Do you know the best DVD menu creator that enables you to create DVD movie menus? Want to master how to make DVD movie menu free and easily? Looking for the best menu creator application software helps you make DVD movie menus professionally, facilitating playback and improving the viewing experience. Hence, to meet your personal needs, this post lists the top 8 DVD burning software with a menu creator function. Besides, you will know how to make a DVD menu with the best-recommended DVD menu software.

PART 1: What is DVD Menu Creator?

A DVD Menu Creator is cross-platform application software that initiates the customized and personalized creation of menus and user interface of the professional layout DVDs with the ultimate goal of providing users with a pleasant playback control experience. It not only creates personalized DVD menus but also allows for the burning of DVD files on DVD, which is ordinarily Open Source Software. Such programs support multiple file formats concerning both audio and video and generally come with a user-friendly interface along with interactive menus. Considering this, there are always numerous DVD menu creators available on the market that serve the purpose of creating a professional and smart-looking DVD with customized features. In this post, we would like to discuss the top 8 best free DVD Menu Creator on a free trial basis, compatible with all desired features to create DVD menus.

best-dvd-menu-creator:PART 1: What is DVD Menu Creator?

PART 2: Top 8 Best DVD Menu Creator You Should Not Miss 

If you want to make DVD with menu, choose a menu maker free download among the top 8 DVD creators I am going to introduce. 

DVDFab DVD Creator [Optimal Option]

DVDFab DVD Creator, the best DVD creator software, is a DVD maker program that can burn all types of videos into standard DVD discs, ISO files, or DVD folders. As a professional DVD menu maker, it allows users to burn DVDs with menus from camcorder videos, downloaded videos, and many other common videos of almost every format. However, what makes this DVD creator application software extraordinary lies in that it enables users to create a DVD menu and customize the DVD movies menu into their desired style with various built-in DVD menu background templates. Now let’s look at the highlighted features of this amazing DVD menu creator.

  • Create standard DVD disc/ISO/folder from videos of various formats
  • Intuitive DVD menu templates (static/dynamic) to make DVDs professional
  • Built-in DVD menu background with a timely update for stylish & modern looking
  • Allow for switching audios and subtitles during playback
  • Support personalized modifications to elements and widgets inside the DVD menu templates including background art, Play/Pause, Previous/Next, thumbnails, text font, size, and color
  • Smart preview and external subtitles are available
  • DVD menu maker free download on Windows & macOS, 30-day free trial

                        i  Free Download    i  Free Download  

best-dvd-menu-creator:DVDFab DVD Creator [Optimal Option]

Apparently, this best DVD menu creator free program lets you create DVD menus with customized options. Want to know how to make DVD menu with a DVD menu creator Windows 10 program? Move on to the second part for details. Of course, if you want a different experience of making DVD movie menus, you might as well try out other possible options. 

iSkysoft DVD Creator

This DVD menu creator, compatible with both Windows and Mac (10.12 macOS Sierra), is designed to create DVDs with any type of DVD menu as per personal needs on the themes. Feel free to choose your DVD menu and apply it to your video. Alternatively, you can directly download DVD menu templates using its built-in menu downloader. Aside from burning DVDs from videos and audio, this DVD menu maker allows users to make slideshows with imported images and further burn them to DVDs. Besides, you can make DVD menu for free with limited features.

best-dvd-menu-creator:iSkysoft DVD Creator

CDBurnerXP DVD Creator

As a Windows movie maker DVD menu, this DVD creator can burn CDs and DVDs (including ISOs) that include the latest formats of HD-DVDs and Blu-ray, which is characterized by burning audio CDs without leaving gaps between the tracks and can create discs that can be booted later on. However, as one of the best free DVD Menu Creator Software for Windows, its interface can be a bit complex for users who intend to manage files when using the application.

best-dvd-menu-creator:CDBurnerXP DVD Creator

DVDStyler DVD Creator

This DVD Menu Creator is born to burn DVDs with videos and gives users the option to create DVD menus professional looking with preset lists of DVD menu templates. Meanwhile, this DVD menu maker has a cross-platform interface that makes DVDs with videos of numerous formats so that self-made DVDs can be playable on a standalone DVD player. With a user-friendly interface and Multicore processor, this DVD menu creator is able to import image files for background, place text, images, buttons, and other objects anywhere on the menu background, and even customize menu navigation using DVD scripting. Besides, photo slideshows can be created with this DVD menu maker.

best-dvd-menu-creator:DVDStyler DVD Creator

Avi2DVD DVD Creator

This DVD menu maker, available on Windows, enables users to make DVDs from various formats of videos, whose simple interface is liked by most users. Besides, it can accept files with multiple audio streams and a maximum of three external subtitles. However, if you hope to create DVD menu with stylish and professional features, you shall resort to other options.

best-dvd-menu-creator:Avi2DVD DVD Creator

Disco DVD Creator

This DVD Menu Creator Mac is a high-end DVD menu maker that is able to create DVD menus when burning DVDs and keep track of the burnt files to record for later tasks. In addition, it supports multi-session burning of DVDs and disc image modifications. What’s more, this DVD menu creator bears an animated workflow interface that eases users to span across the DVD menu so that they can gain full control over the playback of the made DVDs. However, this free DVD menu creator for free trial lacks a highly functional and efficient menu creating a feature that other programs share. Consequently, it fails to create smart and unique DVD menus for users to personalize their DVDs.

best-dvd-menu-creator:Disco DVD Creator

Wondershare simple DVD creator

Is there any other free menu designing software? Of course, Wondershare simple DVD creator is another choice. Follow it to learn how to make a DVD menu Windows 10 or use it as a DVD menu creator Mac software. What DVD menu design is there? Do you like sport, travel, family life, etc? You can apply such DVD main menus to your video. Get this menu design software free download on your computer and learn how to make DVD movies using dvd maker free. There is also a video editor in this homemade DVD creator for your use.

best-dvd-menu-creator:Wondershare simple DVD creator


Let’s continue to burn DVD with menu using another menu creater? VobBlanker helps a lot in this aspect. It is a clean DVD burning software with menu creator enabling you to format videos to a DVD. Browse your videos first and then set the output folder. Then, you are allowed to set the settings using this DVD menu maker Windows 10. You can use input folder, process titles, process menus, remove PUDPs in VOBs, and remove PUDOs in IFOs. There does exist menu templates for you to create a DVD, but the number is small. I don't see any DVD menu editor in this DVD menu maker. And the background of this menu software freeware is much too simple, so I don't think you like this compared with other colorful DVD burning software with menu creator.


PART 3: How to Make a DVD Menu with DVDFab DVD Creator

How about making DVDs on Mac or Windows? Now you must know which one to choose from the given options when it comes to burning DVD with menu templates. No doubt the first DVD menu maker free download shall be your top priority. Knowing its features is far from enough. Here are simple tips as to how to make DVD menu with this powerful and professional DVD menu maker.

Step 1: Run DVDFab DVD menu creator and click the Menu Settings

                    i  Free Download    i  Free Download  

Free Download and run the best DVD menu software, and load video source when this DVD burning software runs. DVDFab DVD Creator is one of the best DVD makers supporting making DVDs on Mac. How to burn multiple movies on one DVD with a menu? You can import many videos to this DVD menu creator professional as it supports batch DVD burning.

best-dvd-menu-creator:PART 3: How to Make a DVD Menu with DVDFab DVD Creator

After loading videos to this DVD menu maker, you will see the following interface. Click the Menu Settings button to create DVD menu with the given templates.

best-dvd-menu-creator:PART 3: How to Make a DVD Menu with DVDFab DVD Creator

How many DVD menu templates are there for making DVD menu? Have you seen the options on the right of this DVD creator free? Now, the DVD menu background is a wedding menu template. You can scroll down to choose kid menu templates, school menu templates, restaurant menu templates free, or create DVD menu based on your preference. All the templates here are free DVD menu templates, so you can make a menu free, and custom DVD menu to burn video to DVD. 

best-dvd-menu-creator:PART 3: How to Make a DVD Menu with DVDFab DVD Creator

Step 2: Customize DVD menu

Do you want a  menu editor? Choose your desired menu from the given DVD menu templates in the panel. You can switch the font, size, and color of the navigation menu so as to create a pleasant control over the playback of the DVD to be made. Do you want a blank menu template? Just remove the texts and shapes in the menu template. Or upload a blank menu background.

best-dvd-menu-creator:PART 3: How to Make a DVD Menu with DVDFab DVD Creator

Meanwhile, you can add an image from the template, add text to the DVD menu and change its font, size, and color. If you don’t want to customize all parameters, you can select Apply to all. Besides, you can add your own image to make the final DVD menu more personalized with this DVDFab creator.

best-dvd-menu-creator:PART 3: How to Make a DVD Menu with DVDFab DVD Creator

Step 3: Start to Create DVD

Once done, insert a blank DVD disc into the optical drive of your PC, or choose to save the created DVD as an ISO file or DVD folder on HDD. Meanwhile, you can choose DVD size (DVD-5/DVD-9) via the Advanced Settings option. Then tap the Start button for the DVD menu maker process. How long does it spend making DVD movie? Very fast, 30X faster than other menu maker software.

best-dvd-menu-creator:PART 3: How to Make a DVD Menu with DVDFab DVD Creator

The above-mentioned are the essential steps as to how to make a DVD menu. You can use the free menu creator on Windows or Mac to create your own DVD with the built-in menu templates or your personal image backgorund. Besides DVD burning with menu using DVDFab DVD Creator, you can also rip DVD with menus using free DVDFab DVD Ripper.

 best-dvd-menu-creator:PART 3: How to Make a DVD Menu with DVDFab DVD Creator


Which program do you like best to make DVD with menu? With the above top 6 best DVD Menu Creators introduced, we have come to realize the utility and function of DVD menu creators for burning DVDs from desired video and audio formats. Above all, an intuitive and professional DVD menu will pave way for controlling DVD playback, thus enhancing the visual experience. So, next time when you aim to burn DVDs with menus, do not miss out on the best-recommended DVD menu creator free application. After you have created DVD movie menus with the best DVD menu creator, move on to play DVD movies with the best 4K media player.