What are Amazon Prime Video Channels?

Speaking of this services, Prime Video channels subscription on monthly basis allows users to add to their Prime Video or Amazon Prime membership. For an additional monthly charge, users will get access to content from third-party premium networks and other streaming platforms without leaving their account on Prime Video. Some subscriptions also provide a LIVE channels, which offers users the option to live-stream content on supported devices simultaneously that it is being aired on TV.

To manage Prime Video channels and add them, users will first require a membership for Prime Video. Prime Video alone comes for a price tag of $9 per month. If users need all the advantages of the membership from Amazon Prime, they can opt for a full Amazon Prime plan for a price tag of $13 per month or $119 per year. All memberships from Amazon Prime include access to Prime Video. Once users sign up for Prime Video, they can start including extra channels on Prime Video to their subscription. Videos can be downloaded for offline watching within 48 hours. If you want to save them for a longer time, an amazon prime video downloader may be the best choice.

prime video channels:What are Amazon Prime Video Channels?

How Many Amazon Prime Channels Are Available For Users?

Users can get tons of Prime Video channels. The platform offers almost more than 150 channels from Starz to Shudder and Discovery Plus to BritBox. Below are some of the top channels that are present on Amazon Prime Video. Have a look.

1. Paramount+

Users might be well aware of Paramount+ by its earlier name, CBS All Access. Although it was renamed, this channel still offers users access to a huge selection of iconic and popular TV shows, such as The Legend of Korra, Seal Team, 1883 (Guidance: how to watch 1883 on Amazon Prime), Star Trek, NCIS, and more. It also comes with well-liked films such as Team America World Police, World War Z, Transformers 5: The Last Knight, Star Trek Beyond, and much more. Users can also Paramount Plus download easily.

The channel has also been house to primary cinematic launched just weeks after they roll out in theaters. The service has played a major part in making films such as Scream (2022), A Quiet Place Part II , Mission: Impossible 7, and Jackass Forever Hence, available almost 35–45 days after they launch on the big screen. Hence, users will not have to wait long to view it at home. Apart from this lineup of on-demand videos, the channel also offers users sports programming and live news. , users get to watch news updates via Latest Headlines and CBS Evening News as well as live broadcasts from sports events.

The channel also has access to some National Football League games. Users can get both the ad-supported and ad-free versions of the channel on Amazon Prime Video. While Paramount+ Essentials comes for a price tag of $4.99 per month and does not add live sports or channels, the ad-free plan will come with a price tag of $9.99 per month.

prime video channels:1. Paramount+

2. PBS Kids

For an additional $4.99 per month, PBS Kids provides a huge series of family-friendly shows and movies. This comprises animated series for young children such as Hero Elementary, Dinosaur Train, Zooboomafoo, and Odd Squad. If you are searching for more iconic movies, PBS Kids does not disappoint either with classics such as Caillou, Arthur, The Berenstain Bears, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, and more.

prime video channels:2. PBS Kids

3. CuriosityStream

For curious users, Amazon Prime Video allows you to add the CuriosityStream channel to your plan for an extra $2.99 ​​per month. This channel offers hundreds of exclusive and original documentaries on a huge range of topics, such as crime, civilization, nature, history, technology, and science. Some of the most popular shows on the channel currently now include Hidden Killers, Dangerous Borders, The Story of Maths, Secrets of the Solar System, and Today in Africa. And users can even find documentaries showcasing big names such as Nick Offerman, David Attenborough, and Richard Hammond.

prime video channels:3. CuriosityStream


STARZ is one more premium channel users can add to their subscription of Amazon Prime Video. The channel comes at a price tag of $8.99 per month and has on-demand and live content in a huge range of sections. The on-demand content comprises library of popular TV shows on Starz . Users also get to watch titles such as Venom, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Escape Room: Tournament of Champions, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Don't Breathe 2, and more. The channel's library of critically -acclaimed content is also one plus point here. This comprises titles such as Hightown, American Gods, Magic CityLiberty City, Wrong Man, Outlander, and much more. And the best part about this channel is users can download videos from Starz easily.

prime video channels:4. STARZ


If you cannot get enough of popular SHOWTIME shows such as Billions, Yellowjackets, Ray Donovan, Chi, and Shameless, users can add this channel to their subscription to Prime Video. For an extra cost of $10.99 per month, this channel offers users ad-free access to popular TV series and hit originals as well as recently-released and iconic films. Hence, users can view titles such as The Green Knight, After Yang, Hereditary, and more.

prime video channels:5. SHOWTIME

6. Tastemade+

Home cooks and foodies alike will love this channel on Amazon Prime Video. With a price tag of only $2.99 ​​per month, this channel offers users access to informative and intriguing food-related programming that will tell users how to cook or help them discover the stories behind well-known dishes and cuisines. Hence, users can binge on shows such as Day of Gluttony, All the Pizza, Quest for the Fest, Nadiya's Family Favorites, The Tale of Kitto Katto, and more.

prime video channels:6. Tastemade+

How To Cancel Premium Channels On Prime Video?

Below are the steps that you need to follow to know how to cancel Prime Video channels.

Step 1: Sign in to your Prime Video account and navigate to the Your Account section.

Step 2: From here, go to the Membership and Subscriptions section.

Step 3: Now, choose Prime Video Channels.

Step 4: Here, scroll through your channels to find the subscription that wishes to cancel.

Step 5: Once you have decided, tap on the Cancel Channel option on the screen on the right-hand side.

prime video channels:How To Cancel Premium Channels On Prime Video?

Download Content From Amazon Prime Channels With StreamFab Amazon Downloader

The addition of different channels with the help of Amazon Prime channels is one of the best things that the platform has done for its users. However, users need an active internet connection to view the content on these channels. What if there comes a time when users do not have access to internet and wish to watch content from Prime Video? At such times, a downloader is needed that can download your favorite shows and movies easily.

One such downloader is StreamFab Amazon Downloader. The tool makes the downloading of content from Amazon Prime Video a piece of cake. Users do not need to have any background or technical knowledge of the tool in order to use it. Apart from that, the tool comes with different features such as batch downloads, fast downloads, subtitle downloads, and high-quality downloads, thereby making it one of the well-liked and the best downloader available currently in the market. With all, users get the choice to watch content from Amazon Prime anywhere and anytime after they download them. Follow the below steps to know how to use StreamFab Amazon Downloader.

Step 1: Download and open the tool. Tap the VIP Services section on the left. Now, on the right, open the Amazon Prime Video website from the supported services.

prime video channels:Download Content From Amazon Prime Channels With StreamFab Amazon Downloader

Step 2: Next, log in to your Amazon account. Now, search for your favorite series. Once you click on the web series, the tool will analyze the content. As soon as the analysis is done, the tool will offer you different options to download the series.

prime video channels:Download Content From Amazon Prime Channels With StreamFab Amazon Downloader

Step 3: Select the episodes that you wish to download. Check off the box for Select All option to download all episodes. If you wish to download the new episodes automatically, just check off the box for Download new episodes automatically option.

Step 4: Select the video quality, audio, and subtitle, as well. Once everything is adjusted, click on the Download Now option.


How does Amazon Prime Video work?

Amazon Prime Video is an OTT (over-the-top) streaming platform that offers users access to VOD (video-on-demand) content with an annual or monthly subscription. With this plan, users get to watch thousands of titles at no extra cost with any compatible device. Apart from the free titles on Prime Video, Amazon also offers users the option to rent or buy select titles to view on Prime Video. And users can even add over 150 premium channels to their subscription for even more content. More information about how dose Amazon Prime work.

Are there ads on Amazon Prime Video or is it ad-free?

Amazon Prime Video is not a commercial-free platform. On the other hand, the pre-roll commercials, aka the ads that play before the beginning of a video, only run occasionally and normally advertise other titles on Prime Video. In addition to this, users can skip them as well, so it does not have too much of an off-setting impact on your streaming experience.

Can I watch live sports on Amazon Prime Video?

While it is not a major selling point of the service, Amazon Prime Video has more and more begun to increase its offering for live sports, while it came to a deal to broadcast some WNBA games. Those games comprise the Commissioner's Cup, which is an in-season tournament that the league is hosting.


In a nutshell, you just had a look at everything about Amazon Prime Video channels in detail. Users also saw that they can download movies and shows from Amazon Prime Video easily without any trouble and get Disney plus discount with amazon prime.