You store your favorite titles on your phone to access them easily whenever you want to listen. As per the storage capacity, you can stuff songs, music videos, video clips on your solid-state flash memory in iPhone. The power ranges from 32GB to 512GB. The storage volume is high, and you can store many songs, videos, and even movies. If you need transferring playlists from iPhone to iTunes because of the backup option, you can do with some steps. We will reveal how you can do and what the processes are in the next part of this article.

But, before you know the transferring process, let's learn a brief about iTunes.

iTunes: what do you know about it?

transferring playlists from iphone to itunes:iTunes: what do you know about it?

iTunes Or Apple iTunes is an application developed by Apple for downloading, playing, and organizing audio-video files. It was released in 2001 and acted as a media player until, in 2003, it got the ability to buy Music titles from iTunes Store. In 2011, iTunes integrated with iCloud service and let you sync your important data like contacts, media, and even apps. You can access the iTunes store with your username and password registered with Apple.

Initially, iTunes was for the desktop, but now it's available on mobile devices.

Now you can ask whether I store my music on iTunes.The answer is yes, you can. Further, you can access your music library with iTunes. If you buy a playlist from the iTunes store, you can redownload your previous music collection. iTunes gives you safe storage and allows you to organize your media library systematically. If you want to know how to iCloud movies on your iPhone, you can click here to learn more.

Why should you use iTunes to save your playlist?

To save your favorite collection from damaging or losing completely could be a great reason. Your PC with iTunes can give you better storage and access to your entire collection. Plus, as the storage volume is high, you can save more songs, videos and increase the size of your personal media library. A safer place with ample storage could be the main reason you should use iTunes.

Reasons may vary, but you can transfer or copy the playlist from iPhone to iTunes anytime you want. How to do it? Let's know the steps.

How to transferring playlist from iPhone to iTunes?

The iTunes Export tool helps to copy playlists from iphone to iTunes. After shifting the playlist to iTunes, it will display in the playlist menu. If you want to play the songs properly, the entire collection must be in the iTunes library. How you can enter the playlist to iTunes, check the steps:

Method 1:Export the file

Step 1: Connect your iphone with your computer.

Step 2: Click on the iPhone icon on the top of iTunes.

Step 3: Now, the playlist of your iphone appears on the left side of the window

transferring playlists from iphone to itunes:Method 1:Export the file

Step 4: Click to Select a playlist -> click on File -> click on Library -> click Export

Step 5: In the pop-up window, name the playlist and save it in XML format

Method 2: Import the playlist

In the iTunes menu bar, click File -> Library -> Import Playlist. Select the XML playlist file you've saved to import the iPhone playlist to iTunes.

transferring playlists from iphone to itunes:Method 2: Import the playlist

Similarly, if you want to music from iTunes to your iPhone to listen or make ringtones, the shift from iTunes to iPhone is possible following a few clicks. Let's check out the process.

How to transferring playlist from iTunes to iPhone?

Apparently, you can add music from iTunes to iPhone as the syncing option is available. But before going through the process in detail, let us inform you that while you sync iTunes with your iPhone, your existing files, including images, documents, movies, books which not exist in iTunes, will be deleted, and the playlist from iTunes will occupy your iPhone storage. So, before syncing, you need a backup of your important documents to iTunes file transfer.

Here, you can do the transfer in two ways. First, automatically and second, manually.

Method 1: Automatically transferring playlist from iTunes to iPhone

Once you are ready to follow the process, make sure you do:

  • Install the latest version of iTunes on your computer
  • Add music files to the iTunes library before you start the process by clicking on File -> Add File to Library in the iTunes window.

Now follow the steps to automatically add a playlist to your iPhone from iTunes.

Step 1: With a USB cable, connect your iPhone to the desktop

Step 2: Enter the user ID and password to unlock your iPhone

Step 3: Tap on the device icon and select Music

Step 4: Click on Sync Music, and select "Remove and Sync" in the new iTunes window.

Step 5: Next, you can sync the "Entire Music Library" or "Selected playlists, artist, music albums, genres" from iTunes. Please click on as per your requirements.

Step 6: Once you have made the Selection, tap "Apply"> "Sync" and start the transferring playlist from iTunes to iPhone

Step 7: Check whether the playlist transfer or not by clicking on Music -> Library -> Songs.

Method 2: How to transferring playlist from iTunes to iPhone Manually

Like automatically syncing possible to transfer the playlist from iTunes to iPhone, manually you also can do it. You need to follow some simple steps.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your desktop or laptop and check iTunes is actively running.

Step 2: Enter an id password to unlock your phone

Step 3: Open the iTunes window, tap on iPhone icons and select Summary from the left panel.

Step 4: Open Options settings and click on Manually manage music and videos; click Apply to save the settings.

Step 5: Next, go to Devices -> Music. Once open the folder, you need to select the items you want to sync. In the center of the window or to the left panel, drag and drop the items.

In both cases, transferring playlists from iPhone to iTunes or iTunes to iPhone is possible manually and automatically. In the sync process, you need to backup all your important files like images, music, videos, movies to prevent unnecessary data loss.

Let's check a few questions users ask while shifting the music files from one to another. Please go through them if you have similar queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer music from my iPhone to iTunes?

Yes, you can transfer music from your iPhone to iTunes using the two ways we mentioned in the article's early part. You can export the music file or import the playlist.

Why can't I see my iPhone playlist in iTunes?

It's a common error user face during using iTunes and cannot find the iPhone playlist. Do not worry; you can fix it by following the steps:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to the desktop and open iTunes. Here, ensure that it is syncing, and you apply all the settings and click on sync.

Step 2: Tap on iTunes -> Check for Updates -> wait for a few minutes to finish the update process, tap iTunes -> Preferences

Step 3: Tap on General, next select iCloud Music Library, and check the box of add songs to my music when you add them to your playlist.

Step 4: Tap Ok to finish the Settings. Next, check the main interface of iTunes.

Step 5: Tap on the iPhone device button, click on My Music Playlist, and finally, you'll find that your iPhone playlists are showing up in iTunes.

How do I sync the playlists from iPhone to computer?

If you want to sync the playlist from iPhone to computer, install the latest version of iTunes on your PC. Connect your iPhone with a USB cable. We have already mentioned the process above. Please go through it.

What configuration of the computer is compatible with iTunes?

Your PC must be configured with:

1 GHz Intel or AMD processor supports SSE2 and 512MB of RAM. If you want to play standard-definition video from the iTunes Store, your PC needs an Intel Pentium D Or a faster processor, 512MB of RAM, and DirectX 9.0 required.

Is iTunes a free or paid app?

iTunes is a free application that can manage and organize your music library, music video playback, playlist purchase, and syncing devices.

Is iTunes run only on Apple?

The Apple Music application iTunes is available on SmartTVs, Android, and even PlayStation consoles. With the right configured devices, you can access iTunes and enjoy every bit of the music.

Final Words

Hope you grasp the steps that we have mentioned in the article. Transferring playlists from iPhone to iTunes or iTunes to iPhone is possible manually and automatically. Shifting data from one device to another using application is always risky. It would be a good idea if you backup your favorite collection before transferring playlists from iTunes to iPhone. Thus, we can wind up following easy processes and proper steps; you can shift an entire music library or playlist from iPhone to iTunes or vice versa.