Windows Media Player might be one of the most widely-used players for users. It is built in your Windows, which makes this software easy to locate and use. But, according to users’ feedback, it is hard for most people to speed up videos in Windows 10 or other versions. Here, I am going to solve this problem for the mass and recommend several good media players for video watching and music playing. I hope you can find the best one fit for your Windows or Mac as well as learn how to accelerate videos online and on YouTube.

Now, let me show you how to speed up videos in Windows 10/Mac/Online/YouTube. I will give detailed instructions to make everyone understand the operations in each of the systems or platforms.

1. How to Speed up Videos in Windows 

For those who want to speed up videos, Windows users are in the majority. To help most people find viable ways to speed up videos with Windows 10 video editor, there are several apps more than that to achieve the same effect. How about learning such helpful tools?

(1) Windows Media Player

The first software useful to speed up videos in Windows is Windows Media Player. As a Windows user, do you know where to find the Windows Media Player built in your computer? I think there must be someone confused of it. Click the “Search” button in the lower-left corner of your computer and input “Windows Media Player”. Then, follow the steps below.

Steps on how to speed up videos in Windows Media Player:

  • Launch Windows Media Player and click “File” > “Open” to load your video or music

(Of course, if you click “File” > “Library”, the same files will be located)

  • Keep your video or music playing in Windows Media Player
  • Right-click the playing video, choose “Enhancements” > ‘Play speed settings”
  • Speed up videos based on your needs

Speed up Video in Windows 10

It is very easy to speed up videos in Windows, no matter you are using Windows 7 or Windows 10. Follow my instructions and you will grasp the skills of adjusting video speed quickly.

(2) DVDFab Player 6

Besides Windows Media Player telling you how to speed videos on Windows, other tools also help to speed up videos. Would you like to try other Windows Media Player alternatives like DVDFab Player 6, Windows Movie Maker and among others? Subsequently, I will introduce several video speeding up tools to satisfy your needs on Windows.

As the best competitor of Windows Media Player, DVDFab Player 6 also strives to tell you how to speed up a video in Windows. So if you choose this software to play your favorite videos and music, there is no worries about your device style, not to mention extra money to be paid. DVDFab Player 6 is totally free, which will bring you much joy in video watching and music listening.

Compared with the last version of this player, DVDFab Player 6 has been upgraded to play back DVDs and Blu-rays. You can import DVD & Blu-ray discs directly to this free software. You can also choose to play your videos on PC or TV to gain a better watching experience. Now, let’s get down to how to use DVDFab Player 6 to play videos while learning how to speed up videos in this Windows video editor.

 i  Free Download    i  Free Download  

Steps on how to speed up videos in Windows with DVDFab Player 6:

  • Download and launch DVDFab Player 6 with three clicks
  • Start DVDFab Player 6 and choose PC Mode or TV Mode
  • Add New Directory to the library of DVDFab Player 6
  • Load your video through the options below “Library” or “My Computer” on the left
  • Right-click the playing video and choose “Playback” to accelerate your video 10 seconds

Speed up Video in Windows 10 Video Editor

This is how to speed up videos in Windows with DVDFab Player 6. Apart from the functions I have introduced, this software is also able to create video playlists and offer “Menu Mode” for DVDs and Blu-rays. If you are interested in it, click the “Little Triangle” in the upper-right corner > “Settings” > “Playback” to find the “Menu Mode”. For more information about How to Play Blu-ray ISO with DVDFab Player 6, you can read another article.

(3) Windows Movie Maker

The third software used to speed up videos is Windows Movie Maker. It is a video editing tool compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows XP as well as Vista. Subsequently, follow me to learn how to speed up videos in Windows with the assistance of Windows Movie Maker.

Steps on how to speed up videos in Windows with Windows Movie Maker:

  • Download and install Windows Movie Maker
  • Launch Windows Movie Maker and import your file
  • Double-click the video cover in the left top corner and it will keep playing on the right
  • Right-click the title of your video on the Timeline
  • Choose the option of “Edit/Rotate/Fade...(Ctrl+Shift+E) and speed up your video

This is how to speed up videos in Windows with Windows Movie Maker 2019. It is easy to use this tool and locate the option of Speed. Give a try.

How to Speed up A Video on Windows

(4) DVDFab Toolkit

Another tool able to speed up videos in Windows is DVDFab Toolkit. This free software is equipped with multiple functions where “Speed Up/Down” is only part of it. Now, follow me to see how DVDFab Toolkit works to accelerate videos.

Steps on how to speed up videos in Windows with DVDFab Toolkit:

  • Download and install DVDFab Toolkit with three clicks
  • Start DVDFab Toolkit and click “Speed Up/Down” under “Video Tools”
  • Import your video by clicking the “+” icon
  • Move the slider of “Adjust Speed”, making your video 16 times faster than the source

This is how to speed up videos in Windows with DVDFab Toolkit. This free software is so capable to speed up videos that no other software can be parallel to it.

How to Speed up Videos in Windows Video Editor

2. How to Speed up Videos on Mac

The first choice to speed up videos on Mac is DVDFab Player 6, but you can also try other alternatives like “QuickTime Player”. This software is bundled with iTunes, supports several file formats and can be used to adjust video speed.

Steps on how to speed up videos on Mac with QuickTime Player:

  • Download and install QuickTime Player on your Mac
  • Open it and load your video
  • Click “Show A/V controls” from the “Windows” menu
  • Use the slider to speed up your video in the lower-right corner

3. How to Speed up Videos Online

The tool recommended to speed up videos online is “MySpeed”. It can be used on both Windows and Mac. You can enjoy the service of this software within the first 7 days. Afterwards, you have to pay $29.95 for its functions. Now, let’s see how to speed up videos online with “MySpeed”.

Steps on how to speed up videos online with “MySpeed”:

  • Download and install MySpeed
  • Open this software and play your video
  • Focus on a small slider after MySpeed detects your file
  • Begin to speed up your video up to 5 times using the slider

Notes: “MySpeed” has a strict requirement for algorithm, so your imported files must be compatible with this software, and you are supposed to use a Flash video player.

4. How to Speed up Videos on YouTube

It is so easy to speed up YouTube videos. Here, you don’t need to download any third party apps. Directly play your video on YouTube. Click “Settings” > “Playback Speed”. Then, speed up videos based on your need.

Speed up Video Buffering Windows 7


So much for the answers to how to speed up videos in Windows/Mac/online and YouTube. No matter which system or platform you are using, there are easy and fast ways to accelerate your videos. If you want to speed up your videos as much as possible, DVDFab Toolkit is highly recommended. It does the best compared with other assistants. Have you ever thought of using iPhone to convert video to GIF, you can give it a try.