You may have read a lot of articles talking about phone apps to turn your videos to pictures. But something is missed. Why? Because we also need picture video maker apps to help us turn our favorite pictures or photos to videos. Photo video editing and video music production have been a trendy thing these days. And truth to be told that it is not difficult to do that as technology advances. Now, it is even possible for people to turn their favorite photos to videos under the help of some picture video maker apps. Yet not all of these apps are qualified to do this and give what you need. Hence, we write this article for you to recommend the best picture video maker apps.

1. VivaVideo App

Picture video maker app

VivaVideo is an app for Android phones with all video features. It can achieve a lot of things for you.

First, it is a picture video maker app with music. VivaVideo app can effortlessly help you turn photos to videos with music and lyrics. This picture video maker app offers several capture options, such as Basic, Selfie, FX, Funny, or Music videos. With the help of this app, you can turn your best pictures into a movie easily. Besides, this free picture video maker app is designed with a music library that has built-in background music. It will be so much fun to create videos from photos with this app.

Second, it is a video editing app. ViaVideo App is also a video editing app. It provides a variety of video editing features, such as cut, crop, merges, copy, paste, and more. As the best free picture video maker app, it can effortlessly combine multiple video clips. Even better, you can change the video background and make it blurry.

2. VideoShow

Free picture video maker app

Compared to photos, videos leave a more significant impact on us. Hence, many photos to video maker apps emerge to help us keep photos in a better way. Among all these photos to video maker apps, VideoShow is also regarded to be one of the best photo video makers. It is an easy and practical video editing app and movie scene maker for both film directors and beginners.

With this photo video creator at hand, you can make memes, create video or slideshow with photo, picture, music, sticker, and sound effect. A remarkable feature of this app is it allows you to share your life story, your video on social networks.

3. Photo video maker

Photo video maker app

You can get this free photo video maker app from Google Play. This application is created to help people create videos, movies, or slide show movies on their own devices. This app makes it possible for you to create fun videos from your photo gallery in a creative way. To convert photo to video, you just need to choose your desired photos, add suitable background music, and set effects if you like. In terms of video effects, you can add text, sticker, or sound effects. Almost everything you need to create videos from photos is provided by this free photo video maker app. A few clicks and steps later, your desired video will be created.

4. Animoto: Slideshow maker

Convert photos to videos

This application is available on your iPhone. With this forever-free app on your phone, it is not a dream to create impressive videos in minutes. It should be noted that no video editing experience necessary. So even if you are a beginner to do this, you are also able to handle it well. Here are the simple steps to create a photo video.

First, you need to select a storyboard template. Many beautiful and versatile video templates are offered. In case you are not satisfied with none of them, you are also supported to search your own desired one. Then, you may need to drag and drop your photos or video clips to this app. Next, it is your time to customize your video. You can adjust video colors, fonts, add music, and more. The last step will go to share your videos.

5. Moshow App

Photo video creator

We have recommended a lot of picture video maker app for Android. Now here is a picture video maker app for iPhone. Moshow app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. If you are looking for a photo video maker app to help you capture other people's attention on your social life, then you definitely choose Moshow app. This app can be installed on your Android phone. And it is super easy to use. You just need to choose a number of pictures. Before exporting them as videos, you can preview the video in a different style so that you can find the most perfect one. It offers so many diverse video styles for users to choose from and can convert. There is always a perfect one that fits your photo video. The biggest advantage of this free picture video app is, whether your pictures are from an event, your selfies, or even social media, it is perfect for all occasions.

Picture video maker software

These apps mentioned above are all working well when it comes to turning photos to videos on your phone. In your daily life, however, you must have some pictures or photos saved on your computer. This is when you need to seek help for a photo to video software. Here is the most working-well software called DVDFab Toolkit.

Turn photo to video software

DVDFab Toolkit is a toolbox that offers dozens of editing tools for users. But don’t worry. This software is super easy to use and no editing experience is necessary. And only a few steps are needed. To realize picture to video, you need to locate the “PIC to Video” module belonging to the Image Tool section. Next, upload your target pictures. Before converting them to videos, you can preview them to make sure you have got your desired video. Last, click “Start”. Several seconds later you can get your picture video.

Wrapping Up

So here are the best picture video maker apps for Android and iPhone to help you create stunning videos with your photos. And if you find yourself in a need to make picture video on a computer, then you are free to try DVDFab Toolkit. Please click here to have a whole review of this software.