How to Screen Record on iPhone? Several Methods Provided

Turn on Screen Recording Feature

With the iOS 11 or above version, all iPhones have an in-built screen recording feature. However, before learning how to record the screen on iPhone, verify if the screen record feature is turned on and the option is present in the Control Center. If this is not the case, make sure to turn it on. This will make it faster and easier to begin recording. Follow the below steps to turn on the recording feature and know how to screen record on iPhone11,

Step 1: Open the Control Center menu on your iPhone by swiping up (iPhone 8 or earlier) or swiping down from the top-right corner (iPhone X or later).

Step 2: Search for the screen record option. It is a dot with a circle around it.

Step 3: If you do not see the option, go to Settings and navigate to Control Center >> Customize Controls.

Step 4: Search for the More Controls option and look out for Screen Recording button.

Step 5: Click the green “+” symbol to add the option. The feature will be added to Included Controls list and you will know how to put screen records on iPhone.

Step 6: Users can remove the screen record option from their Control Center by returning to this screen any time and clicking the red “-” option.

how to screen record on iphone:Turn on Screen Recording Feature

Record Screen On iPhone

Now that you have learned how to add screen records on iPhone, you are all set to know how to get screen records on iPhone. The screen recording function will let you make a video of every tap, swipe, and sound on your screen unless and until the recording is on. It is just one of the many tricks of iPhone that makes users happy. Follow the below steps to know how to record your screen on iPhone.

Step 1: Swipe up (iPhone 8 or earlier) or down (iPhone X or later) to go to the Control Center menu.

Step 2: Click the Record option.

Step 3: A countdown of 3 seconds will be displayed.

Step 4: Next, then the clock on the screen in the upper left-hand corner becomes red. If you have an earlier model of iPhone, a red bar will be shown on your screen at the top instead.

Step 5: Click the screen to get out from the Control Center menu.

Step 6: At this time, users are recording both the audio and video on their iPhone.

Step 7: When you are ready to end recording, click the red bar or clock at the top of your screen and then click Stop.

Step 8: Users can also swipe to open the Control Center and click the Record option again. In this way, you learned how to screen record on iPhone XR.

how to screen record on iphone:Record Screen On iPhone

Record Screen with Audio On iPhone

The screen recording feature on iPhone also lets users record themselves talking while recording the screen simultaneously. Follow the below extra steps before pressing the Record option and know how to screen record with sound on iPhone.

Step 1: Long press the Record option.

Step 2: In the pop-up window, at the bottom, click on the microphone logo.

Step 3: Next, click Start Recording option. Users will see the countdown start.

Step 4: Click 2 times to exit the window and close the Control Center menu.

Step 5: Now, the microphone will turn on when you start recording. If you do not wish to use your microphone, you can turn it off by going back to this screen and long pressing the microphone logo.

how to screen record on iphone:Record Screen with Audio On iPhone

How to Edit The Screen Recording

After learning how to screen record on iPhone 13, users can find the recording in the Photos app on their phone’s Camera Roll. From here, they can use the editing features of the iPhone to trim the end or beginning, add filters, and save the recording as a new video. These hidden features of the iPhone will alter the way you use your phone, as well. Follow the below steps to know how to edit recordings after knowing how to screen record on iPhone 7.

Step 1: Go to the Photos app Open the Camera Roll album and click the recording.

Step 2: Click Edit on the screen in the top right-hand corner.

Step 3: At the end of the screen, users will see the video’s visual timeline. To trim the beginning of the video, click and drag the arrow next to the Play option to the right. It will become yellow. Trim the end by clicking and dragging the arrow on the left.

Step 4: Click the Play option to see the new edited video. Keep altering the arrows until you get what you want.

Step 5: Alter the filters with the same options you might use in the Photos app to edit a photo.

Step 6: When you are done, click Done and tap Save as New Clip to save the recording.

how to screen record on iphone:How to Edit The Screen Recording

Easier Way to Record iPhone Screen: DVDFab Screen Recorder

Sometimes, users might feel this a bit tedious to know how to screen record on iPhone 12 Pro Max using the traditional ways. For such users, a screen recorder is needed that will make these things easy and a piece of cake. One such recorder is DVDFab Screen Recorder & Editor for iOS, which is the best option for you. The tool can easily help you know how to screen record on iPhone 8. Follow the below steps to know how to screen record on iPhone SE using this tool.

Step 1: Download and open DVDFab on your PC. Click on the Launchpad module and go to the utility section. Next, navigate to the iOS Screen Recorder.

Step 2: Click on the popup window and follow the on-screen instructions to link your device to DVDFab through AirPlay Mirroring feature.

how to screen record on iphone:Easier Way to Record iPhone Screen: DVDFab Screen Recorder

Step 3: Initially, only the video stream from the iOS device will be recorded. On the other hand, if needed, you can turn on the switch manually present on the left side of the timeline to add the audio file to the timeline of your iOS device.

Step 4: Also, users can add different video streams to make the picture-in-picture effect using the Add Video Track option. The video can also be added from a webcam or other camera devices linked to your device.

Step 5: Moreover, you can also add your own voice narrative through the Add Audio Track option. When everything is set and adjusted, just press the red recording button to begin the recording process.

how to screen record on iphone:Easier Way to Record iPhone Screen: DVDFab Screen Recorder

Step 6: You can end the recording when you have finished the job on the screen. Press the Preview option present on the window at the top right corner to ensure the recorded content is exactly what you have wished for.

Step 7: Now, users can start editing the video. You can crop the unnecessary area off the display area, add an image watermark or text, and trim off the unwanted part to make your video look good.

Step 8: Next, after the editing is done, tap the Save option next to the Record option to export the timeline on your HDD to an MP4 video saved.

how to screen record on iphone:Easier Way to Record iPhone Screen: DVDFab Screen Recorder

Tips While Recording Screen on iPhone

Below are some that you can follow while recording screens on iPhones. Read below to know more.

Keep Track of Time

Just because your iPhone can record almost unlimited amounts of video does not mean that you should record it. There is no time limit on how much users can record on the screen. The only restriction is the amount of memory on the iPhone. Users should be aware that their video recordings can stop randomly during very lengthy recordings.

Turn Off Display Zoom

If users are using use Zoom mode on the latest model of iPad or iPhone, they might want to turn it off. If they leave it on, they will not record the full resolution possible. An iPhone 6 in zoom mode, for instance, creates a recording at 1136 x 640 rather than 1334 x 750. To turn off Zoom mode click Settings and go to Display and Brightness. Now, click Display Zoom and tap View >> Standard >> Set.

Turn On Do Not Disturb Mode

Doing so will avoid phone calls or notifications from appearing in the middle of your recording. To turn it on go to Settings and click Do Not Disturb. Now, click Do Not Disturb and scroll down and select Silence: Always.

Disable In-App Music

If you are recording an app or a game that has both sound effects and background music, you must turn off music inside the game settings. This is because the music will meddle with your narration. Rather than recording the music in real-time, you can import the music and record the sound effects later into your video editor as an individual track.

Remove Your Device from Mute

If your device is muted through the Silence switch, the audio arriving from your device will not be added to your recording. If the content you are recording has its own audio, you will need to unmute it to capture it.

Free up resources

The recording is intensive and needs a lot of resources. This is particularly true if your iPhone has a restricted amount of memory. To ensure you get enhanced performance during recording, close all other apps.


How to trim the beginning and end of a video?

Once you are capturing your video, users can do some editing using the Photos app. They can also trim the parts at the end and beginning where you stop and start the recording. For more advanced editing, such as adding text, callouts, or music, users can import their video into a video editor.


That’s pretty much it! You just had a look at different ways to know how to screen record on iPhone. As mentioned in the article, the in-built screen recorder can help you record your screen. On the other hand, if you prefer to edit the video with more efficient tools and record the screen in higher resolution, you can always opt for a recorder DVDFab Screen Recorder & Editor for iOS, which is the best option for you. The tool can easily help you know the record screen on any model of iPhone, effectively.