Playing music has become convenient today and now we can play and listen to our favourite music on the go. But for a good music listening experience you’ll require a good music player software. Smartphones come with proprietary music player software but PCs don’t. Unlike smartphones PCs employ powerful sound card hardware which produces high quality sound. So, to unleash the real power of your sound card you will need several Windows music player software. So, in this article we are listing top 5 best Windows music players.


Part 1: Top 5 Best Windows Music Players


1. MusicBee

MusicBee is almost 10 years old and supports Windows 7 and later versions. MusicBee’s user interface is easy to use and looks perfect with various colour combinations. It can easily import your iTunes library in to the player. MusicBee supports audio formats like MP3, WAV, WMA, M4A, FLAC, AAC, OGG etc.

It has got a nice feature of music syncing. It syncs music between android devices, iOS devices, and USB devices. It automatically senses the changes done to your computer’s hard drive and automatically updates the music library with new songs. MusicBee also has 15 band equalizer and features like CD ripping and song metadata import. Overall it is a nice and free Windows music player that has got a good reputation.


2. Clementine

Clementine is another open source free music player for Windows. Though it is not as good as MusicBee but it offers a professional approach in managing the music library. Clementine has got a built-in file manager and it also allows you to search for music on online music streaming services like soundcloud. You can also configure the settings and make it play your songs stored in your cloud storage accounts. Clementine has got all the basic music player options and it lets you use your android smartphone as a music player remote.


3. MediaMonkey

Another free yet powerful Windows music player is MediaMonkey. Don’t just bother about it Windows Media Player styled UI. It has got more features than Windows Media Player. It is an all in one music player which lets you play multiple audio formats, allows online music streaming, lets your RIP audio CDs, lets you burn music to blank DVDs etc.  Just like Clementine, MediaMonkey also turns your Android device into a Windows music player remote control.



AIMP like all the Windows music players listed above organizes your music library from different formats and directories. AIMP supports almost all the basic audio formats and one interesting thing here is that it can use addons to play some uncommon audio formats. AIMP has some unique features like alarm based music playing, shutting down the PC when playlist ends and removing voice from tracks so that you can make your own karaoke. It is not as good as MusicBee but being a free Windows music player it serves the purpose nicely.


5. Jet Audio

Jet Audio is a shareware Windows music player which has got all the pro features of a music player. Jet audio provides a number of features including its highly advanced equalizer with powerful bass. Jet audio is around 20+ years old and over the years it has emerged to be a powerful Windows music player. Jet audio also allows you to convert audio files to other formats.


Part 2: Best Video Player for Windows 10

In the article above we just listed some of the best Windows music players. But if you are looking to play or watch some movies or videos then we recommend you DVDFab Player 5. DVDFab Player 5 is an all in one video player that is specially designed for your PC and TV. It features two modes one is the PC move and the other is the TV mode. Basically one should use this video player to watch UHD 4K movies on a compatible monitor or a TV screen.

DVDFab Player 5 is highly compatible with Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray movie formats. It is not like every other video player. DVDFab Player 5 has been designed to work on most PC whether they have a low-end or high-end hardware. It will deliver the best 4K entertainment regardless of PC hardware. However, it has some minimum system requirements that you need to follow which is Intel Core 2 Quad. And if you have a powerful PC rig powered by an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 9 series or higher graphics card then this player will unlock its full potential. On such a powerful graphics card, DVDFab Player 5 unleashes its HDR10 feature which is known to deliver crystal clear UHD images on a TV screen.

DVDFab Player 5 is the only player of its kind that is capable of upscaling 2D movies to 3D format. This feature will soon be made available. In the meantime what you can do is to download and install this Windows video player on your PC and start using it free for 30 days. Don’t worry it is not like other players out there, DVDFab Player 5 actually has got no limitations on your entertainment for the first 30 days. During these 30 days your are free to use each and every feature of this player in full. You won’t see any upgrade messages, messy buy now messages, or other ads. Just play your videos and enjoy. After 30 days you’ll still be able to use the free version. The free version only lets you play common audio and video formats. You can anytime upgrade to the standard or ultra version as per your requirements.



So, you just came across some of the best Windows music players in this article. As per my suggestion if you are a PC music lover then I recommend you either MusicBee or MediaMonkey. Both of these music players for Windows have got nice music playing capabilities. However if you don’t require many features then you can give Clementine a try with all the basic features. And above all Jet Audio rules with powerful sound effects.

Secondly we recommended you a powerful video player named DVDFab player 5. If you want to know more about this then check the details above. Since we have listed the advanced features of this player but we are unable to show its real performance. Only you can test and check its real performance on your 4K TV or UHD monitor.