Lightroom is software from Adobe incorporated and it’s just like a simplified version of Adobe Photoshop but with many modern tools/features to make your photo/video editing very outstanding.

Most people do not know that one can still do video editing in Lightroom. Therefore, we are making this article to show you how to actually edit video in Lightroom software. There are many versions of this software already with V6.0 being the latest.

In this tutorial post, we will try to mention Lightroom 4 video editing features, Lightroom 5 video editing features, and of course, Lightroom V6.0 which is the latest version as at the time of writing this post.



Part 1:How to Edit Video in Lightroom CC

lightroom video editing

Irrespective of the version you’re using due to compatibility issues, the processes or steps to edit video in Lightroom is almost the same. The few differences between the several version are ignorable; intuitiveness, more features, and enhanced interfaces.


Lightroom video editing process

First things first, you must download the software from the official Adobe website and install on your computer.

Add your video

lightroom video editing

Once you install the software, launch it, then, add your video. Click on the file menu and select “import photos or videos”. Look for the video file, then, upload it to Lightroom and start editing immediately. Alternatively, you can just click on the import button to upload your video.

Utilizing the Lightroom presets

Since Lightroom was specifically built for image edits, you’ll have to tweak the feature to fit in as video editing tools.

Note: you cannot edit video Lightroom develop module, you have to stay on the Library module to be able to edit a video with Adobe Lightroom. The option to switch between Library & Develop Module is visible at the top-right corner of the app.

how to edit video in lightroom

You will be able to add the below presets to a video on Lightroom;

·           Auto Settings

·           White Balance

·           Basic Tone: Exposure, Contrast, Whites, Blacks, Saturation & Vibrance

·           Tone Curve

·           Treatment (Color, Black & White)

·           Split Toning

·           Process Version

·           Calibration

Unlike photos, there are no much unique video editing tools available on this app. However, it includes a few video presets which you’ll find at the settings menu.

So, you select any preset of your choice and apply it to your video. You could even create your own preset if none of the pre-defined ones gives you what you want. Select a video and click on the “Quick Develop” toolbox to select a preset.

how to edit video in lightroom

Also, you can download Lightroom video presets to make your video look appealing.

Trimming a video with Lightroom

You can actually trim videos on Lightroom and turn them to a few minutes or seconds clip. First, you’ll have to click on the “gear” icon at the extreme besides the screenshot tool, then, drag the start and end time indicators at both ends of your video to define the trimming length.

Capturing screenshots

lightroom video editing

Actually, you can capture any scene from a playing video when editing with Adobe Lightroom. Just click on the small rectangle at the same line with the video time indicator; when you click on this small rectangle, further click on “capture frame” to get the current video scene as a still image.

Note: you must pause the video before you’ll be able to capture screenshots on Lightroom.

Export your edited video

lightroom video editing

Once you are done editing the video, click on the export button to save it to your local PC storage or any external storage drive connected to your computer.


What more?

It is almost very difficult and stressful to edit video in Lightroom CC. So, definitely, you’ll want to check out this professional, super-intuitive video editor/converter – DVDFab Video Converter.


Part 2: The Best Tool to Convert and Edit Videos?

DVDFab Video Converter is so far the best video converter/editing app you can engage to handle your video(s) anyhow you wish. It is a utility app packed with premium video tools and easier to operate than the Lightroom app.

Furthermore, the DVDFab Video Converter lets you perform two actions at once; that is, edit and convert your video(s) to any video/media format of your choice. It is arguably far better than the Lightroom App when it comes to video editing.


Reasons to choose DVDFab Video Converter over Adobe’s Lightroom App

The DVDFab Video Converter App is

·           More intuitive/easy-to-use than Lightroom

·           Packs more video editing features/tools than the Lightroom

·           Grants you access to “Advanced Video Settings”

·           Edit and converts all kind of video losslessly

·           It is arguably the best video converter/editing tool at this moment

·           It is a dedicated video utility app while Lightroom is actually meant for photos


How to edit and convert videos with DVDFab Video Converter

Download the DVDFab 11 software pack for Mac or Windows and install it to your PC. Launch the software and toggle to the “Converter Module

Add your video

convert and edit videos with dvdfab video converter

This app has a simple, easy-to-navigate interface; there are many ways to add your video; you could drag and drop the video file right on the interface or click on the BIG (+) symbol to search and upload the video.

Also, if you have the DVDFab mobile app installed on your smart device, you could choose the “Add from mobile” option on DVDFab Video Converter to upload videos from the mobile device.

Editing your video(s)

convert and edit videos with dvdfab video converter

You can upload more than one video to DVDFab Video converter. However, you can only edit them one after the other. Click on the “Edit” icon to activate the editor module of this app.

Unlike Lightroom, the video edit module in DVDFab Video Converter is more intuitive, easy to use, and quite comprehensive.

convert and edit videos with dvdfab video converter

The editing features of this app include;

·           Video trimming

·           Cropping

·           Add text/image watermark to videos

·           Enhancement tools (set brightness, contrast, etc.)

·           Zoom

·           Add subtitle

·           And more

Converting your video(s)

convert and edit videos with dvdfab video converter

You can losslessly convert your videos to several formats using this video app; it has support for so many video formats. Simply click on the profile button to choose any video format of your choice. When you have defined a video or any other media format, click the start button and your video(s) starts converting immediately. Also, you’ll be able to see the real-time process of your video conversion.


What more?

There is an “Advanced settings” option that grants you access to the in-depth video options. However, you should be careful with all the options available on this “Advanced settings” menu; do not try to try to activate or deactivate an option if you don’t really know what you are doing.

convert and edit videos with dvdfab video converter


Conclusion/Wrap up

Adobe Lightroom video editing is more difficult to deal with when compared with the DVDFab Video Converter software. In spite of this, both apps are great video editing tools to make your dull videos brightened up and looking stunningly great.

If you do not need to edit videos often, you can choose to edit videos online. Click how to edit video online to learn more.