Don't know how to get your VSCO link on Instagram or how to get your Instagram link? If you've been on Instagram, you know that the social media app is mainly for phones and tablets, even though there is also a desktop version. In general, if you only use Instagram for personal reasons, you don't need to give your Instagram URL to people very often. On the other hand, Instagram Link Address and Instagram URL might be important for you if you have a business or are a creator.

If you want to know how to get the link of your Instagram based on the new and most recent 2022 update, you've come to the right place to find out. We will show you how to get your Instagram link so that you can use them to promote your site, social media marketing, or Instagram live stories. In this article, we will explain how you can do it easily.

how to get your instagram link

Instagram Profile Username to Find Your Instagram URL

If you don't know how to get a link to your Instagram, no worries, the fastest way to get a profile URL for an account is to write it in the browser's omnibar or address bar right away. This makes it easy to get to the account.

  • You can click on the omnibar or address bar at the top of your web browser.
  • Add " Username/".
  • When adding the Instagram username, make sure it's correct. Or you can't get the correct Instagram Profile URL.
  • For instance, in order to obtain the Instagram URL Link for Rawaa Beauty Salon, you should write "" to get it.

how to get your instagram link

This is all to be familiar with how to get a link for your Instagram profile.

Find Instagram Profile URL on a Desktop

Just as easily and quickly, you can know how to get a link to your Instagram account on your desktop by using these steps: 

  • When you're on your desktop computer, open up a web engine browser on your computer.
  • Then, type "Instagram" into the search bar. You can also get right to the login page by typing the website URL above into the omnibar or address bar, like this:

how to get your instagram link

  • As soon as you have the Instagram website and Login page open to you, type in your Username and Password in the top right corner to get into your account.
  • The site opens up on the home feed. However, move your cursor across the screen and click your profile picture at the top right corner of the screen. This will let you see your profile picture.

how to get your instagram link

  • When the profile page opens, you will be able to see your Instagram link in the address bar of your web browser.

how to get a link to your instagram account

  • You can copy the URL by double-clicking on the links, and paste wherever you want.

By following these easy steps, you can know an easy way how to get your link on Instagram from your desktop.

Find Instagram URL Using a Mobile Device

how to get the link to your instagram account

The below-given steps will help you to learn how to get your Instagram profile link from App using an Android or iPhone device. If you come into trouble with Instagram, you can read the article Instagram Videos Won't Play? See How to Fix.

  • Open the App on your Android device.
  • You should go to your Instagram account and sign in.
  • It'll appear on the Home Screen. To see your profile photo, click on your "Profile Icon" tab in the right bottom corner of your mobile screen.
  • You can see your Instagram Username when you're on a profile page for Instagram in the top left corner of your screen.
  • Please write what you see in the same way in the universal Instagram URL Link we showed you above. For example, you can go to _tradia/ to see what they are up to. Use the Instagram Profile Username that you set up, even if it has dashes or dots in it, even if you don't want to.

This is the simple way to learn how to get the link for your Instagram account from a mobile device. If you want to make your Instagram more customized, you can check the post How to Add Music to Instagram Story.

How to See Your Instagram URL above the Address bar when Viewing Your Profile:

how to get a link for your instagram

Don't know how to get the link to your Instagram account above the address bar viewing your profile? In this case, double-clicking on the links will allow you to copy and paste the text where you want it.

You can share Instagram account links from a desktop computer, but how do you do it?

The same way you can share someone's Instagram URL from your computer is by:

  • Start looking for the person in your Instagram account's search bar on the website.
  • When you find the profile picture icon, click on it. You will go to your profile.
  • When you sign in to Instagram, you'll be able to see the profile link URL above at the top of the address bar of the browser when you open the account.
  • Finally, copy and paste the URL anywhere you want.

It is an easy way how to get link to your Instagram profile and share it with others. Besides, we recommend the post Instagram Video Size: Know before Reel Your Post to you.

How Do I Share Someone's Instagram Account URL from mobile devices?

how to get your instagram profile link from app

You can share someone else's profile from a mobile device:

  • As soon as you're logged in, click the magnifying glass button second from the bottom left corner of your screen.
  • It's important to look for their account in the search bar, and when you find it, click on the photo icon.
  • There are three dots in the top right corner of the screen where the username is. A small menu comes up when you press the button.
  • Now, click on "Copy Profile URL" in the menu.
  • A message will show "Link has been copied."
  • When you're done, you can paste the link in any place outside or inside Instagram's boundaries.

It is applicant public and private accounts. Private Instagram accounts cannot read their posts, even if you share their URL with them.

People will still be able to become friends with the account holder to see their shared posts. A link to an Instagram post can be sent to someone even though they aren't your friend or even logged into Instagram. They can still see the post. Even if they aren't friends or even logged into Instagram, this is true even if they are.

How To Share Someone's Public URL Post on Mobile Devices?

how to get the link to your instagram account

This simple tactic is applicable for mobile devices; however, post sharing is an option that only applies to Public Accounts. Although you can share a private post with someone else, it will not be accessible to anyone who is not a friend or follows you, even though they will click on the URL. However, a public post has the unique option to be accessible to everyone and being able to share if you copy the URL.

  • Go to the specific post, write next to the profile username click on the three dots.
  • A few options will appear.
  • Tap on the "Copy Link" Icon.
  • You will see a notification "Link Copied" on your screen.
  • When you copy the link, you can share it inside and outside Instagram.

To share someone's public URL post on a computer

how to get the link for your instagram account

  • Search Instagram for the person's post.
  • Click on the post; it will appear above other posts.
  • You'll now see the post URL at the top of the browser's address bar.
  • Finally, copy and paste the URL where you want.

How to share someone's public post?

how to get a link for your instagram

If you follow the steps below, it's easy and possible to share someone else's public post. This option is good for both mobile and computer devices. 

  • Find the particular posts, such as a photo, story, video, or IGTV video, that you want to look at again.
  • You can tap on the airplane icon next to the comment box. Next to the "Send Message" Bar if it's a public story.
  • When you click on the airplane icon in the photo or video posts, then you will get several options, like;
  • Add Post to Your Story
  • Username of your friends giving an option to share the post to their DM (direct message).
  • However, you will have only one option if you click on the airplane icon on a story. You will be able to send the story to someone's DM.