Here below are some commonly asked questions about DVDFab Movie Server, and we have compiled all the answers into a list, so that you can easily find the information you are looking for.


Q: Does the coupon code applicable on the software products also apply to the Movie Server?

A: No, all the coupon codes applicable on the software products, unless specifically stated otherwise, do not apply to DVDFab Movie Server.


Q: Does the Movie Server include free shipping?

A: Yes, the price listed on our website includes free shipping from our warehouse in Shenzhen, China to your doorstep.


Q: Should I pay for the import tax if I buy this Movie Server?

A: That depends on where you live. But in any case, the free shipping does not cover the import tax. However, on our Pro-forma Invoice, the value of this Movie Server is listed at $40, which means, the import tax you will pay, if there is any, is based on that price.


Q: Is the power adapter American standard or European standard?

A: We have three switchable plug converters to go with the 110~220V AC Charger and they are of American, European and UK standards, meaning, they can work in more than 150 countries in the world.


Q: Does the Movie Server need a license to activate?

A: No, there is no license for DVDFab Movie Server, however, users must use the account at DVDFab Member Center to activate the Movie Server.


Q: Is the memory expandable?

A: No, the 2GB built-in RAM and 16GB storage memory are not expandable. However, the standard 3.5 inch SATA hard disk drive can support up to 8TB, and you can have as many such disks as you wish, because you can unplug the disk from the disk cabinet anytime you want. Moreover, this Movie Server also lets you attach USB hard drives.


Q: Does the Movie Server come with a copy of DVDFab, or is there a discount when I buy both?

A: Sorry, the Movie Server does not cover a free copy of DVDFab, and the price on our website is already the best price we can offer, which leaves us a very small profit. Besides, there is already 20% discount on storewide DVDFab software products.


Q: Does this Movie Server play back Cinavia-protected ISO files?

A: Of course, DVDFab Movie Server is not equipped with a Cinavia detector, meaning you can playback any Cinavia-protected ISO files without a problem.


Q: Does this Movie Server play back the contents that are not produced or handled by DVDFab?

A: Of course, this Movie Server plays back all the video formats, including H.265 and 4K UHD videos.


Q: Does this Movie Server play back networked contents?

A: Sure, it will play back any contents from any networked storage.


Q: Does this Movie Server play back the DVD and Blu-ray menus if they are from NAS? What about the metadata information?

A: Sure, the navigation menu support also applies to the DVDs and Blu-rays from the NAS. As to the metadata information, if your files are not handled by DVDFab, the Movie Server shall still scrap the metadata information from online, but the accuracy might be compromised.


Q: Does the Movie Server manage the media library in the same way, no matter where they are stored?

A: Actually, this Movie Server offers two different ways for you to organize and manage your media library, one is through the Poster Wall, the other is browsing by files. And this has nothing to do with where your media library is stored.


Q: Does this Movie Server allow streaming the ISO files over my gigabit Ethernet network?

A: Sure, it allows you to watch your media contents from networked devices directly.


Q: Does this Movie Server stream to other devices, or act as a PLEX server?

A: Nope, it does not stream to other devices, not serve as a PLEX either.


Q: Will I be able to transfer the existing folders to the Movie Server?

A: Sure, you can directly copy and paste them to the following path: \\YourServerIPAddress\share\sata\sata1\DVDFab, and then you can access these media in the Movies section.


Q: Does the Mac version DVDFab 10 work with this Movie Server?

A: Sure, the Movie Server works with the Full Disc, Main Movie and Clone modes of the Copy module in the Mac version of DVDFab 10. More modes and modules are supported soon.


Q: Is there a storage limitation to the 3.5 inch SATA hard disk drive?

A: Yes, up to 8TB of storage. But you can have many such hard drives, and you can switch between them anytime.


Q: Does this Movie Server also support Apple’s hard drive system?

A: Sorry, it doesn’t.


Q: How to use the learning function on the Movie Server Remote?

A: The learning function on the Movie Server Remote allows it to learn how your TV Remote works, so that you don't need to use two remotes, but use only one instead to control both the Movie Server and your TV. Following is how the learning function works:

1. Press SET key on the MS Remote for 4 sec until background light turns on;

2. Background light will flash once when you press a learning key on the MS Remote;

3. Put the IR sensors of the two remotes with a 3cm distance between them, then press the correspondent learning key on the TV Remote, if succeed, it will light from flash three times into long light, press SET to exit learning mode.


Q: What is the policy regarding Returns and Refunds?

A:  1. The package containing DVDFab Movie Server is unopened and thus not activated;

    2. DVDFab Movie Server has been activated, but for no more than 14 days.

In any of the above cases, should users decide to return DVDFab Movie Server, they will have to pay for the shipping cost to the appointed warehouse located in Shenzhen, China. Once our warehouse staff has confirmed receiving your returned item, we will initiate your refund process.


Q: What is the warranty policy for the Movie Server?

A: offers 1-year free maintenance to DVDFab Movie Server, with customers covering the shipping cost to our Beijing Office, but we will cover the returning cost from Beijing to customer’s destination.