My iPad won't play videos anymore! It is an indisputable fact that Apple product has always been growing in popularity around the globe. For video fans, the portable iPad has been the optimal choice to watch loved videos since it supports 4k Ultra HD videos as cumbersome Apple computers and smaller-screen iPhones do. Nevertheless, there might be occasions when the iPad won’t play videos. Why my iPad won't play videos? Why won't my phone play videos? What has happened?

At this critical moment, brainstorming will bring you the last hope of recovery. If you watch videos on iTunes, the first thing to do is check the status of iOS to make sure whether services are available or running at peak times. Otherwise, you shall find the ins and outs behind the dilemma from other perspectives. Network failure? iOS update delay? Device trouble? Incompatible video format? These questions should be taken into full consideration. The following solutions might be helpful to hit the needle when videos won't play on iPad. The whole process of finding solutions to the problem will truly bring you a troubleshooting experience.

Part 1: Conventional methods to handle videos not playing on iPad

In this part, we will discuss several reliable solutions to fix video not working on iPad. Let's check it in detail.

Method 1: Check network status

iPad won’t play videos? This video is not playable. To begin with, you need to check your network connection. When it comes to a network failure, it is normal that you fail to watch videos online. In this case, you have to find out the reason behind network failure in order to play videos online without a hitch. After all, it will take you some dollars to pay for mobile traffic when you are anxious to see your favorite videos from the Internet.

Act as follows to troubleshoot network failure. Of course, if you cannot understand the below instructions, you can turn to professionals for technical support.

  • Check WAN and LAN connections
  • Verify wireless adapter
  • Identify AP and router settings
  • Verify TCP/IP settings
  • Verify network connection with Ping

The above procedures, in a sense, will help you out when it comes to network failure.

Method 2: Download videos from PC to watch them on iPad

My iPad won’t play videos? Here, a highly recommended video downloader, Streamfab All-In-One, will come in handy. With this free video downloader, your anxiety will vanish in a flash, because you can download your loved videos from almost 1,000+ websites to watch them whenever and wherever possible in case of an unexpected network error.

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How do I download videos to my iPad? This powerful video downloader makes it possible for you to download whatever you like from YouTube in your preferred video formats. Meanwhile, you can play videos in the process of downloading with the built-in video player or adding them to the existing playlist. Besides, this downloader allows you to download the entire playlist directly. At this moment, even if these videos cannot be played in the original website, you can still download the videos to play on alternative players.  

Then how can you use this tool to achieve your personal goal?

  • First, launch Streamfab All-In-One and click on the any website icon on the interface.

video not playing on ipad solution streamfab all in one

  • Then, select and play the videos you intend to download.
  • Last, click the Download button appearing on the screen to download your loved videos

The above steps may help you avoid network obstacles to watching videos as expected.

By the way, if you want a Netflix download, you might as well try out StreamFab streaming downloader series, which enables you to download a streaming video in 1080p and 5.1 audio tracks from Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO Max.

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Method 3: Verify iOS of iPad

Why won’t my iPad play videos? Other than regular problems, there are some deep-rooted reasons. Is there anything wrong with your iPad iOS?

If so, close your iPad and reboot it to verify whether iPad iOS runs normally or identify whether your device iOS has updated its latest version. This may avoid service interruptions or bugs that cause videos unplayable. Most of the time, updates will work a lot. If the iOS of your iPad is normal, then you need to rethink and analyze the failure caused by other aspects.

Method 4: Detect iPad device

Why videos won't play on my iPad or iPhone? Despite the fact that you have firm confidence in the quality of Apple products, there will be some time when your device breaks down due to hardware failure or the limitation of service life. Under such circumstances, please operate as below to remove the hidden risk.

Copy important files before you try the factory reset. If the reset does not work at all, it is high time that you identified your iPad whether it has broken down or has been badly damaged because of human factors. If this is beyond your capacity, you have to contact the Apple service center for technical support. When it comes to the end of service life, your iPad won’t play videos anymore. What you can do is purchase a new one for subsequent use.

Part 2: Update third-party player software

Gone are the days when videos were merely available in 3GP and MP4. However, with the advent of smart mobile devices, an increasing number of new formats are open to high-quality videos. Most smartphones or portable devices possess built-in media players and can be, at the same time, compatible with third-party player apps, thus enhancing users’ visual experience.

For iPad users, iTunes is the first choice to play videos. When videos will not play on iTunes, you need to check whether the iTunes player has been out of order. In the meantime, you have to update its latest version in case of any bugs. Of course, you may install and launch other app players such as  OPlayer Lite, VLC for Mobile, 8Player, MX Video Player. Whatever players you use, a quick way to resolve the problem is to update the latest version of a third-party media player. If the update does not turn out to be the perfect solution, you had better try other app players.

Part 3: Convert video formats to playable ones with a video converter

Can't download youtube on iPad? YouTube videos won’t play on iPad? Unbelievable! Whereas, iPad, as a popular portable device cannot support all video formats except for mainstream ones. Therefore, when encountering such a dilemma, you need to convert videos to the ones that can play on your iPad.

DVDFab Video Converter

In fact, there are many video converters prevailing on the market. Nevertheless, how to select a workable converter deserves your full consideration. Because the best video converters are easy to use and can address a huge array of diverse file types. Here, I recommend a feasible and powerful free video converter, DVDF Video Converter Pro that absolutely can help you convert videos to the formats that are playable on your iPad.

This converter can read all popular video formats from the Internet, digital camcorders, capture cards, and convert them to any mainstream video or audio formats, such as 3D MKV/MP4.H.265, 3D M2TS, 2D MP4.H.265, MKV.265, MKV Passthrough MP4 free, and audios in the form of MP3, DTS, WMA, AAC. Above all, it contains a built-in video editor that allows you to crop the video display area, trim redundant video clips, merge several video clips into a single one, add subtitles and set video & audio output parameters as hoped. By the way, DVDFab products give privileges to every user for a 30-day trial that other converters do not offer. There is no exception to DVDFab Video Converter. For the trial version, you have access to experiencing all features that a paid version has. However, after 30 days, the trial version will turn into a free version automatically, which has restrictions on customized functions.

Enclosed here are three simple steps for your reference.

  • First, download and launch DVDFab Video Converter, and further load source video files.
  • Second, choose one profile and customize the output video.
  • Finally, start to convert videos.

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Should you need a detailed guideline on how to convert MKV to MP4 free of charge, another post will be of great help.

If you want to ai upscale video for better playback, feel at east to launch the Enlarger AI icon. With DVDFab Video Converter, you will be able to upscale video from 480p to 1080p. Of course, there are other options for you to achieve similar objectives but with lower quality or more restrictions in some aspects.

Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is famous for its quick, flexible, and easy-to-use features. As a free video converter, it allows users to convert files hard drive to popular formats, or download and convert online videos from mainstream video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Free HD Video Converter Factory

Free HD Video Converter is proud of its easy-to-use feature to perform the video conversion process within a matter of seconds. Despite its editing tools that allow for profiles tailored to playable devices, users have to pay extra money at the expense of customized features.

Any Video Converter

My phone won't play videos or video play not working, when it comes to numerous supported video formats for iPad or iPad mine, Any Video Converter can help you download videos from Facebook online, further converting these video files offline into formats that suit your portable playable device.


As a free video converter, HandBrake supports many features such as advanced filtering, frame rate adjustments, cropping, and presets for quick converting results.

Free Video Converter

Free Video Converter boasts its clear interface and batch conversion. Besides, this converter supports a number of output video formats for iPad or Ipad mini such as MP4 and MP3, and a choice of quality settings when you need to merge clips into a single file in the process of conversion. Note that the output videos with Free Video Converter contain watermarks.

Part 4: Conclusion

This article has presented you with comprehensive and flexible solutions to tackle the situation where your iPad won’t play videos. With this helpful guideline, you might feel at ease when you meet the same problems. These solutions will radically make a difference.