iPhone is a proud possession to every user right away. We enjoyed shooting with the most advanced OS and captured our special moments to make a memory. You can adjust the speed on your iPhone if you prefer watching at high speed. If you know how to speed up a video on iPhone, you can easily modify and enjoy it. Some of the video demands watching with a bit extra speed than its usual pace. In this case, if you don't know how to speed a video on iPhone, keep your eye on the ball.

A Note: The steps we discuss here are applicable for iPhone 13 and above. Even owners can try earlier versions, but the stages would be slightly different. Please remember this.

How to Speed a Video on iPhone?

There are two ways to increase the video speed on iPhone. First, you can bring back the usual speed with the help of slo-mo settings in the pre-installed Photos app. And the second option, you can take help from the iMovie app to adjust the speed of your Video.

We will discuss the first process with slo-mo settings in the Photos app. Let's jump!

When you shoot a Video with slo-mo settings, it is saved in the Photos app. Thus, you can catch the headline as,

How to Speed up a Slo-mo Video on iPhone?

You shoot the Video with the slo-mo setting saved in the Photos app. There is an editing tool in Photos that helps you adjust the slo-mo video speed. Let's check the steps described here:

Step 1: Go to the Photos app

Step 2: Click on Album

Step 3: Go down to the Media Types section, tap on Slo-mo.

Step 4: Click the Slo-mo video you want to adjust the speed

Step 5: Open the Video and click on Edit

how to speed up a video on iphone

Step 6: At the bottom of the video, you can see lines close to each other indicates normal speed; while the far apart lines indicate they are in the Slo-mo section

Step 7: Place your finger across the Slo-mo section and drag all the lines to close together, indicating that the Video is now at normal speed.

how to speed up a video on iphone

Step 8: When you fix the step, click on 'Done' to save the Video.

Tips: If you want high-speed, instead, bring all the lines together, farther apart them a little, and you will see the video run in a faster mode.

If you are looking for the answer to how to speed up a video on iPhone photos, you can use the process.

How to Speed up a Video in iMovie on iPhone?

If you are not willing to install any other apps, you can try Apple's iMovie to speed up a video on your iPhone. The app has in-built editing tools like adding text, effects, music, titles, theme, etc. iMovie also helps speed up the slo-mo Video. Let's check the steps:

Download the app and follow the below process:

Step 1: Go to iMovie and open it.

Step 2: Click on Create Project

how to speed a video up on iphone

Step 3: Click on Movie

Step 4: Click on Media

Step 5: Click on Video

Step 6: Click on Slo-mo

Step 7: Click on the Slo-mo video you wish to speed up, click on the Checkmark in the pop-up menu.

Step 8: Click on Create Movie

how to speed a video up on iphone

Step 9: At the bottom of the screen, you will see the Video's timeline. Click on it to open the editing option.

Step 10: Click on the 'Clock' icon and access the video speed. A set of lines indicates the pace, with a rabbit showing speed-up option and a turtle pointing out slow speed. The number next to the rabbit points out the speed of the Video.

how to speed up parts of a video on iphone

Step 11: Drag the speed control slider to the end of the rabbit with 2x speed. If you want to check the Preview of the Video, click on the Play button at the top of the screen.

Step 12: Click on 'Done' to save the Video with the adjusted speed.

Step 13: Next, you will get a share button, by clicking on it, you can share the video with others or your social media timeline.

You can add effects, change colors, add music and titles to your Video as iMovie offers several editing options that enhance your Video's beauty. You can also try your editing skill using the iMovie app. You can also acquire more ways to speed up videos on your iPhone in the post How to Speed up Video on iPhone in Multiple Ways

How to Slow Down a Speed Video on Your iPhone?

Here, if you want to slow down the speed up Video, the Photos app can help you set a normal pace. Follow the steps and apply:

Step 1: Open the Photos app and click on Album

Step 2: Click on Slo-mo to check out the list of the Video you shoot in slow motion. Select a video you want to slow down the speed.

Step 3: At the top of the screen, click on the Edit option

Step 4: You will get a video timeline at the bottom of the screen. The closed speed bar indicates normal speed, and a little farther bar indicates slow motion. If you want to slow down the pace, drag the bar a little farther to slow down the speed.

Step 5: Click on the Done button.

Once you save your speed up Video in slow motion, you can share it anywhere on the digital platform.

Additional information: If you are finding the answer of how to speed up a video on iPhone or how to speed up parts of a video on iPhone, then let us tell you that while editing, you need to adjust the set of lines. The closed speed bar specifies the normal speed and a slow-motion pace farther apart. You need to drag the lines as per your requirement; if you want high speed closed, the lines more together; drag the lines farther if you wish to slow motion. It's simple. For the video parts to speed up or slow down, you need to place your finger on which part you need to edit and follow the instruction as mentioned.

Suppose you are looking for how to speed up a video in iPhone 11, you can use the Photos app and edit your Video following a similar process. It's a straightforward process.

Why do users speed up or slow down the video speed?

The question might strike you if you read the above speed adjustment process. There are some specific reasons that people do experiment with speed, and the causes might include:

  • Pure fun and enjoyment could be possible reasons users adjust the speed of specific videos and share with the world.
  • Few users just want to try the features and check how the video looks when adjusting the speed.
  • Those who want to try editing skills and start with their iPhone speed up or slow down the video they shoot.
  • A few are social media addicted and find immense fun to upload videos of different speeds on their timeline and enjoy likes, comments, and shares.

These could be reasons people enjoy speeding up the Video or slowing down the movement. If you have queries, ask us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. iMovie or Photos app adjusts the speed without affecting the quality of the Video.

Yes, you can. iMovie and Photos app is free to use. Using these two apps, you can adjust the speed of your iPhone, and you need not pay anything.

No, you cannot. If you do not have a stable internet connection, you cannot modify the video speed using the app. Without the internet, it's impossible. If you want to speed up videos on your computer, you can turn to the post Speed up Videos in Windows 10.

Concluded Part

Hopefully, after going through the entire blog, you get the answer on how to speed up a video on iPhone. The processes are not complicated and easy to follow. iMovie and Photos app is helpful in this manner to modify the speed of your Video. Now you can shoot your kid's birthday or your wedding anniversary party video shoot and later make the moment fun to alter the pace and share them on your social media timeline.