MKV player Mac is on exhibition in this article for your choice. Are you looking for a free MKV player for Mac? There are 10 Mac MKV players fit for your demand. It is time for QuickTime users to find a solution to how to play MKV files on Mac, as QuickTime only supports MP4 and MOV format. Now continue to read and prepare to play MKV files on your computer with the best MKV player Mac.

1. DVDFab Player 6

If you’re looking for a powerful player that can run not only MKV files but also any other format of files, DVDFab Player 6 is your best MKV player Mac. The software has impeccable compatibility with all types of multimedia content and can be used just as reliably on a large-screen TV as on PC thanks to its two distinct playback modes. The TV experience, in particular, is truly incredible thanks to Player 6’s ability to support HDR10, Hi-Res audio, and navigation menus for all types of DVDs, Blu-rays, and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray discs. 

MKV Player Mac


It’s hard to go back after using this .MKV player Mac as your go-to Mac MKV player because some of its special features are truly game-changing. One of the newest features of this best MKV player for Mac allows users to watch their favorite 2D movies and shows in 3D content. If you have DVD and Blu-ray movies, just insert it to your optical drive and DVDFab Player 6 will recognize it. Besides, you can also create a video playlist and customize your video using this MKV player Mac.


2. Perian

If you’re adamant about wanting to use QuickTime as your MKV player for Mac, you’ll be happy to know that there is a way. Perian is a third-party plug-in for QuickTime that expands its capabilities and allows you to play more formats, including MKV. The downside is that the current version of QuickTime no longer supports the plugin-in so you’ll need to look for an older version in order to let this MKV video player Mac work.

mkv player for mac

3. 5K Player

A lot of high-resolution videos use the MKV format so having a Mac MKV player that can handle high-resolution content is essential. As it happens, that’s exactly what 5K Player was designed for. In addition to great support, the MKV player Mac also comes with a few other neat features, such as the ability to convert short videos to MP4, download music online, and streaming via AirPlay.

mkv player for mac

4. VLC Media Player

I’m sure you’re already familiar with this great Mac MKV player by now because VLC has been one of the most popular players around for many years now. The software is fast, easy to use, and highly customizable so what’s not to like? VLC media player Mac was actually one of the first free players to offer support for MKV files so it has plenty of experience with this format, needless to say.

free mkv player for mac

5. MPlayerX

MPlayerX is a good MKV player Mac computers and an even better one for MacBooks. A lot of the features that allows MPlayerX to stand out from the crowd were designed with touchpads in mind and are a real pleasure to use. This .MKV player Mac gives you full control over how you interact with its user interface while watching a movie by allowing pretty much any element to be adjusted via the touchpad. Granted, the UI is fairly simplistic so there aren’t as many things to work with but this design is definitely appealing if you’re a MacBook user.

mkv player for mac

6. Mac Blu-ray Player

If you’re looking for an even more minimalistic option you may want to check out Mac Blu-ray Player. As you’ve no doubt already figured out based on its name, this free MKV player Mac was designed with a singular purpose in mind - to act as a basic Blu-ray player for MacOS. And since a lot of Blu-ray videos use the MKV format, you can usually rely on this MKV player  for Mac to get the job done. No fancy features here but you may not need them all the time anyway.

Free MKV player for Mac

7. Cisdem Video Player

Cisdem is a middle-of-the-pack player that doesn’t impress but doesn’t disappoint either. This MKV player Mac supports a decent number of formats (over 50) and can reliably handle videos up to 4K. The interface is clean and simple, which makes it a very appealing choice for beginners who aren’t looking for any special features. That’s not to say Cisdem can’t offer any extra tools but you’ll need to pay for them so if you’re looking for free software you’re going to have to stick to the basic MKV player for Mac.

mkv player for mac

8. DivX Player

When software as old as DivX Player continues to be popular many years after its release you know there must be a good reason for that. Well, the main reason is that a lot of people have been using DivX, an MKV player Mac, for ages and simply don’t want to switch, but that’s mostly just because this is a reliable MKV player for Mac that simply gets the job done. That said, the player does incorporate some adware so you may want to watch out for that.

mkv player for mac

9. Plex

More than just a free MKV player for Mac, Plex takes great pride in being one of the best multimedia hubs on the platform. This MKV player Mac was designed from the ground up to help users manage to just their movies and other types of videos but also audio files, images and other types of digital content. The interface might be just a bit too hard to handle for new users but if you can get around that little issue, Plex is a pretty useful piece of MKV player for Mac to have laying around.

Mac MKV Player

10. Kodi

Previously known as XBMC, Kodi is a very handy Mac MKV player that has a lot more to offer than just video playback. The main highlight of this Mac MKV player is that you can be expanded with a wide variety of add-ons to make it even better. For example, you can install add-ons that give you quick access to other video streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch or a music add-on that make it easy to connect Kodi to your SoundCloud account. Thanks to the fact that this .MKV player Mac is an open source project, you can expect to see new add-ons developed by the community at regular intervals.

mkv player for mac

11. Conclusion

Hopefully, our article helped you decide which MKV player for Mac you want to use from now on. As you can see, there are plenty of good choices out there so you can finally say goodbye to QuickTime and embrace the future. Speaking of which, we hardheartedly recommend DVDFab Player 6 for Mac for all your multimedia playback needs.  So start for MKV player Mac download following the best MKV player for Mac. If you end up enjoying what it has to offer you can then upgrade at any time to the Standard or Ultra versions in order to take advantage of all its innovative and unique features.

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