When fun and recreation go hand in hand, the Wombo AI Art has merged art with intelligence in its lip-sync app, where your face can lip-sync any of your favorite songs with artistic and abstractive execution. However, if you want to stay one step ahead in the perfection of your photo, the advanced AI photo-enhancing technology of DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI would be the best option.

It gives you a DSLR image with 40X enlarged quality to any randomly clicked photos. So, with the professional photo-enhancing support of DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI, start your fake yet funny musical magic with the Wombo Art AI tool. So, it's time to know the different dimensions of this platform.

What is Wombo AI Art Generator?

Wombo is a Canadian-based image manipulation AI-powered application specially meant for mobile (Android/iOS) platforms. The purpose of the Wombo AI Art Generator is to create a balancing transition between entertainment and Artificial Intelligence. This tool helps you create any deepfake random faces lip-syncing with any song. When this tool brings the best animated lip-synced video out of your actual image or original song, the fake videos maintain their accurate & relevant reference.

How does AI Art Generator Wombo Work?

To start with this, all you need is a face-like image and any lyrical song or music. The AI Art Wombo will do the rest to make you a lip-synced singer. Whether it is your random selfies, your favorite anime character's face, or any cartoon image, you can use any face-like image in this Wombo Art Generator to lip-sync to any of your selected songs with a few clicks. You can instantly make them viral on social media.

Reasons of Using Wombo AI Art Generator

As Wombo Art Ai mixes the essential aspects of entertainment with the aesthetics of artistic aspirations of life, let's see this tool's primary purposes.


  • Effortless execution of video lip-syncing for any personal or promotional use.
  • There is no need for professional VFX artists or impersonators.
  • You don't have to be a trained or talented singer to perform your favorite song on a video.
  • You can draw instant attention to any of your bases with this tool on social media platforms.
  • This a very innovative and impressive way to convey any message to your targeted audience followers.
  • This tool is meant from the user's perspective.

Features of the Wombo AI Generator

To provide users' requirement-specific service, the developers of this AI tool have designed multiple fascinating features in this tool. So, the users can customize their experience on this platform.


  • While working with any face-like photo, this app supports 3D images that look straight to the camera.
  • It provides real human-level perfection to any of your fake animated lip-synced videos.
  • This is a bug-free tool with consistent updates.
  • There are some fantastic and abstract visual effects available in this tool.
  • You will get a high-quality music library in this app to make perfect lip synchronization with your photo.
  • Being a mobile-friendly app, this tool works perfectly on your desktop, laptop, or other devices.
  • This tool processes its images in the cloud.
  • Users' input data got deleted after 24 hours.

Advantages of the Wombo Art AI Generator

To use this tool repeatedly, you must know its practical advantages. You need to know how to utilize the most of this platform to bring out the best in your experience with this tool.


  • With the AI algorithm, you get the automatic output of your artificial action with a natural approach.
  • This especially targets the youth of the current generation.
  • This tool has built trust with over 20 million downloads.
  • This is the best platform to create internet memes.
  • A watermark protects the output video to ensure the creator owns the video.
  • There is no advertisement in the app.

How much does AI-Art-Wombo cost?

Even though this app is free to use, if you want to explore more customizable features & functions, you can go for its premium subscription plan of $4.49/month or $29.99/ year.

How to use Wombo AI Art?

Despite knowing all aspects of any tool, it's a little easier to get complete satisfaction if you try it on your own. So, look at the steps of how to use Wombo Art AI.

Step 1: After opening the app on your device, you must upload your preferred photo to this app. Select your desired song to lip-sync with the photo.

Step 2: Click "W" to enable the lip-syncing effect on your selected image. Next, opt for the "Save" option to save the output video to your device.

Step 3: Once your video is saved, it is ready for sharing on any platform.

Pros & Cons of the Wombo Art Generator

Before getting into this app's fancy, fantasy, and unreal world, you must quickly examine its pros and cons.


  • Get multiple emotional expressions from any emotionless image.
  • An intelligent & fast option to make your video viral.
  • This tool takes up very little space on Android devices.
  • It's simple to communicate & connect to the community of this website.


  • This tool is not adequate for making group videos.
  • It is a very space-consuming tool for iOS devices.
  • Some casually clicked pictures seem weird in this app.

What do Users Think about the Wombo AI Art Tool?

Average Star Rating: 4/5

When you have a brief idea about the functionality & workability of this app, it's time to build reliability on this platform with authentic user experience. When some users find it a little challenging to save their created video on their devices, a few get stuck in its screen processing loop after several successful uses. Some users are happy with its free version, but some need an extra dose of humor with the premium option. In short, this tool guarantees humor and fun in your free time.

What are the Wombo AI Alternatives?

A few similar apps are available in the market to provide the same service. So, let's see the best four alternatives of Wombo AI Art.


FaceApp is an AI-powered face-transforming tool with neural technology. This tool helps to convert any old face to a young one or a male to a female or vice-versa. This is a freemium tool compatible with both Android & iOS devices.

Price: Subscription charges vary between $1-$4.


  • Adding a smile option to make a face more attractive.
  • It uses photo filters to add elements/effects to live video/image.
  • It converts photos to paintings.


  • This tool supports only the English language.

Deep Art Effects

Deep Art Effects is an AI-powered photo editing tool with a GAN function to generate digital art from any image or video. This freemium software is compatible with Windows/Mac/Android/iOS/Tablets.

Price: One-time cost is around $129 & flexible subscription cost varies between $7-$9.


  • It has 120 built-in photo filters, effects & styles.
  • It can work without internet support.
  • It supports sliders like auto-cropping images, background/foreground editing, etc.


  • This tool supports only two languages: English & Hindi(an Asian regional language)


Jiggy can make any image dance. This is an AI-powered GIF creator tool that works on Android & iOS platforms. There are lots of customizable features available in this app. With automatic technology, you can do hassle-free manual editing.

Price: One-time cost is $99 & monthly subscription is $4.


  • There are more than 100 hilarious moves available.
  • There are lots of camera & dance filters.
  • It can make your friend dance from his/her still image.


  • It doesn't support PC platforms.

Face Swap

Face Swap is a simple face changer app that allows you to replace your photo with any of your favorite faces with a few clicks. This tool is better known as Morph Switch Swap Booth Face Changer.

Price: Free


  • Along with the face, you can change any image from anywhere with any face.
  • Enjoy customization with pinching, zooming, cropping, & rotating.
  • You can change unlimited faces.


  • It works only on the iPhone.


What is Wombo AI Art best known for?

  • Photo editing & effects.
  • Photo & video filters.
  • HD-rendering.
  • Image processing & sharing.
  • Animated GIF creation.

How much time does the Wombo Art AI Generator take?

This app takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes to generate lip-synced video from any image.

Is the Wombo AI generator an online tool?

You can use this tool on both online & offline platforms.

Wrapping Up

If you are a social media person who gets inspired and influenced by different random social media memes, the Wombo AI Art Generator will be perfect for you. This article has given you all the essential details of this tool and its workability, so you will get everything while using this platform.