in the video which is quite useful when you want to give some textual information in the video.

6. Audio editing can be done as well.

7. Various video enhancing filters are available.

2.     PicPlayPost

iOS | Android – Free

free video editing app

Many of us must have tried creating photo collage which looks amazing, and good for having collection many photos together. But, the awesomeness is when you have something to create video collage.

PicPlayPost is a free app for Android and iOS that allows you to create video collage without much hassle.

Few of its Features:

1. You can make side by side videos and photos.

2. You can trim the video segment that you want to import.

3. You can create video collage up to 6 videos or gifs. Moreover, the limit can be increased when you upgrade for Pro version.

4. You can put your watermark on video collage.

5. Memescan be generated as well.

There are lots of other features PicPlayPost boasts, and we can consider it as one of the best free video editing apps out there.


3.     Adobe Premiere Clip

iOS | Android – Free

free video editing software for ios and android

Adobe is one of the prominent companies that creates amazing software such as Photoshop, Reader, and many more. Adobe Premiere Clip app from the house of Adobe is free, and it is an amazing video editing tool, and the gateway to the full feature Premier pro.

Few of its features:

1. You can trim videos.

2. You can drag & Drop multiple videos and images in the order you like.

3. You can improve the lighting of the video, manage the speed of the video, and much more.

4. Various transitions and slow-motion effects are there that you can add to your videos to make them more appealing.

Due to having the best features, it is known to be the best free video editing app.

4.     InShot

iOS | Android – Free

video editing software for free

Inshotis a handy video editing app available for both Android and iOS, and it is free. You can add filters, audios, transitions, speeding up, and much more.

Few features of InShot:

1. It works as video trimmer, cutter, and video splitter.

2. Videos can be merged and joined as well.

3. Video ratios can be altered and you can fix the video in any aspect ratio such as of Instagram, IGTV, YouTube, etc.

4. You can add filters and effects to thevideos.

5. You can add audio to videos.

6. You can crop the videos as well.

This is the best ever free video editing app for Android and iOS.


5.     Magisto

iOS | Android – Free

video editing app for android and ios that uses AI to organize your footage

Magisto is another great video editing app for Android and iOS that uses AI to organize your footage in a video to deliver the message that you want to say.

First, you have to choose the video editing style, then choose photos and video clips which you wish to include in the video you are creating, and then select music for the video and that you can select from Magisto’s inbuilt library.

Few features of Magisto:

1. It offers a music library that you can use to select the music for your videos, and you can use them commercially as well.

2. You can add logos and captions to your videos.

3. It has advanced editing storyboard.

4. Great for creating marketing videos.

5. HD quality.


6. VivaVideo

iOS | Android – Free

free video app

VivaVideo is another free video editing app for Android and iOS. It has some of the impressive editing feature that make it to this list.

Few features of VivaVideo:

1. Inbuilt slow motion video editing feature.

2. Wide range of collage templates to choose from.

3. Video collage maker feature for merging video clips.

4. Create viral videos.

5. You can trim videos.

There are a lot of features VivaVideo boasts. It is one of the best free video editing apps out there for Android and iOS.


Part 2: DVDFab Video Converter - Convert and Edit videos for Android/iOS

If you are not fond of using apps to edit videos, you can then use video editor software on your Windows or Mac computer, and then transfer those videos to your Android/iOS phone.

DVDFab Video Converter is a software program from the house of popular software company, DVDFab that allows you toconvert videos from one format to another. Within just few clicks you can convert format of any video, and the best thing is it supports a wide range of formats. It is useful when your multimedia player cannot play a video file you have; you can just then convert that video to the format that your player supports. Apart from being a video converter, DVDFab Video Converter has the important video editing features as well that you can use to edit videos to a good extent. It cannot be used to create videos, but it can be used to edit videos.

So, DVDFab Video Converter is actually video converter software along with video editing features. However, we are going to talk about its editing feature in this article Video Editing Features of DVDFab Video Converter

When you add a video to the tool, you will see there are two options which you can use to make edits in the video.

best video converter

Advanced Settings

When you click on Advanced Settings, you see this screen:

best video editing software

You can see, there are many options availablethat you can edit for your video such as Frame rate, video quality, bit rate, Audio bit rate, codecs. These things, you can change as per your requirement. However, in most cases, we would advise you to keep them as they are because the default setting is already optimum.

Video Edit

This is what you actually need when you have to edit videos. When you click “Video Edit” you will see various options as shown in below screenshot:

best video editing software

·    Credits: You can add the credits at the beginning of the video using prebuilt templates.

·    Text: You can add texts in the video. This option lets you insert text in the prebuilt design.

·    Music: There are background music files available to add to videos. You can choose the one from here to use in your video.

·    Image: You can add images to your videos. For example, you are editing a B’day video; you can put an image of cake in the video with Happy B’day message or something.


 Now, let’s talk about tools:

·    Properties: You can edit brightness, color, contrast, etc. from here.

·    Crop: You can crop the video to the aspect ratio you want. When you click this option, a free form selector will be visible on the video; you can just drag to cut the portions.

·    Trim: You can trim the parts of the video that are not needed.For example, if the video has something in the end, and you don’t want to keep that, you can trim that part using this option.

These are the enough video editing features of DVDFab Video Converter software which make it one of the best video editing software.



Video editing is in demand, and hence video editing apps and software as well. So, we have listed 6 best video editing apps for you, and if you are not guy who edit videos on phone, then we have shared a software program too that you can use on your PC to edit videos.

From above introductions, you must have known the best 6 editing apps to edit videos. But do you have a best software to play videos like MP4? Click the link to know the best MP4 players for Windows.