Instagram has come with several updates to make the app more appealing for the last few months. As a result, the total number of global users touches the figure of 1.386 billion ( latest data upto Jan 2022), and the number is increasing. In this context, major parts of the world are experiencing the new errors that videos on Instagram not playing.

videos not playing on instagram

Android users report Instagram videos not playing on android. Again, iPhone users also complain that shared videos on Instagram story not playing. Despite the device you are playing with, you can experience a white screen, camera start blinking, or complete blackout. At the same time, you try to play videos on Instagram.

Let’s find out the reasons why are videos on Instagram not playing. Based on the reasons, we will try to fix the problem.

Why are videos not playing on Instagram: The Reasons

There are several reasons behind videos won't play on Instagram. Below are a few common issues that prevent you from watching videos on Instagram.

  • The Instagram app may be outdated
  • Memory and cache of Instagram
  • App data may be damaged
  • Poor wifi connection
  • Turned on power-saving mode, which becomes an obstacle to playing video

Now you know why are my videos not playing on Instagram; time is to fix the issues and return to the flow.

How to Fix videos not playing Instagram: A Guide

We will fix the issues that create the video playing menace on Instagram based on the reasons. Let’s settle the issue.

Update Instagram App

Instagram may stop running on your device if you're using an outdated app. And as we mentioned in the beginning that Instagram is going through several updates; you must update the app first.

How to update the app?

For Android users: Go to Play Store - > click on Menu -> Select Instagram and click on Update.

For iphone users: Visit App Store -> Select Instagram -> click on Update button

Reboot your device

Once you update the app, switching off, switching on the device would be beneficial. While rebooting, don't be hasty; let the device take its time.

How to reboot?

For Android users: Press the Power button-> hold for a few seconds-> click on Power Off from the Menu, appear on the device screen.

For iPhone users: Press the volume Or side button -> slider appears -> click on Power off by dragging the slider -> press and hold for a few minutes until the Apple logo appears.

Applying the same process, you can reboot the iphone X. iphone 8 or a later version. The process is slightly different as the slider will show when you hold the top button.

Verify Internet Connection

Follow the below process to verify your internet connection.

Step 1: Verify Network

Switch wifi -> Try to play Instagram Videos ( here, you can verify whether Instagram disabled mobile data use the option or not). If the video plays, you must be sure that the Instagram videos will play on wifi.

Step 2: Verify Router.

Restart Router -> verify cables -> Restore its settings

videos not playing on instagram

Step 3: Reset Network Settings

You need to reset Android and iPhone settings and try to play the videos again.

Disable Data Saving Mode

Data saving mode saves your data eaten up by several apps in the background. Sometimes, Instagram videos won't play if the mode is on, and you must turn off the mode.

How to disable it?

Open Settings -> Click on Network and Internet -> select the Data usage -> switch off Data Saver mode.

Turn off Power Saving Mode

Sometimes power-saving mode affects the performance of your device. You must disable it to check Instagram videos not playing issues resolved or not.

How to disable power saving mode?

Irrespective of the version you're using, check the user manual guide and follow the process. Similarly, iphone users can check their user manual and follow the steps to disable power-saving mode.

Delete the App cache and Data

While you're using the app for a long time, cleaning the app cache and data helps retrieve the lost space. Sometimes the corrupt cache creates ruckus in the background, so it's better to clean the Instagram cache regularly.

How to remove app cache?

For Android users: Open Settings -> click Apps -> click Instagram -> select Storage -> click on Clear Cache option

For iphone users: Open Settings -> click on General -> tap on iphone Storage -> locate Instagram -> click on Offload App Option

Tips: If you're using a web browser to visit Instagram, you must clear the cache from your browser to fix Instagram videos not playing issues.

Reinstall Instagram

If nothing works out, go and uninstall the app from your device.

How to uninstall the app?

For Android users: Open Settings -> tap on Application -> tap on Manage Applications -> tap on Instagram -> Uninstall.

After uninstalling, wait for a few minutes and visit the Play Store to install the latest version.

For iphone users: iphone has two ways to uninstall the app. First, press the Instagram app icon until it jerks next; tap on X on its icon to remove it from your device.

Second: Open Settings -> tap on General -> Storage and icloud Usage -> manage Storage -> find Instagram -> tap on Delete App option

Try all the solutions mentioned above to eliminate videos on Instagram not playing. There is another way to bypass the video playing issue. You can install the best third-party software to download Instagram videos and watch them comfortably without glitches or errors.

Another way is you can download the Instagram video or convert the video in any format your device supports. Further, you can share it on your profile or share it with your friends. As Instagram won’t allow users to download the video, you can use a third-party application to avoid the unnecessary hazard of videos not playing errors. See also:how to speed up video on Instagram efficiently.

To convert the Instagram video, we recommend you DVDFab Video Converter. Let’s know more details about the software.

DVDFab Video Converter: Convert and edit your Instagram Video

dvdfab video covnerter solves problems videos not playing on instagram

If you're fade up with Instagram videos not playing errors, Dvdfab Video Converter will give you a right choice. The software helps you convert Instagram videos to MP4 format and save them to your device. Further, it has primary editing options that you can apply to the converted video before sharing it with your timeline or sending it to your friends. With DVDFab Video Converter, you can watch your favorite Instagram videos anytime. It's available for Windows and Mac.

 i  Free Download    i  Free Download  

The Features:

  • It supports high definition videos for the conversion that is ranging from 1080p to 8k
  • During the conversion, you can customize the video
  • A built-in video editor would help you to edit videos as per your requirements
  • With the help of hardware accelerate, you can batch convert videos at the highest speed
  • Its Enlarger AI upscales the video up to 4k level to present you sharp, detailed picture resolution

Price: $29.99. A free download option is available with fewer features.

How to Convert Instagram video using DVDFab Video Converter?

Before dropping into the conversion process, know the system requirements to continue the process.

  • Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 ( 32/64 bit)
  • Pentium ll 500 MHz
  • RAM 2GB
  • 10GB hard disc
  • Active Internet connection

Step 1: Install the software, open the interface and use the +Add button to add the Instagram video.

Tips: The drag and drop option is also available with it. If you are handy with the process, you can apply.

Step 2: Click on the Converter icon -> tap on Profile Switcher button -> choose the format -> tick H. 265 Checkbox

Step 3: If you want to change the aspect ratio, click on the wrench icon -> Advanced Settings -> manually write the Resolution ( you can select what the tool is suggested)

Step 4: Click on the Video Editor option to reduce the video size or trim the video part you want.

Tips: Two videos merging option is also available with this software

Step 5: If you want to add text, note, subtitles, change the color, or adjust the light shade, you can do

Step 6: After finishing the modifications, go to the main page and click on Ok to start the process

Note: Reduce video size, and editing are optional. You can do it if you require, otherwise skip the steps.

You can save the output file to device storage and share or upload it on your timeline. If you want reduce the instagram videos size, you can check the post instagram video size.

If you want to know more, check our FAQs section.

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Concluded Part

So, we can conclude that videos not playing on Instagram errors you can resolve afterward with hope. Further, videos not playing on Instagram Android, iphone, Or another device are too sorted out if you follow the fixing processes we have mentioned. Instagram is emerging with its upcoming updates that might surprise users. Shortly, it will become the no1 social networking app globally.