Looking for the absolute best iPhone music player out there but can’t seem to find it? Well, you’re not the only one. With so many great choices available nowadays, it’s becoming harder and harder to say with certainty which of the most popular apps is truly the best one. And not just because each of them has some interesting to offer but also because each user has different needs and it’s impossible to satisfy everyone at all times regardless of how good the apps may be. With that in mind, today we’re going to take a look at a hand-pick assortment of iPhone music players, each designed with a slightly different music lover in mind. That way, you can’t stop looking for the absolute best and just go with the one that works best for you.

Part 1: Top 10 Best iPhone Music Players

Vox Music Player

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We’re kicking things off with a very popular iPhone music player app that tries to appeal to a larger audience. Vox can pull songs from a variety of sources, including iTunes library, online radio stations, custom playlists, and even YouTube. You also gain access to over 30,000 radio stations and some very nice advanced audio features.


best music player for iphone

Cesium is an iPhone music player that you’re absolutely going to love if you have a lot of songs stored in your iCloud Music Library because you can play them directly from there without having to download anything. Of course, you can also play locally stored songs and do it in style because the app has great swipe gestures support.


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An app seemingly designed for people who really enjoy music-related artwork. TapTunes comes with a pretty unique spin in the sense that it allows you to scroll through your music library and play songs by tapping on their artwork rather than their names. The bad news is that this feature works as intended only as long as the songs you want to play have some sort of artwork associated with them, which isn’t always the case, particularly when it comes to really obscure songs.


best music player app for iphone

In addition to being a solid iPhone music player, Boom can also be used as a powerful audio equalizer. The player is highly customizable and offers a wide variety of nice themes to check out. An interesting feature that helps Boom stand out from the crowd is its ability to personalize playlists based on your mood.


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Looking for an iPhone music player app that you can interact with even when your hands are busy. You’re probably going to love Listen in that case because this app features absolutely no buttons as it was designed entirely with gesture controls in mind. There aren’t a whole lot of other special features to mention but the fact that you can control exclusively via gesture controls is reason enough to check it out.


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FLAC is far superior to MP3 when it comes to delivering high-fidelity audio quality. In spite of that, though, a lot of players, including Apple’s stock music app, don’t support this format. Flacbox is the perfect solution to that problem.

Pandora Music

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Pandora is one of the best iPhone music players around and one of the best looking ones to boot. The app has a very extensive library of great songs that you can browse and listen to online if you’re short on storage space. You can use the app for free but also offers a Premium version that comes with a few advantages, including a complete lack of ads.

Marvis Music Player

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Marvis is a very nicely designed iPhone music player that looks modern and intuitive right off the bat. There are a couple of themes that let you change the look but there’s little reason to use them since the default version looks just great. The app includes a bit more metadata that most other players and offers a fast and easy way to queue songs.


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Stezza works best when used alongside your iTunes music library but can be used to play songs from other sources too. The app has a minimalistic but elegant design and unlike many of its competitors, is available in multiple languages.


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Stringer is a good iPhone music player for those who feel nostalgic whenever they think about their old iPhone Shuffle. The app works best when used in a similar way but gives you a bit more control as you can choose to shuffle either your whole library or just certain parts of it, such as a few favorite albums for example.

Part 2: Convert Videos to Audio Files and Transfer Them to Your iPhone

Everyone enjoys watching music videos but every now again you probably wish you could cut the video part and keep just the audio track. Well, you can. DVDFab Video Converter is a tool that allows you to do just that by allowing you to convert between a wide variety of video and audio formats without having to worry about any loss of quality. In addition, the software also lets you make certain adjustments to your files before you convert them. Here’s how it works:

1. Open DVDFab 11 and go to the Converter module to get started. Use the “Add” buttons or the drag & drop method to load the videos you wish you convert.

top music player apps for iphone

2. Go to the Profile Switcher in the upper left corner to pick a suitable format. Select Format -> Audio and then pick one of the available options.

convert videos to iphone supported audio formats

3. If necessary, go to the Advanced Settings menu and make adjustments related to the codec, channels, sample rate, volume, and more.

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4. Use the bottom menu to change the destination folder if necessary and then click the Start button to begin the conversion.

transfer audio files to iphone

With your videos files now converted, we recommend using DVDFab File Transfer to easily transfer all of them to your mobile device so you can quickly start playing them using your favorite iPhone music player. File Transfer needs to be paired with DVDFab Remote and will let you transfer all the files wirelessly directly to your phone. Here’s how it works:

1. Once again, go to the Utilities section of DVDFab 11 but this time open the File Transfer app.

best convert videos to iphone supported audio formats

2. If you don’t already have DVDFab Remote installed on your phone, File Transfer will present you with a QR code that you can scan to quickly download it. Or, you can simply go to the app store and download it that way.

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3. Once you’ve paired Remote with DVDFab 11 you will immediately notice the Add button in the upper right corner of the UI. Use the button to load the songs you want to transfer to your phone.

music player for iphone X

4. Click the Transfer button once you’re done and wait until the process is complete.

best iphone music player


If you’re still not sure which is the best iPhone music player for you don’t worry because there are plenty of other good options in addition to the ones we discussed today so keep looking. And if you ever find yourself needing a good converter that can turn those music videos you have laying around into audio files don’t hesitate to use DVDFab Video Converter and then DVDFab File Transfer to quickly transfer them wirelessly to your iPhone.