In case your Movie Server cannot start up as usual, or is stuck in the middle of the launching process, or expriences the black screen problem, apart from flash the firmware using a flash drive, you can also use the RST button below the Power Switch in the back panel or the Movie Server to reboot the device. Here is how to do that:

Step 1 > Press and hold the RST button with a tookpick or needle;

Step 2 > Power on the Movie Server 10s before you release the RST button, untill you see the Android robot show up on the display;

Step 3 > After you release the RST button, wait for the progress bar reaches the end.

Be aware that using this method does not restore all your personal settings to the factory defaults, does not erase your personal data or apps, and after the reboot, the SDK version and launcher version of the Movie Server remain the same; if you want to flash an earlier version or the latest version, you need to flash the firmware via a USB flash drive.