DVDFab Movie Server is intentionally designated to work with DVDFab software in the first place. The seamless connection between the two can provide an ultimate user experience. You can directly output the DVD/Blu-ray ISO and folders created by DVDFab to the attached 3.5 inch SATA hard disk drive inside the Movie Server. In this way, your personal media library with easy management is created and you can enjoy your favorite movies, TV Shows anytime convenient.


However, that does not mean Movie Server only accept the ISO files made by DVDFab 10. Actually, it is an open system, meaning, you can also import the existing movie collections into the machine, either they are stored on a home NAS device, or on your PC hard drives, and regardless of what formats they are.


1 Import Movies from DVDFab 10


When copying DVDs and Blu-rays with DVDFab 10, you can directly save the resulting files (ISO image files) to the Movie Server to build up your movie library there.



Step 1 — Power on the Movie Server and make sure it is connected to the same network your computer is connected to;

Step 2 — Start DVDFab 10 on your computer and choose the Copy module;

Step 3 — Insert your DVD/Blu-ray into the computer optical drive;

Step 4 — Choose the Full Disc, Main Movie or Clone mode (more modules and modes will be supported in the future);

Step 5 — At the “Save to” section, choose DVDFab Movie Server from the dropdown menu;

Step 6 — Start the backup process;

Step 7 — Power on the receiver or home theatre, depending on what you have, and the TV to start enjoying your favorite movies.


Besides the Copy module, the MKV Passthrough conversion profile under the Ripper module also supports to save the resulting MKV videos directly to the Movie Server. With future versions of DVDFab, there will be more modules and modes supporting to save the output directly to the Movie Server.


2 Import Existing Movie Collections


DVDFab Movie Server also accepts your existing movie collections, either they are ISO files, movie folders made by earlier generations of DVDFab, or other backup tools, or the digital formats, such as MP4, MKV, AVI, M2TS, etc. You have to spend a lot of your time to redo the backup, just use the traditional copy & paste method to transfer the copied files to the SATA hard drive inside the Movie Server.


Step 1 — In the address bar of Windows explorer, enter \\YourMovie Server’s IP Address\share\sata\sata1\DVDFab (Check the IP address of the Movie Server, if you are not sure, at Settings >General > Wi-Fi/Ethernet);

Step 2 — Press the Enter key on your keyboard;

Step 3 — Copy your old media files and then paste them into the DVDFab folder;

Step 4 — At the Movies section of Movie Server, go to the Function Menu, and then press the Refresh button there to refresh the movie library.


Note, literally, you can copy anything directly to this path, including the firmware, application APK files, even the DVDFab 10 copied ISO files, in case, sometimes due to network reason, it fails to directly transfer the resulting files to the Movie Server. In that case, go to C:\You\User Name\Documents\DVDFab10\Temp\MediaServer, find and make sure you copy both the .meta and .iso files to the Movie Server.


3 Import Media from NAS


DVDFab Movie Server allows you to add your existing movie library from a network attached storage (NAS).


Step 1 — Open your internet browser, enter https://dms.dvdfab.cn, and then press the Enter button on the keyboard to enter the Cloud Manager webpage;



Note: this page can also be accessed via the DVDFab client, at the Save to section. Click the Manager button behind the DVDFab Movie Server from the drop-down list.


Step 2 — Once logged in, click the horizontal three-dot icon on your left-hand side, and then click the Edit button to open the Edit Library window;



Step 3 — Click the Add Folder button, and then at the next window, click Add Network;



Step 4 — Fill in the requested information and then click the Save button to finish adding your NAS contents to your movie library.